Good Morning Saturday


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Good morning. :coffee:
husband and I will be leaving for Alexandria Bay shortly. Duckie is very excited about having a sleepover with her cousins and her very first very loose tooth. :bravo: Let's hope it stays put until tomorrow when I can be part of the tooth fairy routine. I'd be bummed if I missed out. :frown:
Have a great day! :salute:

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Good Morning TM and all who follow!

TM-I hope Duckie has a wonderful visit with her cousins and that her tooth stays put until you return! Enjoy your getaway. :princess:

I've been up with difficult child since 5:30. I think it's going to be a long day because we didn 't get home last night til 2:30. husband and I drove my niece to pick up a friend at the Ferry in Milwaukee. We didn't want her driving alone at that time of night.

We are going to see Harry Potter at the 10:00 show this morning (we already bought the tickets or I wouldn't be going due to the late night). After that I plan on taking a mega nap!

Late this afternoon my niece and her friend are coming over for a cookout. Think I'll just throw on hamburgers and brats! Yummmm!

I hope everyone has a peaceful day! :kisses:


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Morning ladies,

TM ~ how exciting for Duckie, her first tooth! You know, the tooth fairy has gotten awfully expensive in this house. I used to get a quarter. My kids get a DOLLAR!!!!!!! HOW did that happen? Enjoy your trip.

Sharon ~ difficult child sounds manic ~ not sleeping, eh? We had that with Dylan the last week or so. Hope things settle down, and you enjoy your mega nap!

Not much on the agenda today. We put up a new pool (our pool from last year was a blow up and got a hole), so we need to fill it up today. Just hanging around with the kids, do some grocery shopping, and relax. Two weeks from now we're doing the beach, big trip, so we're taking it easy until then LOL!

Enjoy your day.


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G'day, all.

My brain is finally beginning to function - I got back to work this evening on the book I'm 'doing' for a friend. Editing & layout, plus liaison with printer & illustrator. And because she's done such a good job, my work has been so straightforward that the bulk of this job has only taken me six hours. Plus my initial two hours, talking to her and doing the initial rough work-up.
I've had some books which literally took me years! AND I didn't get paid for my time on those, either - I'm a sucker sometimes.

TM, I hope Duckie enjoys her sleepover. Since this is her FIRST loose tooth, chances are she's reacted as soon as it's got the slightest wobble, you have plenty of time to 'catch it'.

Sharon, I hope you get your nap and don't fall asleep during Harry Potter!

Janna, enjoy your pool and your planning for the trip to the beach. I'm jealous! It's really cold here, we've got doors closed to conserve heat, the hot water booster has to be turned on every afternoon so we can have our hot showers, I'm living in thermals and tracksuits (plus my favourite uggs).

I've still got some final winter gardening to do, but then I'd like spring, please.

easy child 2/difficult child 2 rang tonight to talk to BF2 - she's having fun in the snow.

Tomorrow is the last day before school goes back for difficult child 3, for the second semester. New subjects plus finishing up the last of last semester's. I'm glad I got so much work done on my friend's book - Monday, difficult child 3 & I are going to be really busy. I'm a lot better but not fully recovered from my cold yet. Soon, I hope. I couldn't get warm last night, not even by cuddling husband under our new, 85% down doona (we splurged, plus it was on special - our old doona has been nicked by the kids and was too small anyway). Tonight, I'm wearing my thermals and bedsocks as well.

husband has finally repaired my scooter (after my blowout the day before we left for our holiday). The new tyres came in yesterday and the darling fixed it as soon as he got them.

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.


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Good morning friends,

I'm sorry that I'm not addressing you individually - just too tired this morning.

Hope you all have a peaceful, calm day.