Good Morning Wednesday

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Good Morning All,

It was a seemed like a long night yesterday (but I'll leave that for another post-difficult child seems to be unraveling). Looks like a long day ahead. This morning we have an unexpected appointment. with difficult child's psychiatrist and we also have a scheduled appointment. with his nuerologist-they are both at the same location.

After work I better get in my workout as I'm making fried potatoes with pork juice (one of husband's mom's meals that we love) and it is certainly not low fat!

I hope everyone has a great day! *


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Goodmorning All - goodnight Marg here it 13:10
I am trying to shake of a cold/flu
being the night watchman here is pretty boring
wishing you all a boring difficult child day that turns into a 'learning easy child day'



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G'day, Sharon. Today (Wednesday) is always my big work day, with someone coming in to help me with the heavier side of house cleaning and bulk cooking. He hasn't been for several weeks because of the filming schedule, but that's all done with now. But it was definitely not a good day - just enough rain (more like a heavy dew) to stop me from hanging out the washing, but not enough to water the ground. My house helper sucked something up my vacuum cleaner and the hose is blocked; and then he had a HUGE go at me for letting easy child 2/difficult child 2 watch such a satanic TV show as "Charmed" (she was home from work, viewing her way through the entire collection).

I'm a tad flabbergasted. I suggested that if he wants "Charmed" on the banned list, he'd better add "Lord of the Rings", too.
His response? "If necessary."
He's an old friend but I could have his job for this if I were so inclined. I'm not, but I'm really wondering what else in my life he disapproves of.

I wonder how he feels about "Chronicles of Narnia"? What about Arthur Miller's "The Crucible"?

I know he mixes with a small group of people who have been expressing concerns to me about easy child 2/difficult child 2 having the reputation of being a witch. This was pure rumour which she encouraged when she was still at school because it kept the bullies away. She is definitely not a witch in any form. The only ones who believed she was were a handful of not very bright young boys; and, of course, this group of odd people who seem to see bogeymen under every blanket. I actually suspect the rumours about easy child 2/difficult child 2 being a witch STARTED with this group of adults about five years ago, after they saw her playing a card game where she and a couple of female friends were pulling cards out of a deck and assigning various male Hollywood stars to the male picture cards they drew - just girlish gossip and silliness. But it could also explain why some of her old friends have been banned from talking to her on public transport.

And, of course, I dress like a gypsy, dabble with herbs and home school my child.

How far away are we from Salem?

Have a good Wednesday, anyway.



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Good night, Allen. You snuck in on me! You need to get some chicken soup into you - cook it with a couple of slices of fresh ginger in it, to break any fever and send your cold symptoms packing.

Hmm, maybe my friend is right, I AM a heretic?



Good morning!

Sharon -- sorry to read about difficult child's ISS. Fried potatoes with pork juice?! MMMmm, sounds delish!

Allan -- good to see you on the morning thread!

Marg -- "dress like a gypsy, dabble with herbs, and homeschool"! Yes, you MUST be a witch!

Just in from my night shift; I am a pediatric home care nurse and I really love my little pts. and their families. I would love to work the day shift, but I'm still enjoying volunteering at the kids' schools, although it is considerably less time than when they were younger.

It's a cold day here -a good day for me to get cozy under the quilt and sleep -- just as soon as I return from dropping off difficult child to his school.

Have a good one, everyone! Hi to anyone who snuck in! *


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Good Wednesday Morning Everyone!!

Sharon, you are sounding a little down this morning and not your usual self. Here's a smile :rofl: and an angel :smile: to start you on your day. Interested in finding out what is going on with difficult child - mine is melting too!

Marg, :wildone: you homeschool, wear gypsy clothes and grow your own herbs :wildone: A witch in our midst, a witch in our midst! You know, some folks are just not happy unless they are creating drama for others or judging to make themselves feel better! Have a good day.

Another incident with difficult child at school yesterday. Nothing major-major, but a definate pattern of increased anger and frustration since the ad was totally removed. My theroy is two-fold. First, I think that even though his therapist believes his "depressive episode" or "depressive state" is no longer visable, I believe that the really low dose of remeron really helped to lengthen his fuse. I'll touch on the other side in a seperate post.

difficult child and I are playing today! We are going to Costco to get a video game (with some of his Christmas money). After that, we are coming home, popping some popcorn and sitting by the fire and watching "How to eat Fried Worms". His day, his choice of movie!

Wishing everyone a wonderful day!

Good Morning Everyone!!!

Sharon, I'm sorry to hear difficult child isn't doing very well. I'm glad you got him the appts. with the psychiatrist and neurologist today! Get that workout in :smile:! Dinner sounds good! What time should I arrive?

Allan, I hope you're feeling better soon!!! I like Marg's advice - You definitely could use some chicken soup!

Marg, I hope your day improves!!! I'm sorry to hear about the rain. I'll think warm and sunny thoughts for you... The h-ll with those who feel like they need to meddle into your business!!! In the scheme of life, it only matters what those closest to you think - your true friends and loved ones. :warrior:

I'm running a bit late today - I guess I'm trying to fight off another cold too. I guess I need a bit of chicken soup too. Well, I don't have too much planned today. I'm going to get a workout in, have some more coffee, get rid of some of the clutter around here, (The clutter seems to have a life of its own), and hopefully read the rest of a book I started before I have to pick difficult child 1 up at school.

As usual, hoping everyone has a "melt-down" free day!!! WFEN

:smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:


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Good Morning my frosty friends. * It's a clear cold night. Brrrrr.
Wiped out, I hate to admit it but I love pork and what you are making sounds like comfort food. A workout is good. :smile:

Good Morning Allen it's always nice to see you. Hope you are feeling better soon and all is well with the family.

Marguerite, no matter how you live someone seems to feel a need to approve or disapprove. Shrug your shoulders and move on.(as I'm sure you do). Being fairly conventional, I can appreciate the unconventional and the eccentric. Fear and ignorance are the mantle of the small minded herd. No one gets to tell you how to live in your home as long as no one is hurt. Keep those herbs coming. :smile:

KateM, you have my sympathies for the night shift. Not something I remember with affection. Stay warm and cozy today in your bed.

husband went to Calif. yesterday but returns tonight. It's amazing how quiet the house is. LOL. I took the 3 kids out to IHOP for dinner. easy child and difficult child are from different planets. It's pretty obvious. easy child daughter is stuck in between. All vying for the right to be heard. LOL. It was a nice dinner though.

difficult child has an interview on Thursday. I'm holding my breath. He always seems to find the folks who want him to work on commission.

Hope you have a pleasant day. Stay warm in the Northern Hemisphere. Stay cool in the Southern Hemisphere.
I'm going to enjoy the :smile:

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Morning friends,

Sharon, sounds like a busy schedule today.

Allan, the flu here has been a bear to fight - take care of yourself.

Marg, I didn't know - the things we learn about you of late. Not sure I can hang around with you anymore. :rofl:

Kate, I worked graveyard shifts - oh, about 20 years ago. I could never function. How do you do it? :crazy:

Another cold morning here in MN. I supposed to attend a kt staffing this morning, however husband's car died. He's heading out to a meeting of import & I'm stuck here at the house. :smile: :tears: :smile: Mixed emotions here - glad to not have to go out in the cold weather; really should be at that meeting. I'm going to try & attend via conference call.

Stay warm * - hug your loved ones today!


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Good morning friends,
Sorry I'm late, I had to move double time to get Duckie on the bus this morning.
Sharon- I hope you get your workout in, sounds like you need the "me" time.
Allan- We're in the same boat, I hope you feel better soon. Although I have to say, it's been nice having you around more!
Marg- I don't know quite how to respond to your "friend" without setting off a religious debate. Why don't you gather some history of the early Celtic church for him? And remind him about casting the first stone! Argh! You are far more patient than I am.
Kate- Get some rest!
LDM- I hope difficult child enjoys his "mom" time.
WFEN- I'm making soup this morning. Enjoy your day.
Fran- I haven't been to IHOP in years!
Linda- Conference calling sounds like a great solution. You get to stay warm and comfortable in your pj's and STILL attend the meeting. Sounds like a win-win to me!
Not a ton going on today, although husband did make sure I knew the kitty litter requires my attention (I'm too congested to notice, lol!). I'll be having homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch, maybe do a load or two of laundry. And possibly go to Daisies tonight, I may try to arrange for someone else to take Duckie.
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in.