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Good Morning, Everybody

I have to do gardening today, and have been waiting for the Morning Thread to appear. I like it very much when Pigless begins the thread. But today, I cannot wait for it. Because yesterday, in my gardening fervor, I fed all my beautiful hostas and peonies and astilbe and bleeding hearts...but I had a bag of Weed and Feed next to the bag of fertilizer.

And that is what I used on every one of my beautiful plants!

So, what I am going to do, in about one minute here, is rake all that out before it rains.

That is why I could not wait for someone else to begin this morning's thread.

You guys? I didn't have my glasses on, when I picked up the wrong bag of gardening material. I did not realize what I had done until I went back into the house...and there was my bag of fertilizer for the flowers.

Wish me well on this one.

Wear your glasses when doing your gardening, everyone. Going had posted about cataract formation and sun damage on another thread. So, I wore my darkest sunglasses instead of my glasses, to tend to my poor plants, yesterday.

Wishing everyone a very nice day. I think no harm has been done to my garden that I cannot reverse.



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Oh, no! Hope there's no permanent damage done to your pretty flowers.

Easy day for us, with the exception of the grocery shopping we didn't get done yesterday. Unless it can be done tomorrow...except that the heavy stuff, cat food and such, will have to stay in the car for Hubby to bring it in. I can't carry heavy things anymore.

I'm reading a book called June. It alternates the setting between the 1950's and 2015, set in a small town in Iowa. I'm enjoying it so far.

Had to get a new cell phone yesterday. The speaker in mine went out and I couldn't hear anything during phone calls. Very frustrating. I really like my new phone. It's gold! I never had a gold phone before!

Wishing everyone a peaceful and pleasant Sunday.


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Oh noooooo! Can you Google it and see? I guess what I would do is flood with water over and over again. But I'm off to google now myself because I'm curious.

I'm having a lazy, late start to my Sunday. Difficult grandson was out at a "Kid's Night Out" thing last night. It runs from 6-10 at the local gymnastics place. Even six months ago, we would never have even considered that he would be successful at going to something like this on his own, behaving appropriately, etc. And he did it. We thought the place would be calling us by 8 to come get him, or he would be requesting to come home. But nope, got him at 10, he was excited, happy, and proud of himself. He then read his new book until after midnight, then slept in until almost 10 this morning.

Hubster and I got invited to a Giants game this afternoon, so we're off to that. It will be cold and windy but we do love our baseball and it is San Francisco, so what are you gonna do? Dress like winter in Minnesota and hope for the best.
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Was up early for church and then husband and I went to see Money Monster. The movie was really good!

Then we headed to the grocery store to check off another thing on the to do list.

In a bit a friend is dropping off a drum set for difficult child. I must be crazy for saying yes! I think it might be hard to get my nap in today

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Oh noooooo! Can you Google it and see? I guess what I would do is flood with water over and over again. But I'm off to google now myself because I'm curious.

At first, I began hosing things down. But the weed and feed is in dry form. So I stopped doing that. I had dug the Weed & Feed into the dirt around my poor clematis. So, I took her dirt out from around her roots and replaced it with fresh potting soil.

I think she will be fine. I am not so sure about the hostas or the lilies or bleeding hearts. The Weed and Feed is for lawns, and is formulated to kill dandelions.



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I wish good thoughts for everyone's plants. Out here, if you can't garden because you live in an apartment or have too small a yard, they have cool small plots you can rent for $10.00 a season. It's a really cool idea and very utilized.

Today Jumper came over. She's still here. We're going to order out. Tried to go target shooting outdoors, but it was too hot. So we're home, cooling off. Jumper and I are watching one of our jail shows...I love police/jail real time and so does she. Hubby is tweaking the truck outside. Lazy, peaceful day. Only drama is on television :)

Until tomorrow...have a glorious day!!!