Good Morning on Monday

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Good Morning All,

It's hard to believe it's Monday-the weekend went so fast! difficult child had a fairly good day yesterday-first in a long while. He and a neighborhood girl played from 10:00 in the morning til almost 6:00 last night. Her mom even took both kids swimming for awhile at a health club.

Today after work we finally get to go to difficult child's Neuro psychiatric and get all of the results of all of the testing. It should be an interesting visit.

I hope everyone enjoys some fun in their day and finds reason to smile and even laugh.

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Good morning Sharon,

If you feel like sharing update on difficult child's results. I'm glad that difficult child (you in turn) had a good day yesterday.

kt is up & in the shower - her bus comes at 6:20. It's wacky day at school & you should see the outfit she's chosen. This child would be walking 10 feet ahead of me all day. :rofl:

Today is laundry, bill paying day. I also need to drag the vacuum upstairs & clean up the dust bunnies.

Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) staff starts today.

Have a calm, peaceful Monday (or at least fake it). :flower: :smile:


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Good morning Sharon, Linda, all to follow!

Sharon, I'm glad difficult child was good for you yesterday. You sure deserve the day of cooperation.

Linda, so funny about kt's way of dressing. I see the girls nowadays, scary!

More drama with difficult child 2 and the previous foster parents. Again, this foster mom, Mrs K, messaging him on MySpace inappropriately. Asking him what he wants to do (suggesting he go back to HER house), making him feel guilty for leaving their house to begin with, etc. Her and both her kids all jumped online within a 15 minute time frame when difficult child 2 got on, and all of a sudden, they're all messaging him and making him feel "bad" (his words to me).

I know she should be reported, but I chose to message her myself first (in my not so softspoken manner) and ask her to take a few steps back. I gently reminded her reunification was the goal, was always the goal, and by summer, difficult child 2 should be home. I asked her to maintain respect for his family, and keep the messaging appropriate, reminding her that I DO check his messages from time to time and am very active in who he's conversing with.

She'll either come back at me with a vengence (and then I'll report her, because I won't deal with it) or back off. I tried to be nice, but firm. I tell you what, this is like Fatal Attraction.

Aside from that, not much happening. Speaking of difficult child 2, I get him Thursday this week for our family counseling, then get to keep him til Sunday. We're going on a trip to the mountains, and he's coming along! Something to look forward to.

Karate, maybe, tonight. Boys love it!



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning everyone. It is hard to believe how fast the weekend goes.
Wiped out, hope the neuropsychologist visit gives you the info you need to help difficult child.
Linda,sounds like a crazy day for kt. Have fun with the dust bunnies.

difficult child finished 2 whole days at work. :bravo:It's easy to make me happy. Today is an interview with a temp agency. Fingers crossed.

My f i l is having both knee joints replaced today. He is almost 80yrs old and pretty active except for his knees and walking. If you have any extra positive thoughts could you send them his way. His daughter will stay a few days and I will go up to Pa.on Friday to take a few days until he is over the worst of it. M I L is too frail to handle all of it herself.

Monday is laundry day and cleaning the kitchen. I have such an exciting life. LOL.
Have a good day. </span>


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G'day, everyone. Janna, sounds like you've got a handle on difficult child 2's former fosters.

Fran, I hope father in law gets a new lease of life and begins to enter marathons.

Linda, I'm glad kt is adapting back in to 'normal' life. I gather it's a bad taste day at school? Sounds like me, normally!

Sharon, I hope you get some useful info from the neuropsychologist.

Today we saw the surgeon. Apparently he was operating this morning, if only she had been able to see him on Friday she would have been in surgery already. He has no doubts - it's a grumbling appendix and it's coming out at the first opportunity. easy child 2/difficult child 2 was given a choice - wait ten days and have it out in the local luxury private hospital or go into the centre of Sydney to the large teaching hospital and get it done on Wednesday. Wednesday it is. So much for difficult child 3's science excursion! I'm going to ask the school tomorrow if difficult child 1 can go as difficult child 3's supervisor instead of me. I'm keeping my options open - depending on how she goes, I might still be able to go with difficult child 3, and THEN go up to the hospital. But somehow I think I'll be dropping the boys at the zoo and driving on to the hospital. husband is going in with her first (6.30 am!) and may go on to work from there, or stay with her if it's needed - he will work it out on the day, I think.
I will be so glad when she is over this - to see her not be able to dance at the birthday party on Saturday was so sad.



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Good morning.
Sorry I can't greet everyone individually but I'm already running late on my day. Ugh!
Have a great day.


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Morning all.

Wiped, hope you get some answers at the appointment. Good luck!

Janna - You go girl! That lady kind of freaks me out just listening to your reports on her.

Fran - beads rattling for father in law. I'm sure it's a bit different but tell him to do what the docs say. My step-dad has had both hips replaced, didn't do what he was supposed to and has had them pop out more than once.

Linda - I remember those days in school. Of course then I had such clothing inspirations as Cyndi Lauper, Billy Idol and Punky Brewster! lol :hammer: Should be a fun day for her though.

Marguerite - Glad to hear easy child will be getting that appendix taken care of.

Not too much going on here. difficult child has his weekly counseling this afternoon and I have to drop off one of his school books at the school. I got up after he left and found it on the kitchen table! He doesn't have this class till the end of the day so I'm guessing he hasn't noticed that it's missing yet. Other than that, just mailing out some more resumes. I'm also having a friend stop by and pick one up as they've created 2 new positions at her job. One of them is an assistant for her and her boss........could be interesting! hee hee hee

Here's to a melt down free Monday and Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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Sharon, Way To Go, and Way To Go difficult child!
Janna, whoah. IM, huh? Sounds like you nipped that one in the bud. Sounds like they really do miss him... but if reunification is the goal, then you've got to stick to it.
Marg, good luck with-the surgery. As you said, it will be nice when it's all over.
Linda, I love the idea of wacky outfits!
Hi everyone!
difficult child went to the ophthamologist today. He can't see a thing with-his pupils dilated. I don't know what he's going to do in school. I'll make the appointment. for late afternoon next time.