Good Morning Tuesday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    I figured I'd start the thread today, I'm still very tired and want another early night. husband has been home today, he's back to work tomorrow. He had finally been able to relax and puddle around in his workshop, learning how to use his new lathe. He wants to teach difficult child 3 but I kept difficult child 3 working on schoolwork this afternoon for a lot longer than usual. Then for some weird reason, difficult child 3 was vomiting. We don't know why, there's nothing he's eaten that could be the cause.

    There are three weeks to go for our school year and a lot to put in place for next year's schooling for him. We're organising stuff now, hopefully we'll have things in place in the next few days.

    A quiet day today was just what we needed. I'm seeing the massage therapist tomorrow about my possible torn muscle, I probably should have arranged to see my GP tomorrow as well but I might aim for Thursday. A busy few days are coming up. Resting today was good for all of us.

    Enjoy your Tuesday. It's just after sunset Tuesday here, a warmer day than my body was prepared to admit. The rest of this week will be much warmer, more like late spring hopefully.

  2. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Marg, I'm so glad that you got a quiet & peaceful day to help recharge. A massage sounds heavenly ~ enjoy!

    Yesterday was a rough day for kt - she didn't go to school & is already refusing for today. She's up & about, agitated. Nothing to call crisis team over - put a call into therapist & psychiatrist. I expect the rest of the school week before the holiday is full of nonsense anyway so I'm (per psychiatrist orders yesterday) not to push her to attend this week.

    So today is a day of laundry, cleaning up the house & getting ready for our trip. kt has a list of chores & she's pumped to get going on it. I expect she'll fall asleep again soon (which is good) before she gets going. I expect I'll fall asleep soon as well. I"ve been up painting.

    I'm off to see the cardiologist this afternoon ~ seriously cannot remember why except my last EKG sent GP into a tizzy. It's just the prednisone - that's what the heart doctor is going to say.

    I'm hoping to put together a macintash apple cake to take along for the holiday meal ~ it might be better to bake it once I get to Dad's tomorrow.

    You all have a good day ~ keep it calm.
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :thanksgiving2: Good Morning Marg and all to follow!

    I find myself lying in bed this morning at 3:50 just staring. If I wasn't going to get any sleep, I figured I could get up and do some laundry!

    Marg, glad you had a relaxing day today. Sounds like the wedding took a lot out of you. Glad the temps have warmed!

    My sweet easy child is really down in the dumps. She is breaking up with her boyfriend - was going to do it last night, but I'm not sure it happened after I went to bed or not. She's been dating him for almost a year and a half. But, she is resolved to let him know that she does not deserve to be an after thought. You guys know I like this boy/man - but he has so many issues from his troubled upbringing....... I know he actually loves easy child a whole lot, but just can't give what she needs. easy child still loves this guy, but has discussed with him time and time again what is important to her in a relationship. He gets better for a couple weeks, then back to the old stuff again. She has now decided that she is wants more and cannot change him. I am proud of my daughter for standing up for herself. It hurts to see her in such pain. I told her that, as hockie as it sounds, love does hurt. Whenever the heart is involved, there is often some pain. I know she would like to give him another chance - he was supposed to come and spend Thanksgiving with her...... not sure another chance will do any good other than delay the inevitable. But, I need to let her do this on her own.

    difficult child told me yesterday, "Oh, I just remembered, I got my report card last week!" He went into the pocket of one of his sweatshirts and found a folded-up piece of paper - he made honor roll! In our middle school, that means nothing lower than a C. He made two As, two Bs, and two Cs. In elementary school, you could only get one C for honor roll and one B for scholar role! Wonder why they lowered the standards? Perhaps to keep the kids motivated?

    Anyway, another full day of activity for me. I've got to run out to the craft store and the dollar store today. It was on my list for last week but I never made it. My SSchool kids are doing some service projects and I need to get some supplies as we are working on stuff Sunday. I don't want to go to any stores on Friday!!!!!!!!!! Then I'll head to the office for the rest of the day. Since it's a short week, I need to get everything done I can today so I can quickly do payroll tomorrow. difficult child is out at 11:45 tomorrow. easy child is out early too so I might get her to pick him up so I can hit my normal gymm schedule then handle the office - we'll see.......

    Have a great Tuesday everyone!

  4. LittleDudesMom

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    :thanksgiving1: Yum Linda, the pie sounds great!

    I understand not pushing kt right now. She has a lot to work out.

    Hope all goes well at the doctor appointment. this afternoon. When does family arrirve tomorrow for pick up? Is kt looking forward to the holiday with your family?

    Hope your day finds the check list complete!

  5. trinityroyal

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    Good morning everyone!

    Marg--I'm glad that you've had a peaceful, restful day. Enjoy the warmer weather.

    Linda--I agree that it's wise not to push kt too hard right now. The apple cake sounds wonderful. ANd I hope both you and kt are able to crawl back into bed for a few more hours sleep. Sounds like you could both use the rest.

    Sharon (LDM)--Hugs to easy child. Good for her for wanting to stand up for herself. It's hard. And congratulations to difficult child for making the honour roll. As for you, sounds like you're run off your feet. Pace yourself and try to find some time to relax.

    I mentioned in yesterday's Good Morning thread that I had a telephone interview for a possible short-run job. Turns out that the interviewer was someone I worked very closely with on my last project. He knows me well and likes my work. I GOT THE JOB! Yay!

    It's only a 2-week run. The week before Christmas, and then the week after. But it could lead to some additional work in January. It also puts me smack in the middle of the network where I'm most likely to hear about new job leads. All good things.

    Mostly, this seems to be a good opportunity to replenish the "mattress fund". With only one or other of us working for the last year, husband and I have been cutting things so close to the bone that we have no safety net at all. This job will let me weave one...well, a little one.

    Hope everyone has a great day!

  6. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-You deserve a bunch of relaxing days and the massage as well! I hope difficult child 3 is feeling better soon.

    Linda-I wouldn't push kt either about school. I'm glad she is eager to get started on chores. The apple cake sounds delicious! I hope your appointment. goes well.

    Sharon-I'm sorry your easy child's heart is hurting. She has a good head on her shoulders thanks to you and it is good she is recognizing she needs more. You have every reason to be proud! Congrats to difficult child on his honor roll! Sounds like a busy day ahead!

    I'm up and unfortunately so is difficult child. He had an accident-not usually a big deal but he's been sleeping on the couch a lot lately and we're having lots of company and now we have to work on cleaning and getting rid of the smell-just wish he had slept in his bed like I had wanted. Oh well this too shall pass-we didn't get upset with him over something he had no control over.

    Tonight after school (drumroll please;)) NO APPOINTMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.k. I'm a bit excited but I still hope to get to the health club and have more cleaning to do.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful:
  7. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Trinity-You snuck in on me. Congrats on your job!:)
  8. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Marg - I hope difficult child 3 is o.k. tomorrow. Would it possibly be his way of unwinding from the busy wedding plans and the big day? I see your GP doesn't take this Thursday off in honor of our Thanksgiving Day! (LOL) While we are enjoying our day, I will send good thought to your GP visit.

    Timer - I hope KT can put all her energy into her chores. You two get plenty of sleep.

    Little Dude's Mom - Good luck to easy child. Congratulations on difficult child's report card. If worse comes to worse and you do need to shop on Friday, I don't think Friday afternoon will be too bad. I think by about 11:00 even the chaos of the day settles. What service projects are you doing?

    Trinity - Congratulations on the job.

    Wiped Out - Sorry for the extra clean up job. Do you have what you need on hand to deodorize? Febreeze or even a pet odor eliminator? It will be nice not having appointments tonight!

    I need to talk to my supervisor about the cleaning out of my archives. I am so nervous about throwing documents that are older than one year. My arms are showing the results of yesterday's throw day. I went through papers that had lots of empty space on the pages so I tore off the private info to destroy and kept the blank paper to make scrap paper. I have also been told that the process we are using to destroy old confidenditial is very expensive so I am also trying to weed out non confidential papers so this is taking more time. I do have some records that I will not be so detailed with - would take way to long - we have until tomorrow to finish. I will see if I can get a bin in my office so I don't have to carry everything downstairs or even down the hall to medical records.

    easy child was home early last night and showed me the clothes her aunt bought her in the cities. It was nice to have a decent conversation with her. I am struggling with detaching some days and hanging on so tight others. Those days I hang on tight I think about her poor choices and it terrifies me for her future.

    difficult child and I are both coughing. I thought difficult child had gotten rid of his but it came back again. Mine is becoming chronic and I will ask my new doctor in January if we can spend time finding a cause. (or at least ruling out the bad stuff). difficult child's is just a cold from being outside in the cold all day Saturday.

    Tonight I will pack for tomorrow so that we can leave ASAP. easy child and K will leave about 6:30 pm. I am tempted to wait until then and follow them down but then we don't get there until 9:30/10:00 and I am getting tired just thinking about that late hour. Especially since we can not enter the building after 10:00 at the door we need to and I don't want to drag luggage the length of the building. (Condos in a long building. A new owner complained of people coming in and out of that door all night so made management lock the door between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am. I think that person should have found a different place to live - so not fair!)

    Everyone have a GREAT day today. Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.