Good Morning Thursday! Wishing Everyone a Great Day!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Rabbit, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Rabbit

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    Good Morning Thursday! Wishing Everyone a Great Day! I have errands and appointments all day long! All 3 difficult children will be attending School in the fall!
    Yay! Sending Hugs Rabbit
  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    Rabbit-Good to see you on the morning thread! Have a great day:)

    Looks like a rainy and cool day ahead. I'm hoping it's not too bad because difficult child has camp today and tonight is his sleepover. They stay in tents. The weather person said we'll be lucky to hit 70 today. I'm guessing we'll end up having to reschedule our appointment with the insurance adjuster this morning. I really want to find out if they are going to replace our roof from the hail storm earlier this month. If it's raining I'm guessing they won't want to be climbing on the roof!

    Not exactly sure what's on our agenda today. I'd like to make it to the health club. husband has a meeting that's at least an hour away and wants easy child and me to ride along. He could drop us at a mall, not sure what we're going to do. We are also planning on getting to the health club at some point today and as it's summer, a nap is mandatory at some point!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks

    Rabbit, enjoy your busy day. I hope you have dinner planned already.

    Sharon/WO, I hope the weather is OK for the kids under canvas. I hope the insurance people turn up even if it rains - after all, that's when your roof is more likely to leak! YOU still have to put up with your damaged roof when it's raining, so why should they get out of having to inspect it then? fair's fair...

    I had a busy day. husband left early because he was drivingMIL to the airport for the sunrise run. She flew business class and apparently they spoiled her rotten on the airline - she said she arrived even more relacxed than when she flew out. I had been worried about her because she is 85 and frail.

    Then for me - the cleaning day (I work alongside my cleaner, whose bipolar seemed more out of control than usual, his moods were cycling radically). After he left I loaded up the car with the hevy-duty mulcher, the pole saw, a large plastic bucket, some empty feed sacks, the long-handled secoteurs and the ratchet secoteurs. My friend needed help removing a tree.

    We got stuck into it although I still can't do a lot, my rib is still sore. I made te mistake of turning on the mulcher without first removing the garden stake that husband uses to poke the greenery in. The mulcher ate it faster than T could hit the shut-off switch! My friend, who had been wondering if my shredder could do the job, was suitably impressed.

    It took us most of the afternoon, with difficult child 3 turning up to help (and complain about me being in his way, he was feeding sticks in one by one where we'd been shovelling entire branches in). It's a GOOD mulcher - all we had to do was poke the end of a branch in, and it would grab and drag the rest of the branch in, metre after metre of it, some half as thick as your arm. It was a 3 metre high weed tree loaded with ripening seed pods. Underneath are a lot of metre high saplings which were too well established to pull up, she will have to poison them.

    But just before sunset she was sawing at the last of the tree and saying, asshe looked at my mulcher, "I can't believe it ate the whole thing!"

    We bagged the shredded tree up and I took it home to the chooks and the compost bins.

    My muscles are aching, I've got bruises from branches whipping around and lashing me, I needed a soak in a hot bath. difficult child 3 mentioned a few nights ago that with these cold nights he would [prefer a bath to a shower, so I ran a hot bath so I could soak then send the son in. It did wonders! We haven't used the bathtub since easy child 2/difficult child 2 moved out, so it was dusty and a bit cobwebby. I used the time while the bath filled to clean the bathtub first, then the bathroom walls. After my bath (while I was drying off) I opened up a new bathroom sponge packet and shammied down the mirrors. It's the easiest way to clean a bathtub - when you're in it. Similarly, wiping down steamed up mirrors makes it easiest to clean them.

    JOb is done now, my muscles warmed up and hopefully I'll have more luck persuading difficult child 3 to get to bed at a decent hour.

    Well, I can hope...

    Tomorrow we have nothing planned (other than schoolwork followed by a tennis game afterwards).

    Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.

  4. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Rabbit ~ long time no see.

    Sharon, hope the insurance adjuster gets out ther sooner rather than later.

    Marg, I love throwing thing in mulchers ~ haven't had much practice at taking down trees though. Can hardly handle a camp axe. Take care of your body today.

    The construction crew left Tuesday ~ the kitchen is complete. I should have the "official" remodel CD soon - this time I'm going to add a couple of the entire room though.

    Now because the kitchen original flooring looks so good in less than 2 weeks my living/dining room will be done (about $500 + 200 for painting) & then my home will be complete. The upstairs needs a complete repaint & my sibs promised a weekend paint party for upstairs. Cool.

    I have golf today & I need to go out & find a wind breaker/rain coat for golf. I lost mine a few years ago & haven't needed to replace it. I have a tournament on the 21st of this month as well.

    Have a good day friends ~ hope it's calm & your difficult children are at the very least cooperative.
  5. Andy

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    Rabbit - Have a great day! Hope all your errands go well.

    Wiped Out - Stay warm today! Window shopping at a mall sounds good to me!

    Marge - Mulchers are so much fun for kids to watch. I can totally understand how difficult child 3 was enjoying the single branch feeding of it. I can also understand why you needed a quicker pace with multi loads into it at the same time. Take care of that rib - it will take time to completely heal.

    Timer - You home is going to be awesome. I am glad the siblings will help with a paint party.

    Yesterday we put a claim on a Caliber for Diva. No one in our state has been approved for the Cash for Clunkers program yet. The government I think is having cold feet about even offering this and is looking for loop holes to deny applications. We pass this loop hole but many are being denied simply because within the past hundred years they have made a late payment on the tabs. Grace period is not allowed in this judgement - If you are past the due date, you are late and who cares if the grace period was given or not, you are out of the program. We were told the end of next week we will be approved or denied. I so hope it goes through. It will be comforting to know that Diva is driving a reliable vehicle and we can stop pouring money into continuely fixing the jeep. If it wasn't for her mechanical friends, we would be so in trouble paying for someone to fix it every month.

    Our neighbor is taking difficult child and the other neighbor boy on a tour of the 7th grade building this afternoon. She works at the school so we get this private tour before Right Start in two weeks.

    Tonight my ladies group at church is cleaning the church kitchen so I will go help with that.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.