Good Morning Saturday


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It's sad but our lovely long weekend is heading to its conclusion. easy child & boyfriend have left to go home - they need their Sunday at home in Canberra so they're ready for work on Monday. I have a busy day tomorrow, collaborating with a friend on that article on bullying. husband is heading to his beloved tiny trains and I think easy child 2/difficult child 2 is working again.

Our hot weather has temporarily cooled off, hopefully reducing temptation to kids to extend summer holidays beyond their allotted time. Life is about to get busy again - school goes back next week. Technically it's back on Tuesday (Monday, for teachers) but if I can I'll get difficult child 3 to begin work on Monday. He can ease into it gently, especially if I promise him some midday beach time later in the week when the sun comes back out.

Oh, and for those who didn't understand what I mean by Vegemite - for reasons I've never understood it's something peculiarly Australian. The Brits have Marmite, which I hate because it tastes like someone spilt a pinch of sugar in it by mistake and it just tastes WRONG.

Vegemite is greasy looking and black and looks like axle grease. It's salty and savoury, very strongly flavoured. Imagine if you had a vat of soy sauce and boiled it down - you'd get something a bit like Vegemite. It's loaded with B vitamins - and salt - but when you grow up with it around you generally enjoy it. But the BIG problem with Vegemite - people who don't know it and who are trying it for the first time will often spread it on thick, like jam or peanut butter. Vegemite should be spread as thinly as possible, because the flavour is so strong. But spread thinly onto buttered bread it's delicious as a savoury snack. Other ways to have it - smeared thinly with a finger onto celery sticks (it should be so thinly spread it looks pale brown). it can flavour a stew, instead of a beef stock cube. It's vegetarian, so it's good as added flavour and vitamins in vegetarian dishes and soups.

It's fabulous for invalids who are fed up with plain dry bread or flat lemonade - after being ill for days I would be sick to death of sweet clear fluids and be longing for something savoury. I always knew I was getting better when I was given cracker biscuits thinly spread with Vegemite - heaven to a jaded palate!

But you don't HAVE to like it. Not all Aussies do. Only most of them. The vast majority, maybe. It's a bit like Aussies and Aussie beer - some people say all Aussies drink beer - well, not me. I've never had the stuff and I never want to. There are other, lesser-known and in my opinion more palatable options.

Anyway, enough education. Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.


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Good Morning,

Marguerite-It sounds like your weekend was so nice. Enjoy the cooler weather as school approaches again-but I know how much you love the hot weather for swimming so I hope it warms up soon so you can get back to the beach. We're headed for a cool down here. One day next week they said it might not get above 0. *

It's Saturday-I thought it would never get here-whew! Of course, now that I'm looking at the day ahead I think I'll finally get my rest on Sunday.

I have to leave for work in a few minutes and am done by 9:30 but then am heading to difficult child's wrestling tournament where husband and he will already be. Tonight is a respite night!! Five o'clock tonight til 10:00 tomorrow morning-wish it was a little longer but I'll take what I can get. husband, easy child, niece, and I are all going out to dinner and then maybe to a movie. It will be a fun night but I probably should be home resting. I've tried to get a lot of sleep this week but am still feeling a bit tired-oh well once the day gets going I'll be fine!!

Fran-can't wait to hear how the play went- were going last night? Or maybe it was tonight you were going?

I hope all have some fun in their Saturday! :smile:


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Good morning!
Marg- I'll pass on the vegemite! :smile:
Sharon- Enjoy your fun but busy day. :smile:
We have a day that is just busy enough so as to be considered hectic: dance/groceries/library/errands/collapse. I took Duckie to spend her birthday $$$ yesterday and she actually got a Barbie wireless video camera for less than $40. :smile: She really loves it! I loved it when she filmed herself spinning on the sit and spin. What a nut! :rofl:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:


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Marg- it sounds like you had a great weekend, i have tried vegemite, as a little boy i had last year was from Australia and he and his mom came in for a taste of Australia, and brought in all different foods, i wasn't fond of the vegemite, but the stuff you put in milk was good, along with some sort of cookie that she told me a secret you dip it into coffee, and then suck through it like a straw, that was awesome!

Sharon- i hope difficult child does well at wrestling tournament

Tm- have a nice day

Well my work week ended crazy, my co-teacher left a note as her way of a notice, because my boss was out. She then in turn didn't show up yesterday and i guees now she will be let go. I have a nice cold going so am off to cvs, tonight difficult child has bowling he starts trainig for the tournament which is in May. Have a great day everyone!


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Good Morning from cold Michigan. Brrrrr. We're supposed to get into the 30s today, which will probably feel balmy after the single digits of the morning yesterday and the day before.

I've been a bit overwhelmed lately so have been a bit MIA. I have a difficult child brother who seems to think that the answers are in the bottom of a vodka bottle, and when that happens, I'm the one that helps pick up the pieces for my poor mom, as we're all he has.

My daughter has been suffering terrible headaches for about 3 weeks now, and they are knocking her for a loop. husband and I headed out at 9:30 the other evening to pick her up from college and get her to the ER. They were able to get her blood pressure down and lessened her pain via IV pain medications. The good news is that they did a CT scan and a spinal tap, and both were clear. The bad news is that we still don't know what's causing them. She's scheduled for an appointment with a headache clinic and is being referred to a brain and spine institute (to see if her spinal injuries are somehow related to nerve damage, causing the headaches). It's all pretty scary and I'm a bit numb these days.

So, now that I'm done whining, I do want to say that I miss the Good Morning thread since I started my new job and don't seem to get on until the late morning.

Marg, I will definitely pass on the vegemite. lol.

Sharon, enjoy your respite tonight. Hope you have a relaxing evening.

TM, a Barbie video? How cute. I'll bet Duckie loves it!

Jen, hope your cold gets better. This seems to be the season. Lots of people at my office out with colds and flu. Feel better!

Here's hoping for a peaceful day for all.

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Morning guys!
We are stuck at home with the flu. difficult child has it the worst. Poor baby is burning up with fever, dizzy, can't hardly breath. :tears:

So, we will be staying in all weekend I'm sure. :smile:


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Good morning all,

Marg, I'm so glad you had such a fun weekend.
Sharon, good luck to difficult child on his wrestling.
TM, glad Duckie is enjoying her birthday gifts.
Jen sorry to hear of the stress at work.
Deb, we totally understand - there are times when you just cannot extend your energies beyond your home.
Steph, take care of yourself & difficult child. husband & I are struggling with this flu. It takes time to recover.

I'm up & running late. I actually slept through the night. In the meantime, husband is going down fast with the crud. Looks as though wm, as well as kt, will be going with-o visits from mom & dad this weekend.

I need to head out to the grocery store this morning. husband is officially "sicker" than I am - it's my turn to head out in the cold. Really wish I had a kid I could hand a list to & let him/her run this errand.

Going to do it now while I have energy.

Take care, take your vitamins, get your flu shot, whatever. This flu strain is a bear.

Have a good day all - keep your loved ones close to your heart.