Good Morning Thursday

pigless in VA

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I am still reeling from a life altering phone call last night. I will post about it in a separate thread later today. A dear friend is fighting for his life, and he has been forcibly estranged from his children for 5 years.

On a happier front, the child who is my job, Jack, had a great behavior day yesterday. I didn't think it was possible for him to behave appropriately for an entire school day. Apparently it is if he stands to lose visiting the Lebanese Food Festival this week-end. The boy lives for food festivals. Children with autism are not supposed to love crowds and music and different foods. This child does.

I finally got my FiOS bill paid after 3 days of fighting the website. Seriously, it should not be a nightmare to pay a stupid bill. :censored2:ng FiOS.



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Good morning!

Supposed to be 96 degrees today, and I am not thrilled. I don't like summer. Hubby has a doctor's appointment this morning, and I'm tagging along because he doesn't always tell the doctor everything.

Besides that, I have the usual planned - my coursework, reading, dishes, laundry...maybe some if I get really ambitious!

Have a terrific Thursday!


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Morning all!

Once again, I'm at work. Once again, I'm not working.

I really need a job that lets me work 9 to 6, instead of 8 to 5. Of course, this one would let me work 9 to 6...or 8 to 6...I'm salaried so they don't care how late I work...but that would mean staying to 6! Maybe I'll just work less than I'm paid to. Your tax dollars at work! (If you live in Missouri. :p )

It's all dark and threatening here, but there's not supposed to be any rain to speak of and we're out of the 80's again. :) This is really my favorite weather. I'm an Autumn girl. Give me drizzly 60 to 70 degree weather any time.

I suppose I should try to earn my paycheck...later all!


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Rained all last night and this morning but temps are supposed to soar. Bring on the humidity!!!!

I have a work function this evening. I dread it each year because it involves public speaking. I will be sweating from more than the humidity.

My vacation starts after next week and I am looking forward to it. I am ready for a much needed break and some time to myself.


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We're in Savannah, Georgia! Loving the warmth, the balmy nights. Where we live in Northern California, there is no humidity, on a summer evening, you often need your hooded sweatshirt! So, walking along the beach on Tybee Island at 8 at night, is such a pleasure. Of course, we may not want to be here in July or August.....but is such a pleasure. Today we're headed over to the Golden Isles for a little walking and some lunch.

We head back to Asheville tomorrow. My Mother was over the moon to see us for Mothers Day and her birthday, this has been a wonderful vacation.


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Stayed up too late watching the Warriors game, so I'm kind of dragging today. I wear contact lenses (my students were always snatching my glasses off my face and after the 4th busted pair, I gave up) and when I put them in today and they instantly felt like there was sand under them, I knew I was sleep deprived. So, sitting here at my favorite little cafe loading up on bagels and espresso before I play with my first round of kids. I should start feeling human by lunch, I expect. And I teach a Zumba Toning class at 5:30 tonight, so I have to be perky for that.

Ah, Recovering, reading your post made me almost feel it. I love warm evenings. Living on the Northern California coast, warm evenings don't happen, as you know. When I've vacationed in climes with warm evenings, it's such a relaxing treat for my husband and myself.


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Living on the Northern California coast, warm evenings don't happen, as you know.

Oh I LOVE the Pacific Northwest. I was born in Mt. Shasta. But we moved when I was an infant. When I was a kid, my parents took two trips out west, we never went further south than Redding. I remember going thru the northern redwoods, though I don't recall where they are, but we came out far north and then drove up 101 to Crescent City. I'll never forget getting red snapper right off the boats and mom cooked it over an open fire! I remember is so well! I'd so LOVE to visit Northern California again. What beautiful country.

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Good Morning, Everybody

Cool and sunny here, today.

Oh, I am not even going to try to do this. Here is what really happened at my house this morning: Unbelievably enough, there was a wood spider (they are huge as tarantula spiders, though this one was not full grown) in my bathtub this morning.


I have posted about our cat drinking from the faucet in the tub. So, this morning, she was coiling around my ankles like they do. When she had my attention, she hopped in the tub, like always. But this morning, she leaped out like, one second later.

Before I could even get the faucet on.

I should have known then.

Half asleep still, I pulled back the shower curtain and leaned in to turn the faucet on and there it was.


And I looked at Sarah and she was looking at me like cats do, and
D H came running because without even meaning to I was babbling away and could not seem to just stop that. D H had to kill the poor thing and that was traumatic too, and that was my morning.

Sarah had her water from the kitchen sink. But I think we both are still traumatized and I know it's only a you-know-what (spider).

But still.

I just keep wondering where has it been all this time since we got home.



D H said probably it crawled up from the drain. We don't have one of those drain-closing devices on the drain, so it's possible something that big could have come from there.


Some of us just are not meant to live in the woods.


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Stormy night here so my dog Sammy was panting and trembling in my ear part of the night.

Coworker back from 2 days off from flu but still feeling bad so will go home after compiling her monster report that I'd have to do if she weren't here. I hope I don't catch the gawd awful thing she has.

Going to dinner with my hubby tonight.


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Bugs and spiders really BUG me. Like, total freak-out bug me. Babbling? Cedar, you were VERY controlled if that is the case. I'd have been SCREAMING!


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Oh lordy, spiders, earwigs, and cockroaches oh my. Gah! And woodticks, no flipping thank you. At least you have a Watch Cat to warn you of impending creepy crawly doom.

And Lil, I'm not technically in the Pacific Northwest. My daughter just moved there (Puyallup, WA), but the San Francisco Bay area coastal region. I guess in would be more Northern Central coast? Pfffft, I dunno. I think of San Luis Obispo, San Simeon, etc. as Central Coast (an area which I love). And yes, Shasta is gorgeous, and the coastal areas up there are amazing. I spent some time in Trinidad and Eureka and I loved it there, too. I'm a fourth generation Californian, and all are from Palo Alto up to Marin County (I was born on Hamilton Air Force Base in Novato, which is now a fancy housing area, so I can't be objective. That being said, I'm not a huge fan of Southern California, San Diego being the exception.