Good Morning Friday

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    G'day people.

    Summer is definitely here. The days are hot and sunny with cloudless sky burning like lapis enamel. Then mid-afternoon the clouds build. Sometimes they don't venture past the horizon; other times they slam in had and fast, dump a load of thunder and lighting with varying amounts of moisture (from none to torrents) in fifteen minutes, then the sky clears again.

    I drove easy child 2/difficult child 2 to the therapist today, then to the optometrist (new glasses - thank goodness for her health insurance, it paid for her new glasses) then home to work on job applications (after some valuable advice from the therapist). She began to complain of feeling tired and having trouble concentrating - I pointed out that I had other work to do at home and she needed to use me while i was there. So we finished.

    Driving through the heat of the day - we tried with the windows down and finally had to give up and put the air conditioning on.

    Back through the bush - the flannel flowers are out in full bloom. They are beautiful, in a simple way. They look like white daisies covering small bushes. These flowers have tiny pale green tips to each petal and look like they have been made from velvety soft fabric. For me they are a sign of Christmas coming soon. And also in abundance along the road through the bush, are small white moths out in the light, as if some of the flowers have taken wing from the plants. Pretty - until they slam into the windscreen!

    I wish I wasn't so busy and could go sit on the beach. difficult child 3's schoolwork is now finished for the year, although the school year still has a month to go. So we're trying to get him to start next year's work - normally not allowed, but the school is trying to find a way around it. Because they're correspondence, they are permitted to post out next year's work for him to have ready to start on, next January. We just have to not post it back until the new school year begins after Australia Day.

    I still have a lot of work to do tonight, to get ready for a publishing consultation tomorrow. ONce I get that out of the way I can work on my own stuff, I need to give a presentation next day. Very busy, but thankfully all close to home!

    Enjoy your Friday.

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    Morning ladies. Going to try the once a day dosing in the morning today since bedtime dosing was such a fail. Got about 30 minutes before I drag her up for that. Went to her school's Veteran's Day program yesterday and realize all over again how small she is compared to her peers, even counting for the fact that her birthday falls close the school year deadline so she's the youngest in her class. Also realized if I can't find her in that crowd by her looks or her clothes, all I have to do is watch for the fidgeting. Constant clothing adjustment, side to side rocking/fidgeting, etc.

    Since her report card came home at the end of last month and showed such a difference between reading ability and reading comprehension she's really lost her love of reading. :( I'm not even sure if she sees the connection of any of it, but I do. Hopefully her new glasses will be in soon and maybe that will spur her back into it, but it might not since her book order just got in and even though she really wanted these books when I ordered them she hasn't even looked at the back covers, let alone opened them. One she didn't even bring home, says she's reading it at school (might be true, it's an account of shark attacks and with her marine biology obsession and morbid humor she may actually read that one). The other books I got her are the start of the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series, so I'm hoping when the movie comes out on DVD that might get her to read those.
    I heard from the local ARC advocate yesterday, she was about to go out of town for a week (was packing when she called, lol) but wanted to let me know she had gotten the message and to see if there was any emergency situation an advocate was needed for, and if not we'll set up a meeting when she gets back. Yay! Being as the district hasn't screened kiddo yet I didn't consider it a big deal to wait a week for a meeting.
    I bugged the school again early this week about her testing and inquired about an IEE if I didn't think they were going to screen her for enough things that *I* see in her (she is mini-me, after all), and the school has been really good about working with kiddo's case manager (she goes into the school once a week I think, and kiddo's therapist sees her at school every other week as well as in-office), and they're ALL pushing at psychiatrist to give kiddo that referral to a specialist, preferably before the IEP meeting so that every possible support can be in place from the beginning. After seeing so many horror stories here about SD's that fight against IEPs, I am once again very grateful that this small community is the one we chose to move to after Katrina. This is the principal's 2nd year at her school, and she has experience with Special Education kids AND gifted kids, I think this makes a big difference, too. One of kiddo's current reinforcements in place now is that she gets to help out in the office when she does well (yes, they started doing this kind of stuff for her as soon as she returned from the psychiatric hospital) and she loves helping out in the office.
    Finally Friday, hope it goes smoothly for everyone!
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    Good Morning!

    Marg-I love to hear about your summer as our winter closes in on us here. For some reason it's nice to know others are enjoying the heat and long days as ours are so shortened here and the cool weather descends. I hope you are able to start getting to the beach often!!!:)

    Haozi-So sad to hear that difficult child's love of reading seems to be changing-hoping it's temporary.

    husband and I are skipping boot camp this morning. I'm rather bummed but he is tired and mostly he doesn't think we should go because of my back pain-he's right, I'm sure, but I really hate when I don't get in my workouts. It's good he is looking out for me because I would have gone otherwise.

    Not sure what is on the agenda after work today-hopefully just a quiet peaceful evening. Tomorrow I'm heading out with a friend to do some shopping-can't wait as it's been a long time since we have gotten together.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Marg, I hope things slow down for you soon and you're able to spend some quality time at the beach.

    HaoZi, Sorry your difficult child doesn't enjoy reading at the moment. Hope after all her evaluations, the IEP meeting, etc., the right supports will be in place in order to help her find the joy in reading again... It is wonderful that you're in a good SD!!!

    Today is a bright, sunny, cool fall day. I would love to be able to go for a jog but difficult child 2 doesn't have school today and the library doesn't open for several more hours. I'm planning on giving difficult child 2 an early lunch and having him spend the afternoon at the library so he can work on his senior project (on monkeys of course, lol...). I'm going to do some grocery shopping and errands ALONE before having to pick him up.

    difficult child 1 called yesterday and asked if difficult child 2 would like to go with him to see a movie this weekend. difficult child 2 doesn't have any friends and it is nice that difficult child 1 thinks of him. difficult child 1 offered to treat him to the movie and lunch but difficult child 2 receives SSI and needs to learn how to spend his own money. Usually difficult child 2 gets very angry and refuses to go anywhere if someone else isn't paying his way. Yesterday when I told him he would have to pay if he wants to go, he said he would take his checkbook with him. I explained to him that he can't use his checkbook at the movie theater. On the way to the library I'll stop at the bank so he can cash a check. While he isn't happy about spending his money, he really wants to see the movie and eat out.

    Hope everyone has a good day and a great weekend! SFR
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    Good Morning Sharon (WO),

    I didn't mean to skip you!!! I guess I need some more caffeine, lol... I'm glad husband is taking care of you. Hope your back feels much better after skipping today's workout!!! ENJOY shopping tomorrow with your friend!!! SFR
  6. Happy Friday Everyone!

    Marg, It sounds like a busy day for you today. I love your description of the flannel flowers, they sound beautiful. I hope you do get in a little beach time.

    HaoZi, I too hope that difficult child can get back into reading. My books have always been good friends for me, no matter what type of drama is taking place in my life! I'm glad to hear that you have a good principal as a support for difficult child. That is just awesome.

    Sharon, It does sound like you need to back off on the boot camp for now. I know just how difficult that is, I'm not fun to be around when I don't get my visit to the gym in. I hope your back is better soon!

    We have been very busy here with lots of repair work on our house. We're hoping to have it ready to place on the market this spring. It's amazing how much upkeep an old house like this requires. We hope to build a smaller, handicapped accessible house with an in-law suite for my Mom. Time will tell if that is possible or necessary!

    I'm meeting a friend today for lunch who husband passed away a few weeks ago. He had been hospitalized for over 8 months, so his death was not a surprise. She seems to be doing well; she's a brave lady!

    Tomorrow I'm attending a full day conference on planning for adults with autism. The agenda looks packed full of good information, and I'm hoping to pick up some good ideas for our future planning for difficult child.

    I hope everyone gets a few moments for yourselves today.