Good Wednesday Morning

pigless in VA

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Bingo is pacing. I guess he wants to get an early start on squirrel patrol.

Yes, Nomad, I typically have the same schedule every week unless something odd happens. Sometimes we aides have to swap jobs depending upon behaviors. Yesterday, I had to read a standardized test to a boy. I'm glad that I got the assignment, because I chose to not fuss at him for his strange behaviors during the test. I wanted him to focus on the material. Normally, we have to continually talk to him about sitting in the chair correctly and a host of other gross things that he does. He actually worked pretty well for me. He has a fear of apples, and I took a cue from WordNerd. Every time the word apple appeared in the test I called it "the fruit that must not be named." You would be surprised how many times "apples" appear in schoolwork.

We have a lot of difficulty with disrespectful teens at our school. That's a topic for another day.

On Sunday, I pulled a three stooge maneuver and poked my eye with a stick. It hurt pretty badly yesterday, so I went to the doctor. He gave me some antibiotic eyedrops and ointment. It already feels better today.

Today is going to be a rough one. We have a half-day of school, AND we are doing more standardized testing all day. I need my rhino suit for this one, for sure!

so ready to live

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Hi Pigless- wish I had a mole-hunting dog. We have lots of moles! It smells like rain this am. and I'm sitting in my favorite spot listening to the rooster crow. Why does he tell me over and over that they're up? Guess I'll just walk out to let them out out to forage-rain brings worms. Yum. I'm set on enjoying the day today and counting my blessings! There are many.

Scent of Cedar *

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Good Morning, Everybody!

Pigless, is there a story behind how you chose your name?

Another sunny, breezy day forecast for us here. I wonder how our Houston-area members are coming through the rain and flooding there.

Demolition on the house next store was finished yesterday. They loaded the backhoe this morning. I am so happy about that. Yesterday was thundering breaking up of concrete and screeching machinery. When the backhoe poured the broken concrete into the bin? It made a tinkling kind of a sound, like breaking glass.

No matter how I tried to stay positive about it? The noise was just awful. Each time the machinery came down to pound through the foundation, our house shivered, too.

I could never be a backhoe operator.



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Hi all. A cooler day and I have to work in the afternoon. Think I'll jog this morning and walk the dogs. Hopefully, a quiet day.

Have a great one!


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Good Morning everyone! I am at work and, once again, parked illegally. The best (free) legal spot for me is 4 blocks away! There are times you just don't have time to walk that far (after doing how ever many flights of stairs there are in the garage) and still get to work by 8 a.m. Will have to go move my car in an hour - those tickets get pricey!

He has a fear of apples, and I took a cue from WordNerd. Every time the word apple appeared in the test I called it "the fruit that must not be named."

#1 - Brilliant!

#2 - Apples? Do you know why? What an odd thing to be afraid of.
Of course, I know a woman who's afraid of cotton balls.

It takes all kinds, huh?

I'm sitting in my favorite spot listening to the rooster crow.

I want chickens!!!

But then I'd live farther from work and be even later. :(

Well all, I must prepare to actually work every day.

I need a vacation.

Our weather today:


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Limp. Pick up glass - ouch. Put foot up, ouch. Put foot down, ouch. Take pain killer - slightly less ouch. (Sorry to whine. Don't ask - I'm not going to tell.)

Tradespeople coming today to do fixes...

It's going to be a very long day.


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'Mornin' folks.

Beautiful day here. Nothing like Sunday when it nearly hit 80 and I had to turn on the AC for a little bit, but it's in the low 50s and partly cloudy.

Birds are back, which is nice. They are providing lots of "enrichment" for the cats, though I do worry about Thomas, who keeps pouncing face first into the patio sliders after birds, squirrels, and chipmunks.

The soil hasn't gotten warm enough yet for the dandelions to come up, and i haven't seen any bees yet, though have seen various types of flies.

I just got done reading an article about a study done that shows that benadryl and benzos greatly increase one's chances of developing dementia (actually, any anti-cholinergic drug). Given that I live on benadryl for part of the year, and am on benzos. That didn't amuse me.


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Good morning, ladies.

I started walking again today. Last year, I managed to lose 30 pounds...and in September, injuries and chronic pain took over, so I'm moving carefully and not doing too much at once.

Nothing exciting going on today - I'm working on my online courses and boxing stuff for the "shredding party" our financial planner holds each year. They feed you breakfast and shred your documents. Pretty good deal, since our shredder stopped working a while ago.

The dog is sleeping, the cats are pacing, but no fightings yet this morning.


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Hi ladies. Well rumor had it that today was to be senior ditch day. They already had a ditch day back in October, but seeing at today is 4/20 and the seniors have usually picked this date in the past to ditch, we all thought they had another one planned. Thank goodness it was just a rumor! Today the absence rates were about normal. I am relieved. We have around 300 seniors, and that would have meant hundreds of phone calls.

Other than that, things are pretty normal around here. We are enjoying a nice heat wave in Southern California, yet I am wearing long sleeves. Any time it reaches above 70 degrees over here, they feel the need to blast the air conditioning at work leaving most of us freezing in the office. A couple of ladies have bought their own personal heaters to have at their desk. I am thinking of investing in one. Anyway, things are winding down and I'm preparing to go home. All day long I have been thinking it was Thursday for some reason. I am so disappointed that it's only Wednesday. Come on Friday, hurry up and get here!