Good Morning Tuesday

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    G'day, folks.

    I'm having a difficult time logging on, I'm grabbing the chance to post while I can.

    Well, I survived a fairly busy day, thanks to husband driving everywhere.

    I took myself down to the physio appointment this morning (I love my mobility scooter) and when I got back it was time for us to leave for our string of appointments.

    First, difficult child 3's final psychometric assessment at the clinic. That took three times longer than we expected, so we were late for his therapist appointment (same building, different floor). After the therapist appointment we had to get going quickly in order to get back to our district for my GP appointment. husband dropped me off, took difficult child 3 to his drama class then came back to go into the doctor with me.

    doctor had a look at my dressings, couldn't find evidence of infection but wrote up the antibiotics anyway. I think we got onto it early, plus the wound is very deep and if the infection is in the tissues (as I suspect) it won't show up on the surface too readily. I know how I feel, this is systemic infection but caught early and now on the mend.

    After the doctor we headed off to get to drama class before the kids finished. From there we organised dinner and did a little shopping (all in the same area). husband & I had a light Chinese meal - again, I got a very apt fortune cookie message. This one was "The best times are still ahead in your life."

    husband & I are both really tired, hoping for an early night. Tomorrow a friend offered to visit and help de-clutter, but I really don't feel well enough, after the infection.

    I have other tasks I can get on with tomorrow, quiet tasks I can do while physically resting. That's my aim for the next few days - do as little as possible physically. I'll get behind the wheel tomorrow afternoon (for the first time since surgery) but it's only to drive to the tennis courts to get difficult child 3 to his coaching session. Five minutes away. It will help me assess how I can manage, because the next day I have to get myself to the surgeon to get the results.

    I really am doing my best to rest as much as possible, folks. I have plenty I can do while horizontal.

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

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    Morning Marg & all who follow,

    Marg, as usual you day sounds exhausting even with husband driving - I'm glad you have a day to just putter about the house til the tennis court trip.

    Sipping hmj (not chocolate donut) & planning my day. After a day of running about with kt(yesterday), today is mellow in comparison. Hoping to get to the bottom of my desk & finish, oh heck start my tax return.

    There are 5 people coming in this afternoon for a 45 day staffing for kt. This should be interesting.

    Have a good day all.
  3. Good morning, folks! Hey, I'll borrow the friend for de-cluttering! I've been lurking a lot -- very busy at work at difficult child is working at getting himself kicked out of his school. We have a placement meeting tomorrow morning. Personally, I don't think they have supported him they way he needs, but he doesn't help his case with his behaviors. We've had a lot of rain lately, but we're in for a few days of sun. I hope it dries out enough that husband can mow! Hope everyone has a good day and that their difficult children behave acceptably.
  4. Good Morning Everyone!

    Marg, I 'm amazed at how much you have been able to do since your surgery. I hope that you can work some rest in today, all those tasks will wait a while, no doubt. I'm glad that you got in to see the doctor so quickly, and are taking the antibiotics. Healing thoughts are headed your way.

    Linda, I know what you mean about taxes. I'm still in the stage of pulling all our documentation together. Why does this have to be so difficult? I made easy child sit down with me while we worked on his return together. Next year he's flying solo! I do hope that your staffing goes well. I've noticed that the more people involved, the more complications. Hang in there.

    RFTS, here's hoping work is not quite as busy as you anticipate. I hope that the placement meeting goes as well as it can, I'll be thinking of you.

    We're having a "winter mix" this morning. It's hard to tell which way it will turn. Unfortunately, this is difficult child's late night at school (his last class finishes at 10:00pm), so we'll be out in the middle of it all tonight. easy child has a 30 mile commute, so he'll also be caught up as well. His new job is a good one, and he's lucky to have landed one so soon after graduation, but he doesn't seem too happy with it after a week. The real world is demanding, isn't it? I'm just glad to be snug inside, as I work at home on Tuesdays.

    I hope that everyone has a good day, with some moments of peace and serenity....