Good Morning Sunday


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G'day everyone.

We just had an amazing Sunday. It was much hotter today than they forecast - the storm they predicted for early afternoon may have hit a lot of other places but it's only just arrived, at almost 11 pm. When we got home this afternoon it was still 30 degrees C (INSIDE our much cooler house), but that was still cooler than the drive home. We could feel the temperature drop as we got to out lovely bushland and the coastal heath. But at 30 C - even though it was heading for sunset we hit the beach for a swim to wash the sweat off.

We've been playing trains today. We were supposed to be having a train day last Sunday but it got postponed due to rain. Today - much smaller crowd so we all had a chance to play. mother in law & I sat and read our books, difficult child 3 was supposed to get some school book work done but I let him off because he was having a lovely time playing with some other regular kids. It was a very positive social opportunity for him. But the humidity - ghastly. Seriously, it must have been very close to 100%, it felt like Singapore.

And now it's late Sunday night and the storm is getting very close. husband has just locked up the doors and windows to stop rain from blowing in. Not much rain yet, just a noisy light show right overhead. Our beach towels are still on the clothes line - they'll get rinsed, if we get enough rain. It's still hot here but the storm will hopefully knock a few degrees off the heat.

Thanks to the rain we've had over the last fortnight we're seeing a lot of fresh, young growth and we're really enjoying it. I haven't had to bucket water from the bathtub to the garden for a fortnight now, it's lovely. The drought has been so bad we'd need six months of this to begin to break it, but we'll take whatever we can get.

I hope those of you copping the bad storms and twisters stay safe. And for those of you still snow-bound - won't be long now.

Enjoy your Sunday.



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Good afternoon all

well it freezing here, probably about 5C ... we have decided to visit friends for the weekend just to escape all thats been happening with difficult child. I think the stress of it all is beginning to affect me... sickness and pains in my stomach.. i [predict ANOTHER spell in hospital in the next few days if i am not careful.

I have decided to tour Australia next february, i want 30C!!!

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Good Morning!

Marguerite-Your day sounds wonderful. I keep telling myself it will once again be summer here-just wish it would get here faster. The other day you asked why nap and then exercise? On Fridays I'm usually so exhausted I just want to take a quick nap and then go. I'm not sure that's always the best idea because then this past Friday we ended up not working out at all.

Realangel-I hope you are able to enjoy your weekend with friends. Take care of you.

Long busy day yesterday but still squeezed in a nap. difficult child was very gfgish but after he was asleep easy child watched difficult child and husband and I went out for a nice dinner.

Today difficult child has a wrestling tournament all day. The season is winding down. He has at the most only one more after today. Next weekend is regionals but he won't be competing there. husband and I will be working at it though since difficult child's club is hosting it.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful Sunday. :salute:


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Lisa, the hot weather in Sydney usually starts by October/November at the latest. This year summer was later and it seems to be hanging on longer. The sea is warmer now, 23 degrees C and rising. But once the cold weather kicks in, the sea temp will plummet. But for now - 30 C comes with 90% plus humidity, which means you sweat a litre of water just crossing the street. And the road sticks to your feet because the tar has melted in the sun. I know I'm loving our summer, but I do have to walk around carrying a towel, to keep mopping myself (I'm not kidding!). I go to the beach and leave my towel in the car, for something to sit on when I drive home. I do not use the towel to wipe myself down - it dries all by itself soon enough. In summer we stand out in what rain we manage to get. In winter we shiver when the temp gets into the teens (C, not F) and can't comprehend anything much less than 0 C except in the snow fields, where it rarely gets below -5C. We're spoilt and don't know how good we got it.

If you want hot weather (or even warm) then go to Queensland just about any time BUT late summer/autumn (cyclone season). We were there in July/August and loved it. Queensland in early to mid-summer - still hot, but close to the coast or in the rainforest it's bearable, definitely.

If you want endless summer, go to Darwin. I've never been there but I do want to visit one day. Most of the buildings are cyclone proof now, since Cyclone Tracy in 1975. They've had other cyclones since, of course, but Tracy was bigger than Katrina.

And Sydney had the big Mardi Gras last night. Ours is NOT televised live because they need to censor it first. It's usually very interesting to watch.


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Good morning all,

Marg, sounds like you had a wonderful day.
Lisa, enjoy that visit with friends.
Sharon, good luck to difficult child at the meet.

The hmj is brewing - snuck a cup midst brew. I need that hit of caffeine this morning.

I spent the day yesterday practicing piano (another recital is coming up soon). husband & I spent the evening talking (reconnecting, if you will) while playing scrabble.

Enjoy your Sunday. Smile today - even if you don't mean it. It helps!


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Good morning!
Marg- Our overnight temps for Monday into Tuesday are forecast for 0F or approximately -18C. SEND US WARMTH!!!!
Lisa- Please look after you, another hospital stay won't help anyone.
Sharon- Glad you and husband got out for awhile. Have fun at wrestling today!
We had sad news yesterday, husband's great aunt C passed away. She had been sick and in failing health for a few years, we'll attend services on Tuesday. My father in law is pretty broken up.
Today is our big read-a-thon kickoff at church, the kids are raising funds for our diocese's community outreach organization. I organized this, so I hope it's a success. They'll be singing three songs & reading the lessons during the service this morning, followed by story time & crafts during coffee hour. It should be fun! Then Duckie has a birthday party at the Aquarium later for a classmate, it should be fun!
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:
Good morning everyone.

Had dinner and drinks with a friend last night. Today I'm off to visit difficult child for a bit. Our visits are usually short. I'm a little concerned that difficult child didn't call this week. I wonder if he is still blaming me for not rescuing him. This could be a very short visit.

Looking forward to a nap this afternoon.



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Good Morning all. It's a bright Sunday morning in North Texas. We are all running around to prepare for spring break. Leaving early Monday for a bit of respite.

difficult child worked his first day. One day at a time. We will see how things go. He had dinner with us after work. It was a good evening.

Hope you all have a restful day.