Good "Revenge of the Fifth" Day (Thursday)

pigless in VA

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My deepest apologies to Jabberwocky for not getting the header right yesterday. I normally start this thread before I've finished my coffee, and it shows. Every year on May 4, I either call or message my nephew with "Happy Star Wars day." I did manage to teach some new people at school yesterday about the beauty of May 4. There was much groaning.

pasa, are you sure those hives aren't related to something you ate? We have some gardens here that I love to go visit. There's a Conservatory where they release all manner of butterflies in the spring. It's a peaceful place to visit and experience the wonders of nature.

slsh, how wonderful that you were able to experience your son howling with laughter! I really enjoy watching Jack dance during P.E. class. There are kids running and playing all around him in the gym, but he hears music and is oblivious to everything except the music. Yesterday, he picked up two jerseys which the P.E. teachers use to divide the kids into teams. He found one red jersey and one orange jersey and began to dance with them, twirling, spinning, and swinging them in arcs like two signal flags. He would love school if he could dance all day long.

cedar, thanks for the funny story yesterday.

So there's been a used condom in the parking lot of the school where I work for about 2 months. With 31 days left of school, what are the chances it will still be there on the last day of school? No, I refuse to pick up that particular piece of detritus.


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Good Morning! I try not to make any life changing decisions before I have my first cup of coffee. I only get hives when I am stressed and usually a wicked tick of the right eye. I had a productive Wednesday. I tackled the daunting task of weeding out kitchen junk. The kitchen should be completed today.

The gardens were absolutely breath taking. I always come home so inspired and then I remember that I don't have a green thumb.

Son's case manager seems to be on the ball. F seems to be resigned to the fact he cannot live at home.


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Good Morning, All!

It's a beautiful day here, sunny and cool right now, but warming up in the afternoon.

Pasa, I am so happy to hear that you have almost gotten your kitchen done. Please post pics of the end result! I'm glad your son's case worker is getting him the supports he needs!

I'm not a Star Wars person, so I have never seen any past the original when it first came out, but my daughter is going to a Star War themed father-daughter dance this month. Does that count?

Busy day of a busy week. Program and recital tonight. End of the school year stuff this month, so busy practically every day with something.

Pigless--condoms in the parking lot? Can you call the building custodial services to get that taken care of? Yuck! When my oldest kids were in the middle of 6th grade we moved to a place where they had to go to the Middle School instead of the Elementary, where they had been going. Bought a brand new house, enrolled kids in school, and was shocked at what I saw there, the lack of interest in the building cleanliness (red flag, to me). Complained, nothing got done. Went to the superentendents' office. They told me that they probably couldn't make me happy. I canceled the house and took my kids out of the school district. Kids were so happy.

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So there's been a used condom in the parking lot of the school where I work for about 2 months.

Perhaps an ad in the school paper.

FOUND in the school parking lot: One condom. Used. Size Small. (Remember in Grease, when the boys mooned the Prom and the lady Principal announced that the FBI had been called in, and would determine whose hindquarters were whose?!? And that parents would be called?)



Daffodils are up and blooming. They are so pretty! We have been home eleven days, now. The apple trees are just beginning to leaf out, and the maple, but the birch seem not to be leafing out yet. The grass is growing, but there is still snow on the road in the protected places. We are predicted to have temps in the high seventies to low eighties today.

Isn't that something.

I haven't seen a temp in the high seventies ~ even in the house ~ since we got here!

Have a good day, everyone.

Pigless, thank you again for the Morning Thread.



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Here comes the rain!

Today's plan is to make sure that all papers that need to be shredded are in the box in preparation for the shredding party our financial planner holds each year. Music, breakfast, and I get a bunch of junk out of the house - what could be better?

The second day of my Buddhism course is today, so I'll be working on that. This course is Tuesday/Thursday.

Then I have laundry to put away, dishes to do - you know, the usual.

Have a wonderful day!


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Morning all. I'm in a mood today. Not sure why...I think it's a number of things.

  1. Work, where I need to do overtime in the worst way.
  2. Home, where I have yet to even start varnishing the cabinets - or even making up a work space to do it in. I need to clean...really, really, clean. We need to do repairs. We do NOTHING.
  3. Sleep, my right shoulder is killing me, even after a visit to the chiropractor.
  4. Donald Trump. Enough said. :mad:
  5. Kid, drama again. Looks like his friend may bail on him, and he won't be able to pay for his apartment alone. :(
  6. Money, which just keeps getting frittered away. I forgot to pay my city parking ticket...which now went up to $20 for literally 15 minutes of overtime parking.
  7. Miscellaneous other things.

I'd like to crawl under my covers for about a day.

But...see #1.



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Love hearing about your day, ladies, and Lil, I'm feeling your pain about various things on your list. Just wrote a $1,500.00 check for my daughter to pay her rent again because she cannot keep a job and I while I don't care if she couch surfs for the rest of her life, I want her to have a place (even though it's not much--a one-bedroom apartment in pretty poor repair for her and the two kids, but that's the rents in this area and she's actually darn lucky to have it) where she can be with her kids, which is only from 7:30 at night after we bring them to her after work until the next morning. One thing about dental assistants: they get fired one day before they are due to get their benefits--usually at 90 days. This happens so frequently that some of these assistants are forming up class action lawsuits. So, there is always a high turnover and she always gets another job, but her ADD is really bad and she's always late and takes an hour to do what would take someone else five minutes. But, whenever that thing is done, is done perfectly and she has the best way with patients ever. They absolutely adore her.

Sigh. But Friday is very close, the end of the school year is very close, my daughter's new baby girl is coming in a few weeks and I hoping I can up there in time (13 hour drive, so I have to get there before her labor starts). I'm buying scads of baby girl clothes every time I see a Marshall's, Ross, or TJMaxx. I literally cannot help myself. I buy most of my grandkids clothes and they are a pretty spiffy looking bunch, if I say so myself.


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Good morning! All is well.

Lil, I would so help you with #1 if I could!! I have the opposite issue at my work and am constantly casting around for some project to get involved in....

#3 ~ have you ever tried Z-Quill? The liquid works really well for me, plus no "hangover" the next day which is great!

#4 ~ Ugh. UGH!! WTF is wrong with people??? Frightening. Seriously.

Sorry to hear the money troubles, and your son's "friend" bailing.

SoC's suggestion on the condom in the parking lot sounds EXCELLENT!

We planted asparagus a few weeks ago and the sprouts are starting to peek out! Lawn is greening up and the west side is silently begging me to rake it.....perhaps this weekend....

Generally I will plant annuals in various pots and planters each year. That seems to happen around Mother's Day....Which is also this weekend....

Had an oriole in our yard yesterday, so beautiful.



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#3 ~ have you ever tried Z-Quill? The liquid works really well for me, plus no "hangover" the next day which is great!

I can't take a lot of stuff because I'm on so many prescriptions, including antihistamines, which is what most sleep aids are. But it's pain in the back and shoulder that's the biggest problem; and not getting to bed early enough. Jabber gets even less sleep than me since he gets up earlier. Of course, I don't sleep well after he gets I suppose it's not that much different overall.

Eww. Sunday is Mother's Day. Or in other words, nothing-special-hope-he-doesn't-screw-it-up-even-if-he-does-nothing-else-day. I boycotted church last year because I didn't want to be reminded that it was mother's day. The joy of having only one child <sarcasm> is I don't have a back up to make me feel better. Jabber and I have a funeral Saturday for his cousin who was killed in a work accident, then Mother's day on Sunday. What a fun weekend...not.

Now I'm even more depressed.

On the other hand, Captain America, Civil War is out this weekend, isn't it? So...that's something.
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Had an oriole in our yard yesterday, so beautiful.

We have a pair of Orioles (the black and bright orangey yellow ones--hooded orioles maybe?) that come to my flax and bottlebrush plants every year with their young. They cheer my husband and myself so much.


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I'm not a movie person, Pigless.

Once, long ago, my sister-in-law was talking about Hannibal, and I thought she was talking about the Hannibal from Carthage. I thought there was finally a movie I might like!


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You know you're old when you hear the kids talking about the "Civil War" movie and wonder why American history is suddenly so popular with the youth. :bag:
You know you're old when you hear the kids talking about the "Civil War" movie and wonder why American history is suddenly so popular with the youth. :bag:

You know you're older when someone who makes an old person joke is ten years younger than you are.

Had a busy day. Work. Its nice out. Thats rare but im off this weekend and its supposed to be nice on Mothers Day. My family asked if they could go to the shooting range first (husband, jumper, jumpers boyfriend and family friend). Who am I to ruin Mothers Day for anyone else? Ill go with and watch. My shoulder is still too sore for me to shoot. Not that i know how to shoot.

Sonic will not join us at the range. Sonic hates loud noise. We will pick him up after the shooters shoot and go to my fav local restaurant. All in all, looking forward to the feast.

Watching news now and shuddering for reasons you can probably imagine. Think I'll turn on something else. This is scaring me. I may not be able to watch the news for a long time without kicking up my PTSD.

I wanna move to Canada. Waaaaaaaahhhhh!!!

Have a good evening to all!!
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