Good Morning Saturday


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G'day, friends.

Our summer is definitely here, but a bit late. A bit cooler today at both ends but another scorcher in the middle. The film director told me that they were filming in the west of Sydney yesterday, with temperatures up to 43 C. Today's film rehearsal - they're also doing interviews for a "Making of..." documentary. I watched them interviewing difficult child 1 & difficult child 3. It's funny - at the audition, just before Christmas, difficult child 3 refused to talk to camera, didn't want to be filmed, wasn't sure he wanted to be in it - frankly, I don't know why they still wanted him. But watching him today, both rehearsing and also comfortably chatting to camera - I was amazed. This project is doing so many of these kids so much good.

They're not being paid for this - not sure why, but I don't care, they're getting a lot of good stuff out of it. At least, difficult child 3 is. difficult child 1 and easy child 2/difficult child 2 - they've done it all before, they enjoy this sort of thing. easy child 2/difficult child 2 was suffering from a bad cold and sinus infection today, she came along but stayed lying down. One of the other mothers went out for coffee supplies, I went along too so we could get some paracetamol for easy child 2/difficult child 2's bad headache.

Despite feeling so sick, she wants to work on her rose cuttings tomorrow, wants my help in transplanting them and setting up some sort of watering system for them. She was talking to me tonight about how to interbreed and produce new varieties - hmmm, this is beginning to sound like Aspie Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) to me. Her boyfriend has now moved in with us semi-permanently. He paid some board yesterday, which indicates some level of permanence intent. Then he had his wallet stolen last night - it could have been worse. It could have been stolen BEFORE he paid his board. So the thief didn't get as much. And boyfriend got his wallet back, but without the money.

Tomorrow the weather warms up again. I think I'm getting easy child 2/difficult child 2's cold, but I hope not. I've got another long drive on Wednesday & again on Saturday - the next two rehearsals. I hate driving when I feel lousy. And I hate trying to go to the beach when I have a cold.

Here's hoping.

Enjoy your Saturday.



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Good Morning Marguerite, I'm sure the summer seems to drag on and on by now. Hope difficult child 2's headache eases up. I hate when my head hurts. It's tough to think clearly.
husband and I missed the cold front that is in North Texas. Ice warnings and freezes. Down by the shore it's still very warm,humid and foggy. My hair frizzes to double it's volume as soon as we drive over the bridge.

difficult child is wondering why he feels like an outcast. I suspect a guilty conscience. He is going to take the weekend to think about his next step. At least that's the line he is using. He is trying to figure out how to pull his life together.

The coffee is smelling good. Hope your day is productive. Stay safe to those in the areas of frigid weather. :smile:


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Good morning, ladies. I usually do not post on the morning thread, but I am up early and there are not to many of you to address yet - LOL! I have not figured out how you all remember each post - I have no memory.

Marg, sounds like great weather to me! It just got winter-like and I prefer warm weather. I hope you do not end up sick!

Fran, enjoy your time with husband at the shore. I laughed with the frizzie hair image!

difficult child is cleaning her room today - it should be considered a holiday. She has a party to go to tonight.
TOmorrow she is heading to GA with her Grandma (dad's side) as she is being recognized at a MLK dinner for an article she wrote on the civil rights movement. difficult child is attending the dinner/award ceremony with her. She will miss 2 days of school - but worth it to me.
boyfriend's mom is having surgery Monday so any prayers would be appreciated.

Have a great weekend!


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Good Saturday Morning Marg, Fran and all to follow :smile:

Marg, sorry you and your daughter are not feeling well. My easy child came home from a show last night with a scatching through and a "head full". She took some medicine and went straight to bed. Hope everyone recovers quickly. :tears: he's not crying, he has a bad cold!

Fran, know what you mean about the hair :wildone: kinda like that huh? Hope you and husband have a quiet weekend and the remodel is going well.

Lazy Saturday here. I'll check on easy child in a little while, she wanted to go to the gym early this morning but with how she was feeling last night..........

Couple little errands this morning and then we'll see how I feel. Might take difficult child to a movie this afternoon.

Hope your Saturday is relaxing.



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Good morning ladies.

A little rushed this morning. Kids are up, wanting breakfast, and easy child is needing me for some project he's working on. It's not even 8 AM yet :hammer:

Hope everyone has a nice weekend. difficult child 2 is coming today. I don't even want to talk about it.



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Good Morning!

Hi to all i have been awol for a few days. difficult child came home wednesday which was his b-day not feeling well. He still wanted to go out to eat, so he took two bites and fell asleep in the booth. We got home i took his temp. it was 101.6, so i gave him some tylenol and he went to bed. He woke up thursday getting sick, i took his temp. oh yeah 103.7, tylenol brought it down, dr. said this bug is going around. Friday comes around fever has broke, now he has a neck ache, dizzy, and sore thorat, i call the dr. now i get rush him to the er, we think he is dehydrated. difficult child is now freaking out, but i said lets go, they put him in the kids room, and find out he has strep, and is seriously dehydrated, so they hook him up to iv, for the first time he didn't freak out, he just squeezed my hand. They say he was down close to 3 two liter bottles. Ugh, it's been crazy. I am happy to repot today he is eating, and still has to drink more, or they said he would be back. Well got to run, today's my birthday, but i'm not doing anything!!

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Good morning all,

Better late than never. husband is on his way to pick up kt for her weekend pass. I, in the meantime, am trying to reason with the antibiotic my doctor gave me yesterday for bronchitis & ear infections to kick in - like in 20 minutes or so.

Have a good one all - keep your loved ones close to your heart.