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Hi everyone, i have been awol for a bit. Things have been crazy with my new little niece around, she is so cute, but my niece her mom is going through a tough time with her husband, we are trying to convince her to get a divorce but he has such a hold over her it stinks. difficult child is out of schol today at 10:45, he then is going to his friends house for a sleepover , his first one ever, this is such a good friend he has keeping my fingers crossede it goes well. Have a great day everyone! :wink:
Good Wednesday morning.

Razz, I hope your son's sleepover is a great success! I also hope you get somewhere talking to your niece. Nobody belongs in a bad marriage.

The nasty, sweltering heat is gone, at least for a few days. The cicadas seem to be dying off. I've about had it with them anyways.

Tonight is Tink's final cheerleading practice, complete with a pizza party and a sneak preview of the cheers and dance that they will be performing for their competition on Sunday. I am so excited for her.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day, and hi to anyone who snuck in. Find something beautiful to look at today!


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Good Morning,

Razzle-I hope all goes well with difficult child's sleepover.

BBK-We have a break from the really hot stuff right now although it is slowly creeping back up. Sounds like a special day for Tink!

I just finished walking my dog 3 miles. In a bit I'll drive easy child to her program and then it's to the health club with husband for weights and cardio. Later this morning difficult child has swim lessons and then he and I are headed to the pool this afternoon. I think we might pack a lunch because there is only 45 minutes between the ending of his lessons and the opening of the pool.

We didn't go the past two days because of weather so I got two naps that were two hours each. No such luck today. Maybe I'll get a few z's at the pool.

Enjoy the day-find reasons to laugh and smile. :beach:

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Good morning friends,

Jen, good to see you again.

BBK, Tink should have a blast today.

Sharon, sounds like you & husband are finally relaxing after your busy school year.

Absolutely nothing on the schedule today - the heat is supposed to be creeping back in today. I've so enjoyed the last few days with the windows open & fresh air flowing through the house.

Laundry & grocery shopping this morning after a quick dust & vacuum.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm. I plan on it.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning friends.
Raz, it's been a long time. I hope difficult child has a great time at his first sleep over. It's a long road to kids totally separating from the parents. Sleepovers are the first step.

BBK, the pizza party sounds like fun. Hope the competition goes well.

Wiped out, sounds like a physical day. Glad the weather has turned so you can get in the pool.

We are under storm warnings again. Yesterday it was fairly clear but so hot and still it felt like waves of heat would hit you as you were outside. I finished planting some flowers around the patio and got the oil changed. In between husband and a friend hauled boxes of stuff to storage. Talk about dripping sweat. difficult child has been helping declutter and move things. He hasn't even complained too much.

If my "to do" list gets down, I hope to get in the pool finally.

Hope you enjoy your summer day. </span>