Good morning friends....

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I must be up early...

It's a beautiful morning here with moderate temps & no humidity. Sitting on my patio reading is on my agenda today.

Have a beautiful day.... :flower:
Good morning, and glad to see you home Linda. I'll join you on the patio! Supposed to be beautiful in Chicago.

Hi to all that follow. Have a great day and find something beautiful to look at.

:flower: :kisses:


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Good morning Linda & all that follow! :coffee:
I almost started the GM thread a few minutes ago but I was convinced that someone else would start another, leaving us with 2 threads!
The patio & reading sounds wonderful, Linda. I hope you continue to get stronger and heal quickly. :reading:
Duckie has VBS & drama club and I have errands. We'll be heading out overnight on Saturday for a wedding, but my house still hasn't recovered from last week's trip. Ugh! :thumbsdown: Plus, I've been preparing for a toddler story hour at the library on Monday. Having Duckie practice a book, getting a craft ready, making up a map & clues, and bagging up individual snacks. This sounded like a great idea in May when I agreed to it, but I didn't realize I'd be taking two trips in two weeks and husband would be underfoot beforehand because of vacation. :hammer: Plus, Duckie has been very talkative. Her voice was like water torture to me yesterday by the time we sat down for dinner! :surprise:
Anyway, have great day! :smile:


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Good morning all...

I am going to paint Seb's room today. Yesterday I painted Milo's a shade of green that can be best desribed as "Shrek Green". It's awful. But Milo loved it--yesterday. Today he deemed it "too colorful". Yikes. The idea was to paint Seb's an intense shade of blue to "match". I thought the boys needed bright colors as we've been living in a beige walled world for so long. I may be misguided... Feeling quite insecure about it at the moment.


Have a lovely day.


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G'day, all.

Linda - welcome back. I'm on the patio with you, I need to rest with this cold. But then again, husband & I are going shopping instead. Not smart, I guess... Hey, maybe I should introduce YOU to Sudoku as well?

It keeps my brain functioning. And I figure, SOMETHING about me had better work!

BBK, will you read a book on the patio too, or are you up for a game of chess?

TM, the library day should go well, not everybody prepares as thoroughly as you. Just being there spending time with kids is a bonus for them.

Ella - "Shrek green" - I think I agree with Milo. Mind you, I've always liked strong colours. My parents wouldn't allow my walls to be a strong colour, though - they watered down the green I wanted until it was so pale the walls looked mouldy. Then my mother tried to convince me to have pastel floral curtains and wondered why I got upset. My heart had been set on royal blue and emerald green stripes. But with mouldy-looking walls - NOTHING was going to work.
So when husband & I built our house, I got the colours I wanted - in our bathroom! Man, it's like a jungle in there!

I agree with you about wanting to avoid beige, though. Talk to them, get a feel for the 'look' they want - difficult child 1 was really into Indiana Jones, plus he's a budding biologist. I had originally planned a jungle theme with soft toy animals (like a boa constrictor and a baby orangutan) but we ended up with walls covered with eagle posters. And now with Star Wars added to the mix, it's quite interesting - medieval weapons plus a whole rack of light sabers! Who CARES what colour the walls are? Who can see them?

easy child 2/difficult child 2's room used to be pretty and girly, now Pirates have invaded in shades of red, white and black. But she still has her rack of medieval flowing dresses, with her corsets hanging from each end. makes for a really unique look...

I took easy child 2/difficult child 2 to "the mainland" today, to catch her train for camp. It's for young adults who have spent a lot of their childhood caring for a disabled family member. She was shortlisted and they called her yesterday to tell her a place had become available. She's heading for snow country, via Canberra for the next 36 hours. More snow is forecast over the next few days and Charlotte Pass in the Snowy Mountains scored minus 15 C last night. And she thinks it will be fun! She feels the cold terribly, and they will be sleeping in converted railway carriages.
BF2 didn't make it onto the shortlist. Neither did difficult child 1. Both have been before, but both have an animé convention on tomorrow, so they didn't want to go this time.

Have a great Thursday - I'm within 45 minutes of Friday, here.



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:coffee: Good Morning - I need some coffee this morning!

Linda, so glad to hear from you this morning. Enjoy the patio - you know it's my favorite space as well!

BBK, enjoy your cooler weather as well!

TM, busy, busy, busy - you always have something on the agenda. The story time sounds fun though. Hope you get it all done.

Ella, good luck with the paint (what's on the wall and what's soon to be on the wall!).

Marg, hey, shopping works when I'm not feeling well!!!!

Electrician here to do some work this morning then I'm off to the office. The kids are still sleeping and I'm just heading for my first cup of coffee!

Wishing you all a great day.



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Good morning, ladies ~

At work, only a minute here, but wanted to say hi. The boys are at camp today. Dylan's in manic mode, praying he can make it through the day. He's been trying as hard as he can to keep it together every day. I give him huge pats on the back. Poor baby.

B goes for his job interview to Wendy's this week. Hope he gets to working, his tastes are too expensive for me.

Have a good day.

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A late Good Morning!

I tried responding this morning and then all of a sudden the site seemed to be down-at least on my computer!

Linda-I hope the book is a good one! Be sure you are taking care of you.

BBK-Enjoy the nice weather! We have it here too and I'm loving having the ac off for a bit!

TM-You are incredibly busy! Don't worry too much about the house-it'll get done eventually.

Ella-I understand wanting to get away from beige! A couple of years ago we painted difficult child's room in all primary colors. I think it might be time for a change now that he is getting older.

Marguerite-I hope easy child/difficult child has fun at the camp even with the cold weather. By now you are probably sleeping-enjoy your Friday!

Sharon-Enjoy your coffee and your day!

Janna-I hope B gets the job and that Dylan is able to have a good day at camp.

As for me, my workout is done for the day! I'm going to lunch with some friends from work and then hoping to get back in time for a quick nap before going to pick up difficult child!

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day! :dance: