Good Morning Thursday


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It's February already! Yikes!

husband woke me early this morning - his phone alarm was telling him that we had a specialist appointment, and for once I didn't have my own record of it. A 9 am appointment and we didn't get in to the doctor until 10.30. All I needed! Plus it means that husband is catching the boat home tonight, I'm about to go and collect him from the wharf.

difficult child 3 is already beginning to fall behind in schoolwork, although he's been working hard this week. He's resigned to spending Saturday doing schoolwork. I'm hoping to get him to do some more work tonight to cut down on how much he has to do. He is so dead against homework, but he is going to have to begin at some stage. The problem is, the times when he would be doing homework, his medications are worn off. if this keeps up I'll have to talk to his teachers about cutting his workload. And the school year is less than a week old already!

We've still got 'rain' of sorts. It's not so much rain, it's more 99% humidity, occasionally condensing. The ground is dry but any washing is damp. Nothing can dry in this humidity. So the plants are wilting and need watering, despite the 'rain'.

In this heat we don't mind any rain. We'd welcome it. It doesn't stop us doing what we normally do, although the beach is less pleasant when the sand sticks to you because the top layer is damp. But the air is oppressive and the sky is full of looming low clouds with nothing much productive to do.

We know winter will be much drier. Not looking forward to it. I was window-shopping for rainwater tanks after the doctor appointment - the government subsidy is attractive. After the election it could be even more attractive because both parties are likely to promise an increase. We're running out of places next to the house for any more tanks - we may need to get the free-standing sculptural ones (Waterwall). And it made me wonder - what if a company was set up call itself Oasis, and selling its tanks called Wonderwall? Would there be copyright issues? It certainly sounds like it'd sell, but I wouldn't like having to negotiate with Liam Gallagher for the rights to the name...

Enjoy your Thursday, everyone. We're past the halfway mar for the week, and now well into 2007.



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Good morning Marg! Feels good to see your morning post this morning. I have missed it. Funny to hear you talk about heat I sit in below freezing chilliness here in Georgia. I wish we had some heat around here. :wink:

Been a long night at the Hex household. difficult child 2 was at the ER last night. Picked up a bug & I didn't even know it. He was fine one minute, running a fever and shaking unexplainably the next. doctor said he's probably been fighting it off the last few days as his body became more and more dehydrated. We didn't see symptoms until his body started shutting down from dehydration like a car running out of gas. Scary stuff, but he's doing fine now - sleeping comfortably on the couch.

I, on the other hand, have to get my rear in gear for work shortly. I have install guys coming to the office first thing this morning to lay the phone lines so they can port my numbers to the new phone company. Yippie yippie! Glad I had the couch delivered over the weekend for the back office. Me thinks I'll be napping while the guys do their thing. lol.

Have a great morning everyone! It's good to be "home" again, now that things have started slowing down around here. :smile:


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Good Morning Marguerite, sorry to hear the rain hasn't come to you yet. I know the 99% humidity feel. It's clammy and uncomfortable. I admit it, I hide in the a/c.
We were surprised with a 30 min snow. :smile: Yesterday morning. It was pretty to watch. It melted as soon as it hit the ground but we enjoyed it. Seems we are in for an arctic blast. * Definitely gloves and winter coat weather.

difficult child and I spent some time together in the afternoon. I'm trying to just enjoy his company a bit. He has an interview today with a temp. to hire agency. Keep your fingers crossed.

Hard to believe Jan. is over already. It's been a productive month and I'm ready to get into Feb. Today is my annual physical. I am the worst patient. The Dr. is smart enough to not refill my synthroid prescription if it's over a year. Forces me to come in. Ugh. No coffee or anything until the visit. :smile: It will be a long morning.

Hope your day is productive and meltdown free.

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Good Morning,

Marguerite-I hope you get your rain. I'm sorry difficult child is falling behind. I think it has to be hard to do the work once medications have worn off.

Hexamus-Good to see you! I'm glad difficult child is feeling better. Dehydration is scary and wipes you out. Due to my Addison's I've been dehydrated often and it is no fun!

Fran-Glad you got some snow. I hate to admit it but it is pretty-I'm just tired of it already (and we've only had it for a few weeks). Mostly I'm tired of the cold * *. Keeping a good thought for difficult child's interview. Good luck with your physical-I get one every year although my doctor does refill my prescriptions even if it's over a year. Treat yourself to something nice when you're done!

As I updated yesterday in my post difficult child had a much better day yesterday which in turn made for a very pleasant evening. It's been a long time since he had such a great day.

Today I take him back to the nuerologist for more testing. They had a cancellation while we were there yesterday which is why we got in again so quickly although it will mean I miss another morning of work.

difficult child has wrestling tonight but I think husband is taking him-hopefully I'll squeeze in another workout.

Enjoy the day and stay warm *Hi to anyone who snuck in. :smile:


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Good Morning Everyone!

difficult child and i had a real heart to heart about him playing football in Aug., it's hard to let go as this is a very jock town we leave in and football is the sport to play. But as i told him i have never made you play a sport and i don't want to start now. But looking at the weight thses kids can be in his league, 13 year olds 80-110 lbs. and 10-12 year olds 80-130. He decided to call it quits as he is having enought time trying to make it to 75 lbs. He goes it's ok i'll just play soccer both seasons again, and you know i am one of the best scorers in the league, ugh what do you say to that. So his guitar hero game is due to arrive today and he is so excited i know what we'll be doing tonight!


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* Good Morning All *

It's a tad chilly here this morning!

Marg, hopefully difficult child is just adjusting to being back in school and will catch up and get used to that homework soon. Wishing you a great day - thanks for your words about the low dose of ad in your difficult child 1 on my other post - I think that is where my difficult child is as well.

Hex, well Howdy!!!! Haven't seen you around in awhile. Hope things are gonig well with you and the kids. Hope difficult child 2 recovers quickly and you get your nap!

Fran, :smile: lucky you! Here's wishing all goes well for your doctor appointment. I think it's important for us to just "spend time" with the difficult children in our lives rather than scolding, teaching, SCREAMING :blush:. It's how we build.

Sharon, glad difficult child had a better day yesterday - it will be even better today :smile:.

Jen, glad difficult child has accepted his limitations - it's a tough thing to do for all of us - even those of us who consider ourselves easy child!

Well, they have been calling for snow today for about 5 days. The grocery stores had a run on bread and milk, the hardware stores on shovels and salt. What are we getting? About 1 inch of snow over the course of the day. What else is going on? Many of the local schools (not ours) have already decided to close or close early and there is no snow percipitation yet :rofl: !!!!

So, I may get some of the white stuff I love, but I won't be able to build one of these :smile:

Have a great Thursday!

Good Morning Everyone!

I'm in a RUSH again. I just want to wish everyone a melt-down free, day!!!
I have enough time to gulp :smile: one more cup and then I have to RUN...

I just couldn't get started if I didn't come here first. Have a great day. WFEN


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Good Morning Marg, Hex, Fran, Sharon, Jen, Sharon, Wishing and all to follow...

Haven't been around in awhile. Been very busy and things with difficult child are relatively the same.. but I am trying so hard to stay out of it that it seem's I have gotten myself so busy that time for me is scarce... :confused: Think I may be a little Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).. :blush:

Marg, hope difficult child 3 gets some of his work done so the load isn't as heavy this weekend.

Hex, I'm glad difficult child 2 is doing ok now. Nothing scarier than a sick kid when you don't know what it is. :shocked:

Fran, I will keep my fingers crossed for difficult child and the job today. It is nice when we can spend "nice" time with them. I would be "very crabby" without my HMJ in the morning /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gif but good luck at the doctor. :grin:

Sharon, Glad difficult child had a better day...hugs to you.

Jen, Good luck with difficult child. It is never easy. :frown:

Sharon, It tickles me how some states who usually don't get snow react when they do. :grin: But I understand it. Coming from the NORTH. :grin:

Wishing...have a good day.

Well, I don't get to wear my Cookie Monster Slippers as much as I used too but I still have Oreo's for breakfast and I'm headed into the kitchen to get a few and another cup of :smile:.

Praying for a peaceful day for all... :smile:



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Good morning!
Marg- I hate it when I forget to write something down. I hope difficult child 3 catches up on the school work.
Hex- I'm glad to hear difficult child 2 is on the mend. Stay warm!
Fran- I hear you about being the worst patient, I've developed an affinity for putting off my own appointments since dragging Duckie from Doctor to Doctor. I just can't stand it!!!
Sharon- Stay warm and enjoy your workout. I'm glad difficult child had a better day.
Jen- It sounds like he thought through his football decision and has found something else to fill the time. That's pretty good for a teen-aged difficult child.
Sharon- I wish I could send you some snow, we've probably had a little over a foot since last weekend.
WFEN- I hope you enjoy your busy morning and the coffee!
Robby- Good to see you this morning, it sounds like things are calming down into a bit of normal for you. by the way, I thought of you over the weekend while eating an Oreo mint double stuff!
I have no idea how today will be, I decided to keep Duckie home. She's been getting a few minor hives this week, but she just doesn't look right and has a bit of a tummy ache. So I'll keep her home. Wish me luck!
Have a great day! :smile: Hi to anyone that snuck in.

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Good morning friends,

I really slept in this morning, even though I had the alarm set. I don't remember it going off - must have turned it off (rather slammed it) because it was sitting on the floor when I woke up. Good thing I don't have any appointments this morning.

I do have an appointment with wm & attachment therapist this afternoon. Right after that is piano lessons.

Sorry I'm not addressing each of you this morning - not thinking straight.

Keep your loved ones close in your heart today. Have a good day - I plan on it.