Good Morning Sunday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, everyone.

    It's late, I need to head for bed, so I'm starting the morning thread (since nobody else has yet).

    We had a lovely summery Sunday today. The school fair, connected with the school art show - wonderful. The fair had a ducking stool, judging by the roaring trade it was doing I think they should have been charging kids to sit on the stool as well. It was not too hot, but plenty warm enough for the kids to enjoy being ducked in the tank whenever a ball hit the target.

    The lemonade stand ran out of lemonade several times and finally packed up early. Most other stalls kept going all day, including those selling native plants, and vegetable seedlings.

    With a national election next Saturday, we also had the local Labor candidate for our area sitting around talking to people. I asked him if he had selected the site for his office...

    I made the mistake of getting too much sun, after lying on the beach yesterday - I'm only slightly singed but I do need husband to rub in some more coconut oil for me. Two days' too much sun in a row is NOT good for my gentle tanning regime - I try to build up A LITTLE tan slowly, so I don't burn later in the season.

    We have sunny weather for the next few days, then maybe the hope of a bit of damp for 24 hours; then more sun. The pattern is developing for the summer. Our beachgoing neighbour strolled back from the beach this afternoon dreamily announcing that the water was warm - maybe in a couple of days...

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

  2. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Well-Known Member

    Good morning. :coffee:
    Marg- Your day sounded fun. I hope the coconut oil does the trick for the sunburn. :thumbsdown:
    Duckie got her trophy last night. She was awarded for outstanding spirit and chants. :fan: The banquet was fun but very drawn out. I talked to the new cheer-leading coordinator last and put myself on the sub-committee to streamline and improve the banquet. The board doesn't realise there is a sub-committee yet, but we're on it, lol! :rofl:
    Church today and hopefully a run to the grocery store. Other than that, just puttering around the house.
    Have a great day! :flower:
  3. timer lady

    timer lady Queen of Hearts

    Good morning friends,

    Marg, a day at the beach sounds wonderful - you know, that grass is always greener syndrome that happens each year on the board. :rolleyes:

    TM, I like the way you work. Very cool! :thumbsup:

    Nothing going on here - husband is heading out to visit with wm. kt & I have some laundry to finish today, along with some light cleaning. Once that is complete kt is welcome to invite her friend B over for the afternoon.

    I, myself, will be splitting my time between trying to find the surface of my desk (I hate junk mail & those who bring it into my home) & planning next week's menu & shopping list. :geek:

    There is a phlox blooming in my backyard that I want husband to get a picture of - this flower just never says die. It was standing strong during some snow flurries yesterday. I expect this will be the last flower of the season. I intend to bring it in & dry it. I have the perfect vase to put it in. :flower:

    Enjoy your Sunday. I hope it's peaceful, your difficult children cooperate & there is a reason to smile or laugh in your home. Hug your loved ones. :cool-dog:
  4. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Good Morning,

    Marguerite-Your day sounds fantastic-I love hearing about your summery days as we head into winter-makes me feel glad summer is still going on somewhere! Take care of that sunburn! :doctor:

    TM-Congrats to Duckie on her spirit award :bravo:Good for you for getting on the committee to help improve the banquet!

    Linda-Very cool that you still have a flower blooming-my flower knowledge is so non existent I will be doing a google to see what a phlox looks like! :flower:

    Michigan lost their game yesterday-I sat in the cold rain for about three or four hours-let's just say I've spent better days cheering-oh well there is always next year-and I'll watch their bowl game and cheer even though it won't be an important bowl this year.

    husband and I decided to do the long drive home last night instead of today. Once we arrived home we ordered a very late night pizza and had a good time watching tv before we went to bed at 1:30ish.

    Today it's off to church, then the health club, followed by lots of cleaning and grocery shopping!

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day! Hi if you snuck in. :painter:
  5. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good Morning all.
    Marguerite, enjoy that warm weather. The fair sounds fun.

    TM, my sibs who sat through many of my children's programs always said that any child based program should be cut back by half. They are always too long and drag. Makes for folks not to be too enthusiastic to return.
    Congrats on an award.

    Linda, sounds like a nice day.

    Wiped out, sorry your team lost. husband was in Conn. for his undefeated team only to see them properly trounced. He had fun though with his buddies and his annual "guys weekend". Lots of Brats and Beer. He is happy to return home. He isn't someone that likes to be with the guys for more than a day or two.

    I drove to Pittsburgh and back to pick up mom. It's 8 to 9 hrs each way. Not a bad drive. Beautiful landscape that's for sure. I got to spend a day with our new neice who is 2 months old. She is beautiful(of course) I love being aunt Fam. :smile:

    Mom is enjoying the new house and the new state. I'm sure after a week or so, she will be ready to go home.

    Today is the grocery store and getting the house settled. We pick up the pups from doggie sleep away camp at 5PM. I'm sure they will be happy to get back into their own house. LOL.

    Have a good day my friends. Start to enjoy all those yummy calories. It's a calorie free week. :thanksgiving2:
  6. LittleDudesMom

    LittleDudesMom Well-Known Member Staff Member

    :thanksgiving2: Good Sunday Morning!!

    Marg, sounds like a wonderful day! Watch out for that sun - the dunking booth is always a treat! We had a big summer water fair for the neighborhood at our church this summer. Our youth director was supposed to be the dunkee. Instead, all the teens took turns being dunked :rofl:!

    TM, remember, everything you fix means more on your plate!!! Don't put too much on there or it is going to start spilling over! Enjoy your Sunday :thumbsup:.

    Linda, The phlox sounds lovely - my easy child would have run out and taken a picture of that :picture:. That desk of yours sure gets messy fast!!!! Hope there is laughter in your house as well.

    Sharon, sorry about the game results :fan:, the cold and the rain. Good that you got the driving out of the way last night. Enjoy some relaxing time after that housework - give everyone a job and tell them all "we have 90 minutes to get the house clean - ready, set, go!!" :hypnosis:

    Today is an off day for my Sunday School class. But I do have a bunch of shoe boxes filled with toys from our shopping spree last Sunday afternoon. We went out and bought stuff to fill shoeboxes with for the Christmas Child project here in our City. You fill a shoebox based on the sex and the age of a child. Toys, school supplies, toilettries, etc. Each of my students, plus difficult child and myself, filled two shoe boxes. I have to deliver them this morning.

    difficult child and I don't have too much on the docket today. A little homework then he has the mentor program at 5. We heard from easy child (well actually, she has called and texted several times the last two days!) and she is having a ball. It's a little cooler in San Antonio than they thought it would be - but you know that won't dampen the time had by 12 teens :smile:!

    Wishing all a little time to relax today.

  7. timer lady

    timer lady Queen of Hearts

    LDM - my desk gets hit with everything since I taught my family not to dump everything on the dining room table (the next easiest surface). Hence the weekly search for the surface! :rofl:

    My next goal is to teach the person (husband) who brings in the mail to dump the junk mail in the recycle bin right there before bringing in the "real" mail. And I get a weekly barrage of mail from various & sundry service providers for the tweedles that I'm learning to scan to disk before I shred it. My files are just too cumbersome to believe.

    AND my dining room table always looks nice now. :flower: