Good Morning Sunday!


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Sleepyheads, all of you! Still, it's a good sign if you're all able to sleep, unless it's due to exhaustion...

I've had a day of experimenting in the kitchen. I'm trying to cook borlotti beans following a Jamie Oliver program on TV the other night. Trouble is, I didn't take notes... I didn't do too badly though, although the beans are too mushy. I'll wait a few days and try again. I'm determined to get there!

difficult child 3 had a wonderful day - his Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) friend called this morning, asking him to come and play. Friend is 9, with high-functioning autism. difficult child 3 stayed there until after lunch, when friend's family visited our neighbour over the road (easy child kids). There were lots of cars and lots of kids, most of them packed into a large, new, trampoline with elastic sides. It looked like a birthday party, but I think it was just neighbours spending time together.
Friend had a clash with neighbour boy (aged 7) because neighbour boy had been teasing him by grabbing at private areas. Friend kicked neighbour boy hard, deliberately. He's very capable, socially, compared to difficult child 3, not that I condone the fight, but friend's behaviour was in keeping with the social interactions in our area (unfortunately). Friend & neighbour quickly made up their differences and problems behaviour stopped. Meanwhile difficult child 3 was staying out of it.

difficult child 3 was by far the oldest kid there, but getting on well with them all. Neighbour kid is very understanding, unlike a lot of local kids who teased friend a few weeks ago, for playing with difficult child 3. "You're playing with that weirdo," they said.
"So what?" said friend. "We're friends. Want to make something of it?"

They walked away. I think they know he can kick.

difficult child 3 is teary tonight because we've been talking about our upcoming holiday. He enjoys being on holiday but hates ANY uncertainty in itinerary. I'm finding I'm constantly having to talk him through it all and calm him down. He's really panicked about us staying for a week in a volcanic area (Rotarua, NZ). I figure only by doing this, will he overcome his fears. But it's going to be difficult for the next couple of months while we get ready.

easy child is getting anxious too - when we told her we'd have to fly from one city to another in NZ, she did her best to organise going by boat instead. She hates flying. "Boats will be better," she said. Only it's not possible, it will be darned cold, and NZ had a huge iceberg off the coast last winter. I'd rather fly!

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!



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:salute: Good Sunday Morning Marg and all to follow :salute:

Marg, I enjoy Jamie Oliver's show. Very entertaining. I totally understand the anxiety. My difficult child suffers from it as well. Last year when I told the kids we were going to Niagara Falls for spring break, difficult child asked if they had earthquakes and tornados there. When I told him no, he said he'd go! Giving them plenty of time to prepare is the key isn't it?

I wish I could have stayed in bed this morning - it is dark and rainy which is the best kind of sleeping in weather. But, once I'm up, I'm up! Church this morning then making sure the kids are ready to go back to school tomorrow. The spring break has gone great and we have enjoyed our week together.

difficult child is suffering with allergies and has a really bad cough - we did some remedies last night and appears he had a good night sleep since I did not hear him coughing. I pulled out the old cool mist vaporizer from when they were babies. That, plus some mucas thinner appears to have given him some relief. He was pretty bad off last evening.

Wishing everyone a relaxing Sunday :angel:



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Marg- it sounds like difficult child 3 had a great day, and your holiday sounds wonderful

Well difficult child did awesome yesterday, it was such a zoo with 800 kids in orange shirts, and all the marathon runners picking up their numbers for the marathon on monday, so crazy but a lot of fun. difficult child ended up with an offical Boston marathon backpack that all adult runners get, and a medal, plus a ticket to get an adidas duffle bag at a sporting good store. His bus got in very early from boston, good thing i was their, so he made it to his soccer game right on time, his coach of course started him so he had no chance to rest, they did good, difficult child had one shot on net, and the team ended up in a tie 2-2, not bad for 18 kids who have never had a practice. Well have a great day, here it is miserable cold, and rainy with possible snow mixed in later, yuck :grrr:


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Good morning Marg and all who follow. :coffee:
I'm glad to hear difficult child 3 is making some good friends. I wouldn't worry too much about the age differences as that will wash out when they're grown. :smile:
We have pool party #2 today. I've decided we will miss church today because we'd be cutting it close to get to the birthday party. Plus, I'm really tired this morning. We may get clipped by that nor'easter later. :grrr: I really wish spring would get here to stay.
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:

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Good morning friends,

Marg, both of my difficult children cannot tolerate any "unknowns". I've never watched Jamie Oliver - will have to check it out.

Sharon, I'm suffering the same allergy stuff as difficult child. I hadn't thought to get out the cool air mist thingy - I always use the vaporizer for winter colds. Hmmmmm. Thanks for the tip. Hope difficult child is feeling better amongst all this spring bloom.

Jen, sounds like a positive day for difficult child.

TM, get some rest this morning.

"hi" if you snuck in.

kt is up & planning on a pajama day today. Normally this isn't a problem but I doubt it will stick as today is forecast to be in the lower 60s & sunny.

husband is heading out to visit with wm while I stay home with kt. (Can you see some gender preferences here?? Just the way it seems to work out.)

I'm hoping to clean off our patio this afternoon; I know it's too early to start painting our picnic table.

Have a good day - keep it calm. Find a reason to laugh - even if at the absurd.

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Good Morning,

Marguerite-Sounds like difficult child 3 had fun on the trampoline. I love trampolines! I love that his friend stuck up for him!

Sharon-Rainy days are good sleeping days. I'm glad difficult child had a good sleeping night!

Razzle-Glad to hear yesterday went so well for difficult child!

TM-I hear you about wishing spring would be here to stay! I hope the pool party goes well!

Linda-Enjoy the lower 60s-sounds wonderful!

I think we are suppose to get into the 50s today! It would be great if the mercury only went up from there from now on! No big plans-just church, the club, and a nap! I'm sure I'll play some yahtzee too with difficult child (if he settles down some).

Enjoy the day! Hi to anyone who snuck in! :salute:


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Good morning friends.

A dreary day today. Rainy and supposed to get some snow later on. This is April, right? ~grumbling~
difficult child goes back to school tomorrow. Spring break went rather well, actually. No meltdowns. ~keeping fingers crossed~ He is getting bored cause he can't go outside though. I wish it would start clearing up, not only for his sake but for all of ours.

Well, take care everyone. Hope the day is fantastic for all.