Good Morning Sunday


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G'day, everyone. Another beautiful day here in paradise. But despite this, we didn't get to the beach. Instead, difficult child 3 simply stayed home and played computer games (some vital time off) while easy child 2/difficult child 2 & I watched MY videos, instead of her interminable viewing of the entire production run of "Charmed". Meanwhile she was doing her craftwork on a tray she uses at her favourite armchair. husband was busy in his workshop and all was right with the world (or our little corner of it).

Late afternoon, husband strolled down to visit his mother while I took some papers round to a friend (her son is difficult child 3's friend, younger and mildly autistic). Her son is just home from hospital - abdominal surgery for a congenital problem. He's been moaning, "I miss difficult child 3!" so I went back home to send difficult child 3 round for a short visit. Yeah, right. Two hours later I had to go fetch him, the boys were having so much fun playing together. My friend had fed him an early dinner, but I fed him some more when I got home. Any opportunity to fatten him up! But I've promised the boys can play tomorrow after school. The young friend is banned from contact sport for the next six months, so I'm going to try to get him into difficult child 3's drama class for high-functioning autistic kids - we can all travel out together.

Have a pleasant Sunday, everyone. The school week begins again for us in a few hours...



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Good morning! :smile:
Marg- Sometimes we all need some down time to chill out. I'm glad you had such an easy going day! :smile:
We have church today then I might take Duckie to get some new sneakers & dress shoes. :princess:
Have a great day1 Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning Marguerite and TM.
Marguerite, glad difficult child had some down time.
TM, shoe shopping is a girls favorite past time isn't it?
It's supposed to be another beautiful day. It was blustery yesterday with cold wind but the sun was very warm. husband and I spent the afternoon wandering around car lots. This is 4hrs of my life that was wasted. Never did see what we were looking for.
easy child worked and had some friends over afterwards. I went to bed, so not sure when they left. They like to watch Saturday Night Live together.
It's been a couple of restless nights. If difficult child is on my mind I seem to always have a restless night. Some things never change. Sigh. :nonono:
Hope you all have a peaceful day. I'm hoping to have everyone home to dinner today. It's been a while.
Now it's time for another cup of coffee. :coffee: </span>


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:salute: Good Sunday Morning!

Marg, sounds like a wonderfully relaxing day at your house. Hope the start of your week is as pleasant as the end :smile:.

TM, shoe and dress shopping - nice mom and daughter time! Have a relaxing Sunday :angel:

Fran, watching SNL with college friends sure brings back memories. We would gather in the common area of our dorm and hunker down for SNL every Saturday night - was it really that long ago :faint:

Another marathon day of shopping here in the Big Apple yesterday. We ended up in Little Italy again last night at a family run "sweet shop" for coffee and dessert (which was in fact our dinner) at 10. They had 34 desserts to choose from :hypnosis:. We are heading out today - check out time is at noon so I'm not sure what we will be getting into this morning - but rest assured it will have something to do with shopping!

I need to fill you in on difficult child's stay with the extreme boneheaded one - I was on the phone with my boy last night when his bonehead dad finally came home at 12:50 :grrr:. I'll post tomorrow and give you more details....

In the meantime, have a great Sunday all.


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Good Morning,

Marguerite-Glad difficult child got a break from school and was able to cheer up his friend.

TM-Have fun shoe shopping!

Fran-Sorry the car shopping was a waste-I hate when I feel I've wasted my time. I'm sorry difficult child is giving you restless nights. I hope a job in in the near future for him. Dinner sounds fun-what are you cooking?

Well yesterday was somewhat restful but I did work, go to the club, and take easy child shopping-we needed some together time. husband and I ended up deciding to stay in, order pizza and watch Fiddler on the Roof. I was just too tired to go out and so was he. I only made it through half the movie. We'll watch the second half tonight.

Today husband is taking difficult child to his wrestling tournament without me. This cold I'm having is just wearing me out and I have quite a bit of reading to do for a class I'm taking. I'm feeling a bit of mom guilt for missing the tournament but I'm sure they'll be just fine without me. Hopefully difficult child won't give husband too hard of a time.

Other than my reading I'm planning on fitting in a workout but not much more. It's freezing in my house this morning. Somehow all of our bedroom windows were open a crack. I'm thinking maybe we didn't have them locked and when it finally warmed up a bit maybe they expanded and opened a bit-brrr!

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day. Hi to anyone who snuck in. :smile:


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Good morning, ladies.

Marg, I'm glad you had a relaxing day. Good for you!

TM, enjoy shopping with Duckie!

Fran, I love SNL. Sorry to hear you're worried with difficult child. I hope things improve with him soon.

LDM, the shopping sounds like so much fun. Bonehead is being a real problem it seems. Ugh, this is why I struggle to let my kids go with their father. Death to boneheads.

Not much on the schedule today, light cleaning, SO is painting the living room. Making a lasagne for dinner.

The nice thing about winter, hot foods. Made meatloaf, homemade mashed potatoes, green beans last night. Yum. Tonight is another good one.

Hope everyone enjoys their day! It's back to work for me tomorrow :frown: SO is off, again, another week due to snow! Grrrrr.



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Good morning everyone.
Hope it's a good day for everyone today. difficult child and I don't have nothing planned other than normal Sunday laziness, well laziness for him, cleaning for me. LOL. With husband getting off early though, maybe we can make a plan for evening Church.


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I Hope you all have a wonderful day!

difficult child's doctor called Friday night, and he did test positive for whooping cough, so now i am on medicine to. He said the poor kid can continue to cough for weeks. difficult child did really well at bowling last night, i think they know it's crunch time training now for the state tournament. Well i am off to wal-mart, then difficult child is supposed to change his guinea pigs cage, that could be my bribe for the Daytona 500 as he is a huge nascar fan, no clean cage no, race. I am looking forward to having tomorrow off for presidents day, and difficult child has school vacation. So maybe if no snow we'll do something fun! Have a good one!!


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good morning everone i have been up since 7:00.for once i wish my difficult child knew what it was like to sleep in.bad morning but getting better.watching charmed sounds good i have all 7seasons cant wait for the 8 to come .
good luck shoe shoping when i go with mine its a terror they want every shoe they see.
it seems like its going to be a nice day im going to try to get out with the kids and go to the park they love that.well god bless and everyone have a great day


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Hi, do not have time to address everyone.
Just wanted to ask, cross your fingers for good weather-no snow.
Me and son are headed out to eye doctor to the office that is NOT by Ronald McDonald House and it is a 5 hour trip in decent weather. Aw we are gonna miss our lil kitties, LOL.