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Yup, we made it through the week & a long holiday weekend looms in front of us. husband & I are hanging around town this weekend; some school shopping for kt is on the agenda, a visit with wm for husband & kt is planning on cooking dinner this coming Sunday.

Yes, my sister & her husband are planning a camping trip on the Mississippi south of here. Sister is planning on driving up here & visiting :smile:; possibly spending the night. I'm so excited - having seen most of my family since Father's Day weekend.

Yesterday was a busy day - good things though. Hired a new PCA to take over for one that has too many classes & cannot find the time to work part time this quarter. kt also "interviews" with her questions & totally charms these young women.

Opthomologist is still giving my eye the all clear. See him again next week & weekly until the neuro has "closed" that side of this illness.

kt's in home therapist is coming in today; I have a taste for blueberry muffins - believe I will get off here & bake those before the heat of the day comes. I hate baking when it's hot.

Not much else going on here in wonder land. Alice is going to be napping on & off most of today.

Enjoy your Friday - it's free choice! :smile:


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G'day, Linda.

Sounds like you are going to be busy with all the family visiting. I'm glad they're still happy with your eye. Good news.

Niece flew home today, very happy at finally qualifying as a dance teacher. Life is quietening down a little. It was a lovely sunny day today, while cleaning & cooking I also picked some spring flowers and put them in my tiny vases on my kitchen sink.

I got another antibiotic shot last night, I'm hoping this one finally works. No reason why it should, though, when the previous four or five have not. Still, here's hoping... not sure what we'll do if this isn't working.

After cooking & cleaning I went to lie on the deck for a little while, in my swimsuit. I just want to colour up a little before the fierce summer hits. Then when mother in law wanted to see the doctor later on (wonder of wonders, we had a locum today, but no more doctor for another two weeks) so I drove her, difficult child 3 & myself down there and we went to the beach afterwards. difficult child 3 had a bit of a splash - he's still not permitted to get his head wet, the wound is still healing - while mother in law & I sat on the sand and watched the sea. A small group of children were making dribble sand castles on the shore, and playing with pippies (watching them bury themselves back into the wet sand).

Tomorrow will be a little cooler, but the sunshine is continuing indefinitely.

I was told about a possible meeting next week to try to lobby for a new doctor in the village. With an election looming, we have some leverage we can apply. There are too many people who need medical care within reach and who either can't drive or are no longer permitted to. Wish us luck!



Good Friday morning

Linda blueberry muffins sound so good today. Hope your sister is able to make the visit.

Marg - Have you tried an antibiotic IV? When a course of antibiotics (or several) have not worked for me, the doctors have had me go for IV antibiotics. ususally three days in a row. That has always worked. Hopefully you will have a doctor in the village.

I have a dr. appointment. after work to check the infection in my foot. Still painful to wear shoes and walk, but the redness seems to have gotten better. No longer edging up my leg.

I am not looking forward to this holiday weekend. Well, I work the entire weekend, but it symbolizes the end of summer, the beginning of school...and that thought alone gives me panic attacks.

Everyone have a great holiday weekend.

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Good Morning,

Linda-Sounds like a nice weekend planned. If I leave now will there still be warm blueberry muffins when I get there? Yummmm

Marguerite-As you are beginning to get some color I'm beginning to lose mine! I'm a bit jealous! I hope this shot does the trick@

Kjs-I hope your foot is better soon.

Today is our first official teacher day back. That means meetings all morning long and then work time in my room. I tried being good last night and going to bed early but it didn't work. husband and I were both up til 1:00 so I do think I will sorely be missing my nap today. I'll probably try to squeeze one in after work before the health club.

I don't think I'm quite ready to be back to work yet-oh well not much choice.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day-hi to anyone who snuck in!



Linda - must besomething in the air I have been wanting to make bluebery muffins for a couple of days now. Just don't have the stuff at the moment. Hope they turn out good.

Marg - glad you got to sit at the beach. I got a lot of color early in summe here and mine is also starting to fade. Hope the antibiotics do the trick this time.

Kjs - hope your appointment goes well.

Sharon - Getting back into a schedule is always hard. Hope your meetings go well.

I have to go to work then thinking of hitting the Y on the way home. Nothing to hefty as back and hip finally quit hurting for the most part. Then when I get home have to get on the phone to try and get the ball rolling on some resolution with the situation at GFG2s Residential Treatment Center (RTC).

Hello to anyone that snuck in.



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Good morning everyone. A little slower going this morning. difficult child got cut in his tryouts last night and is really bummed about it. He starts the whole darn process again tomorrow for the next level. Great way end the summer in start of school, ugg. I'm pretty bummed because for most of his tryout days, I will be busy with easy child and her riding which has been an issue in itself. This has been a difficult couple of weeks for us here and we have a few more to go before all will settle down. I know it will settle down but it's difficult to keep the chin up in the process.

I would love to get caught up with the house today but we'll see what happens. easy child has her final competition before leaving for championships tomorrow so tonight is getting her pony ready.

I see the light at the end of this tunnel but it seems so far away.

Have a great Friday everyone. It's the long weekend :smile:


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:princess: Happy Free Choice Friday Linda, Marg, Kjs, Sharon, MrsCat and all to follow :princess:

Linda, I love blueberry muffins - I'll bring the coffee and be over soon :coffee:

Marg, I am always amazed with your change of seasons - you go from winter to bathing suits! :beach:

Kjs, I missed your previous info on your foot - hope you get that taken care of - nothing worse than foot pain. I'm with you on the panic the thought of school brings :teacher:

Sharon, sorry that your return to work came so quickly - if I know you, you will be sqeezing that nap in this afternoon :dance:

Mrscat, glad the back and hip pain is over. Enjoy your friday :thumb:

My cleaning crew comes this morning. I'm happy that I don't have to worry about housework heading into this last weekend of summer. easy child will be heading to the river this morning until Sunday. difficult child and I have plans - we have four netflix movies we rented just for this weekend, we are playing in the hot tub, and going on a bike ride. He got a new bike for his birthday and has been bugging me to go riding with him. I told him to wait until the hot weather breaks. It has cooled a little so I told him we would go today. Sunday I have some friends coming for a cookout and margaritas. We are planning on enjoying this last weekend of summer!

The kids and I sat down in the dining room last night, where we had put all the new school supplies. We talked about our summer and upcoming school year. We did have a great summer, three trips to the beach, two trips to family up north, a new excercise routine for easy child and me, no difficult child issues, no easy child issues, a new hot tub, staying up late and sleeping in!!!!!

difficult child did ask for a later bedtime, he presented his request clearly "since I'm older now and going to middle school, can I have a later bedtime?" So I agreed, but did tell him that he was also going to school an hour earlier so we did have to have a few trials. He's actually kinda excited about going to middle school and easy child is always excited to get back to her friends :geek:

Wishing everyone a great Labor Day weekend. I hope your weekend is relaxing :salute:

Good Morning Everyone :coffee:,


I'm glad you're going to get a chance to see your sister. What is on the menu for Sunday??? Feel free to send kt my way!!! I'de love someone to do some of the cooking around here!!!


I've got my fingers crossed that the antibiotic shot works this time!!! I'm glad you got a little R&R on the beach...Its going to get cold around here soon - I'm DEFINITELY NOT ready for winter!!!


I'm glad the infection in your foot is a bit better. I hope that this weekend isn't as bad as you're anticipating... I hope you get a bit of "me" time!!!


I hope your official first day back to work goes well!!! I hope you get a chance for a nap. As usual, I'm glad you're going to the health club!!! Way To Go!!! :smile:


I'm glad your back and hip are feeling better. I hope you make it to the Y today!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! :smile:!!! I agree - you need to be careful and not do anything too strenuous!!!


Sorry to hear that difficult child got cut!!! I hope things go well for him
tomorrow!!! I hope easy child does well in her final competition!!! You are so BUSY!!! It sounds like you need a bit of "me" time!!! I hope you're able to squeeze some in...


I LOVE reading happy posts!!! As usual, you're so BUSY!!! Enjoy the bike ride!!! I'de love to come along!!!

Well, today difficult child 2 is off to a bad start... I think I'm going to try to keep things as stress free as possible and put off some of the errands I need to run... I'll get to them over the weekend when husband will be home.

My favorite sanity saver is having her monthly day of beauty. She "plays" in doggie daycare for half the day. Then she has her bath. There is nothing like a nice clean, fresh smelling dog!!! I hope she manages to stay clean for more than one day...

Tonight husband is watching the kids. I'm going to get my hair cut and highlighted. I can't wait to break out of here for awhile!!!

Hi to anyone who snuck in...

I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... :flower: WFEN :flower: :flower: