Good Morning on Wednesday

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Good Morning All,

Another day of work ahead but with the twist that we are under a winter storm warning and are supposed to get 7-10 inches of snow. Right now it doesn't look too bad but I'm guessing the ride home will not be fun! If only the snow had come at the right time we could have had a snow day in April :surprise: ! Tonight at 6 difficult child's therapist is suppose to come here. My guess is that will end up being cancelled due to the weather.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day ahead and if you're where the weather is bad safe driving! :flower:

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Good morning friends,

Sharon, the snow has begun here. We're not supposed to get a great deal of snow here. Good luck in the commute.

Other than a personal doctor's appointment not much happening here today. kt had her physical on Monday & had a couple of vaccinations updated. She's having quite the reaction on her arm.

Have a good day - stay safe if you're in the path of this storm.


Snow! YUK. At work, but went for a smoke break a little bit ago and it is snowing and blowing. 6 - 8 before it is done.

difficult child has appointment.'s today and tomorrow. He was on-line talking to me at 2:30 am!! he said he was "hyper" spinning in the chair. husband informed me he was out of remeron at late to get a refill. We rarely, maybe never have missed a dose of medication, hope it doesn't affect him too much.

Everyone in the "snow warning" be careful and watch for the freezing rain under the snow.
Good Morning :coffee:,

This is such a BUSY week for me!!! I'm in a rush - easy child is on the school spelling team. Her team placed second in the fall competition and she placed first as the best individual speller out of ten schools. Today is the spring competition. It's a long drive from here and I have to leave early because of traffic. Unfortunately if it runs late, I won't be able to stay until the end because of difficult children. Anyway, I'm hoping it starts and ends on time. I really want to be there the entire time!!!

I hope everyone has a great day, and for those of you expecting snow, that it doesn't stick... WFEN :flower:


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Sharon, good luck on the commute. My hope is it don't snow until everyone is home safe.

Hope the doctors' visit goes well, Linda. :doctor: Hope the reaction on kt's arm has begun to minimize.

Kjs, I hope the missed dose of Remeron didn't affect difficult child. And I hope the appts. goe well today and tomorrow.

We're meeting with the congressman later this morning.
difficult child woke me up at 6am although I didn't get up until 7. He wanted to wake up husband as well, but I deterred him from that for the time being.
Hope everyone has a pleasant day and those around the snow areas please be careful. :smile:


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Good morning.
Sharon, Linda & Kjs- drive carefully!
WFEN- Good luck to easy child at the spelling competition.
Joanne- Why the meeting with the congressman?
I'm having a hard time waking this morning, no amount of coffee seems to be helping. Just need to take care of some paperwork & catch up on laundry today. I might take Duckie over to the library for a bit.
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:


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G'day, everyone.

Sharon, stay safe in the snow. I hope the therapist makes the effort.

Linda - I hope kt's reaction settles down. I hope she hasn't got fever as well.

Kjs, I hope the medication problem gets sorted out early. We had a problem like that about a week ago - difficult child 1's Zoloft was unavailable because the drug company had not supplied the warehouses, the prescription couldn't be filled. Very careless of the drug company, I reckon.

WFEN, I'm jealous of easy child. I always wanted to enter a spelling competition, other than just my class one. But we didn't have hem back then, in Australia.

Joanne, Good luck with your meeting with the congressman. Take plenty of notes so you can analyse what he said or didn't say later on. They're very good at reassuring you, but without committing themselves to actually doing anything for you.

I had my house cleaning and cooking binge this morning (with assistance) and then mother in law & I had to see our doctor. He's leaving the practice, after only being there a few years. We're having to go to increasing amounts of trouble to keep seeing him, but neither of us wants the trouble of breaking in a new doctor (who might not be as good, either).

easy child 2/difficult child 2 & BF2 went to the Royal Easter Show today. They bought showbags for us all, and we've been busy this evening going through it all to see how much rubbish was in there. BF2 got a "tattoo arm" in one of his bags - I want one! It's like a sheer sleeve with realistic tattoos printed on th e fabric. When you put it on, the top of the sleeve is hidden under the top of BF2's sleeve, and the bottom of this 'sleeve' is hidden under his watchband. It really looks like he's had his arm tattooed! I could wear it with my fake nose ring and horrify a few straight-laced people I know; I could start an entire new gossip series!
Right before the appointment at the doctor, I managed to organise a much-needed haircut for difficult child 3. Every time we do this I am amused by the reactions of the hairdressing staff, if they've not cut his hair before. He either explains about computer games (or computers) in detail, or he talks about something academic. Today he was explaining Zoombinis to her, giving her the whole spiel on the educational value of the games, with their problem-solving training, algebra basics and early logic.
But he does look much better now. We wanted him looking good for his passport photo. I'll still look ghastly for mine, no time to do my hair today!

Have a good Wednesday, everyone.



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Can anyone tell me if Cookie is still around? And if so...How is she? I always found her fo friendly and welcoming...

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Marg, kt is home today with a fever & is feeling very achy & such. I have a call into pediatrician but I expect the reaction will pass quickly.

nlg, Cookie hasn't been around much. She's had a great deal on her plate.

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Good morning all! I need more :coffee:!!

At work today. difficult child had a really nice boy visit her yesterday. I can tell he's in major 'like' with her but I'm hoping they take it slow and just date. Serious is not something that difficult child needs right now. She needs to focus on graduating come June!

I miss my easy child, it was so nice having her home this weekend.

I am determined to get to curves :smile: this afternoon after dropping difficult child at work.

Have a great day everyone! :angel: