Good Morning Thursday

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  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    I was MIA yesterday, we had a very full day.

    Treatment first, then from there husband & I drove in to the city. He stopped off at work to collect a delivery, then we drove into the city and miraculously found a parking spot behind NSW Parliament House. We had two hours to kill before the show, so we wandered slowly towards Sydney Opera House. It began to rain, and we'd left the umbrella in the car. Oh well, we got under cover for the last half km or so and strolled past the (mostly expensive) restaurant strip. We'd planned to have an early lunch and finally went to Guylian - definitely hot chocolate weather! Forgetting diets, we indulged and took our time, at an inside window overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge. While we were there a stream of customers came in for takeaway coffee and chocolate. One customer caught my eye - we were there to go see "Waiting for Godot" with Sir Ian McKellen and Roger Rees and I was certain this customer was Roger Rees, getting his coffee and sandwich to have his lunch while in make-up. And it was! No, we didn't ask for an autograph or talk to him or anything.

    The play was wonderful. I loved it, husband enjoyed the performance but was struggling to stay awake, he has been so tired. And it is a play that requires some concentration. The actors were marvellous, the whole thing - wonderful.

    We came out to a Sydney drenched with a soaking drizzle. husband headed back to the car faster (I'm slow) and I had to hurry, feeling very tired. husband drove home, then I had to get ready to go to choir practice.

    Towards the end of choir my chest pain returned. Now, we know it's not likely to be heart, not with a stress test a week ago. But I was under instruction to call the ambulance. So I cut choir short, called husband discreetly and headed home (I get a lift). Called 000, explained the situation to them, said it was probably a spasm in the oesophagus because I'm having radiation treatment. husband walked in the door, said our ambo neighbour was home on call. I told the operator who didn't seem to understand. Oh, well.

    Ten minutes later the neighbour knocks on the door. Thank goodness he had been called, otherwise we'd have had an hour to wait. Another local ambo turned up with the ECG machine, they put the leads on me and at last I had an ECG while having an episode of tis. And it was normal (as I had expected, so maybe the doctors will stop panicking now).

    So when I saw my oncologist at the hospital today, he confirmed that yes, this seems to nail the diagnosis in place. It is going to keep happening, maybe worse, for a few weeks. If it doesn't ease off, I have to go see my gastroenterologist.

    We also think the extra walking and exertion could be a factor. When I look back to when it's happened, it's been a few hours after I've been fairly active. Not hugely active, but simply not lying down and resting.

    So I'm going to try to take things even more quietly, which will be tricky this weekend.

    However, I've been lying down since we got home, although I'm now about to head off to mother in law's to help her cook dinner. husband's niece has just arrived, they should be just about back from the airport any minute now. I hope the girl can cope with a much more frail Grandma than last time she was here!

    So enjoy your Thursday, everyone. I get three days off from treatment now, which I intend to thoroughly enjoy!

  2. KTMom91

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    The play sounds wonderful, Marg. Enjoy your three days off!

    I'm still up, can't seem to settle enough to get to sleep. I'd planned to get a lot done this summer, but I'm not off to a great start. With my carpal tunnel acting up, I have to corral either Hubby or Miss KT to get things done that I can't do, and Hubby's been up till all hours for the past two weeks working on a project for school. Though Miss KT has been fairly cooperative, there are some things I just want done a certain way, like all scraps of cookie dough off the mixing bowl before it's put away in the cupboard. Is that unreasonable?

    Wishing everyone a most excellent Thursday!
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :sunny::sweating: Good Thursday Morning :sweating::sunny:

    Good Morning All - another extraordinarily hot and hazy southern day today - we will probably go over 100 degrees today - who which haven't done in a couple years!

    Marg, many times we, especially woman, don't listen to the signs our body gives us. We are so busy with "life" and doing for others and being in charge and..........Your body is staying, "chill". The world won't end if you don't cook dinner or hang the laundry. husband and difficult child 3 need to step in and do. Please take care of yourself and take it easy. I'm glad you have a few days with no treatment - put your feet up and rest.

    KTM, hope you are fast asleep as I type this! And no, I don't think it's too much to ask that things are clean before being put away! I can remember growing up I had a favorite Great Aunt who always insisted on doing the dishes whenever she came for a diner party or dinner at our house. Mom would just smile and accept her help and when Aunt M left, Mom would rewash everything!

    Fortunately I'm mostly inside today - office most of it and then grocer. The heat index starts at 11 so I'm off to water the plants and then will head to the office early. The earlier I return to my nice cool house, the better!

    Stay cool and enjoy your day :peaceful:

  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    Marg-Sounds like a wonderful dinner and play. I'm glad you will take it even easier this weekend.

    KTmom-Like Sharon I hope you are fast asleep by the time you are reading this! Definitely not unreasonable to want a dish cleaned before it is put away!

    Sharon-Wow-your heat is amazing! We're only going to get to around 80 today. Think snow today!:snowing:

    We decided not to send difficult child to the overnight camp today which means he will be home the next two days. husband feels we would have been setting him up for failure since it was a no swimming and all hiking trip-difficult child gets winded very easily as he is very out of shape. The campground this week is over 3 hours away and we didn't want to have to go get him if he was acting up.

    With difficult child home we have decided to take the kids to see Toy Story 3 today-should be fun.

    Other than that and a nap I have no plans for the day. I'm taking a day off from workouts-I've worked out the last 7 days and my body needs a rest.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  5. hearts and roses

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    Marg, enjoy your 3 days off and rest, rest, rest!

    KTM, you're singing my song. Every morning I get up and have to so some sort of tidying up after H. He's up first and makes the coffee, etc. This AM when he returned from his dog walk, he never cleaned off their feet and bellies so there was sand everywhere...sweep, wipe the counter of his toast crumbs. Ugh. And in the evening, it's the same old story. on the other hand, once the 10 minutes of clean up are over, my house is neat and tidy again.

    Sharon, We don't have such high heat, but the humidity is stifling! Stay cool!

    Sharon, I so want to see Toy Story 3!!! I think I may have to go by myself because no one else wants to go with me!

    I'm another on who will be in a cool (cold, actually) office all day. I took yesterday off as a mental health day from work. No can do today, though I'm already feeling like I want to get out of here; need to change my mindset! difficult child will be following up on jobs she's applied for - keeping my fingers crossed that something comes through for her; I can feel/see her beginning a spiral down which is seasonal, yet compounded by the lack of income. easy child is coming home from her vaca this evening - I have to say, I wish she stayed away longer. Love her, but she's been such a pita lately.

    Everyone, stay cool and enjoy your day!
  6. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    I was almost finished typing when I must have hit a wrong button and my post is now floating somewhere in "cyberspace", lol... Anyway, I'm going to try again...

    Marg, I'm glad you enjoyed lunch and the play:D. I'm sorry you had to experience that chest pain again. I totally agree with what LDM said about your body trying to tell you to "chill." Please take it easy, get lots of rest this weekend!!!

    KTMOM, Sorry about the carpal tunnel - I know it can be really painful! And, no, it isn't unreasonable to expect your daughter to put away the mixing bowl without cookie dough on it! I also need more help around the house then usual and I understand how frustrating it can be when chores are only partially done.

    Sharon (LDM), Hope work goes quickly and smoothly and you're able to stay cool. What's on the menu for dinner tonight? I'm sure it's going to be delicious!!! What time should I arrive, lol...

    Sharon (WO), Enjoy Toy Story 3. difficult child 1 wants to take difficult child 2 to see it. Hope your day is a peaceful, relaxing one!

    hearts&roses, If you want, you can see Toy Story 3 with my difficult children, lol...!!! Anyway, I hope you find someone to go with you. Hope difficult child gets a job ASAP!!! Hope easy child is less of a PITA when she returns!!!

    I had lots planned today but have to take it easy because of my foot. I spoke too soon when I said I was doing better. It's now more swollen and very painful. I have a few errands that have to get done. Other than that, I plan on taking it easy at home.

    I hope everyone has at least one reason to smile today! SFR
  7. Marguerite

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    I just needed to confirm for you guys - husband is doing a lot, but there are some things he can't do for me. For example, I have a local business appointment today (Friday). But he let me sleep in this morning (although I woke early; I did get back to sleep after an hour) and when I emerged and headed to the kitchen I found him cleaning out the fridge. I just put a load of washing on, but it is always someone else who hangs it out. While he is home, it's husband. I get home help (although my cancer treatment has clashed with our usual times) and the home help person hangs out the washing for me and does the vacuuming.

    I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon and another commitment with husband on Sunday, although with Sunday's, if I get tired I can go sleep in the (very comfortable) car. So I should manage. Today's meeting should be fairly quick, a couple of hours total and five minutes from home.

    difficult child 3 helping - that is more difficult. Emotional blackmail doesn't work on him, we just have to stick to routines. They're mostly working.