Good Tuesday morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by pigless in VA, May 10, 2016.

  1. pigless in VA

    pigless in VA Well-Known Member

    I don't think I will bother welcoming anyone in the header anymore. It doesn't appear to be attracting any new people to watercooler or posting.

    KTMom, I hope you feel better today.

    New Leaf, I'm sending extra love and strength vibes your way ~~~~~~~~~~~

    pasa, I also love overcast days. I get migraines and too much sun does me in.

    I did take a picture of the gorgeous iris. I also took a picture of our wild rabbit which lives in our front yard. I will make an attempt to post them. I did post a picture once, so theoretically, I should be able to do it again. I'm not feeling very confident after yesterday's attempt to pay the FiOS bill. Every single time I go to pay that bill, it takes me at least 45 minutes of fighting the computer and website to do it. Yesterday, I failed.

    We're going to the farm this week-end, so I have a positive goal for the end of the week. I'm going to need it to get through the myriad of bad behaviors the kids exhibit at school. I have decided that middle school kids are giant toddlers with hormones and cell phones.
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  2. pasajes4

    pasajes4 Well-Known Member

    Lol....That's why I don't work in middle school anymore. I used to love it. The whole cell phone thing made it that much worse.

    I was going to go to work today, but it is another mandated test day and retired teachers cannot work in these positions, I am not crying about it because tying up all the ins. mess takes up most of my day.

    I have a meeting with F's care team and plan on having lunch with him outside on the patio. I will do my best to stick to general conversations and not get sucked into his litany of complaints. I think having someone his own age to "hang out" with might curtail some of that.
  3. ForeverSpring

    ForeverSpring Well-Known Member

    big hello to all. Cloudy and cooler hete, but i work until 2 and, where i work, we dont get to see the outdoors most of the day.

    Sad about Oklahoma tornadoes and prayers for anyone who lives there. Check in!

    Quiet evening planned after work. Thinking of going back to some writing again. But feeling lazy today. Will come home from work and do nothing but watch shallow Judge shows, which i became addic ted to while in the hospital, and snuggle with puppies.

    Tomorrow off of work.

    Wishing all my board friends a peaceful, happy day.
  4. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    Pigless, that's why I don't sub in junior high. I even balk at 6th grade towards the end of the year.

    Having breakfast with my mom this morning. She's having bloodwork done, and has to fast, so we're going out to breakfast afterwards. Sausage and spinach omelet. Yum.

    It's Day 3 of my class, Buddhism Through its Scriptures. These courses are fascinating. There's so much to learn!

    I have one book to finish, then I'll start the one I need to review. Chopped is on tonight!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone!
  5. ksm

    ksm Well-Known Member

    DS had his hernia surgery yesterday and seems to be doing ok. I saw the orthopedic doctor and now have a plastic splint thingy on my right ring finger... Bummer... I am not suppose to take it off for 6 weeks. It is just taped on, but if I have to take it off and retape, I need someone here to help hold my finger straight. He said every time I let the tip of my finger droop, it takes 6 more weeks of it being splinted to get it to re-heal. After 6 weeks, if it isn't healed, I would have to see a hand surgeon. I have 10 bags of mulch, several large flower beds, a house that needs to be cleaned, aarrrrggghhh!!! Ksm
  6. Lil

    Lil Well-Known Member

    Hello all. After an 3-day weekend, with minor drama and no productivity, I'm back to work today. It's an easy "writing" day - no hearings, time to write up my Decisions and Orders. It's 9 a.m. and I haven't started yet. Have to move my car at 9:30. Yeah...going to be one of those days.

    It's rainy here and about 60 degrees, but it will be a not-so-lovely steamy 80 later. Weird weather for early May.

    My son just called and told me that the rest of our cabinets were just delivered. You know, the cabinets I should have varnished this weekend so we could start the kitchen remodel? :sigh: But whatever. Isn't the first time we started a project and didn't finish it.

    Yeah, in a mood again. I just feels so...unsettled...these days. I hate how we live and nothing is ever accomplished - literally - we still haven't finished our bathroom - which we started SIX YEARS ago! We haven't finished the basement, it's still bare concrete and drywall. (Then again, I'm in no hurry to finish the carpet and have the cat yack all over it - raising her food bowl has not helped.) But by the same token, I get home from work, or on the holidays and weekends, I don't WANT to do anything! I want to crawl into bed and put mindless nonsense on TV and stay there. Eh...I don't know what's wrong with me. :imok:

    Having lunch with two friends today. Two women I became friends with at work at separate times, with the same name! It's funny - Kelly1 worked with me oh, 10 years ago? She left and a few years later Kelly2 started working with me. She also left. Then they met each other thru their new jobs (not with the same employer) and they also became friends. So now about every 3 months, I have lunch with my Kellys. :)

    Hope you all have a happy Tuesday.
  7. AppleCori

    AppleCori Well-Known Member

    That's why I won't be sending my daughter to the local middle school. Well, one of the reasons.

    Not too long ago, when I was in (a different middle school from the one my daughter would be going to) I had to hear this gaggle of girls arguing with a teacher and one told him that they were 'young adults' and he couldn't tell them what to do!

    I had a step-brother arrested for car theft when he was twelve (when the officer called my mom and told her they had picked up her son J from school she told them,' you must mean T or M. J is in elementary school. He is not even five feet tall. He can't even see over the dash.') Apparently he managed it.

    Yet, even he didn't talk back to teachers or other adults in that way.

    Lil-- Have you guys looked at laminate?

    We went to a place that was advertising free installation with a carpet purchase and priced it out and were surprised to find that we could get hardwood from lumber liquidators and pay to get it installed for not much more. Laminate was cheaper. Haven't found carpet to be a great deal unless you get a remnant or a really cheap one, and we have looked around (at least in this area).

    Well, I am at home alone for several hours today. The silence is beautiful.

    It is my day to clean, errands, calls, etc. Need to get to it.

  8. Jabberwockey

    Jabberwockey Well-Known Member

    We will be doing that in the kitchen when we finally get around to it. The carpet downstairs is already purchased and we are installing it. Just the stuff that you tape down.
  9. RN0441

    RN0441 100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

    Rainy, cold and gloomy in Chicago today.

    We had a new fence installed last week since ours was falling down and now are getting our beds dug around the whole yard and front if it ever stops raining! I am excited because I have wanted to do this since we bought the house 4 years ago. Prefer doing updates inside but the fence dictated that this year it's outside. Oh well.

    Have to make the most of the yard and the warm months. There aren't too many!
  10. Lil

    Lil Well-Known Member

    No we won't, LOL. We're doing vinyl plank. :)

    The downstairs carpet is really cheap stuff. But I still don't want cat puke on it. :p
  11. Jabberwockey

    Jabberwockey Well-Known Member

    You knew what I meant! Brat!
  12. Roxona

    Roxona Active Member

    Good morning, Everyone! Quiet morning here. Husband is off to work, little boys are off to school and J is still sleeping (when he should be doing community service!). He asked us to help him get up and get moving, so we did at 6:00 am, 6:15 am, 6:30 am... He came downstairs at 6:45 am and asked me why we were waking him up... Oiy! He did not go to community service. I've decided I'm not going to worry about it. It's his problem entirely if the Judge gets ticked off and decides to punish him further.

    We are having a nice sunny day today, so I will be opening the windows early. I want to get a few things done around the house today...and then maybe do some sewing...oh, and go to the grocery store (bleh), so I'd better get off the computer.

    Have a terrific day!!!
  13. HMBgal

    HMBgal Active Member

    Interesting to read about all you teachers and aides and the middle schoolers. I do push-in services for some of middle schoolers and so far, most of the other general ed kids have been amazing. I think it must be partly our district, too. Perhaps the demographic? I went to the same district when I was a kid and everyone looked like me: white, middle class, lots of blue collar workers. And I experienced the social ostracism, craziness, etc., that is typical middle school behavior.

    Now, it's Silicon valley workers, mostly from India, China, Taiwan, Korea, and some Japanese families that were there when I was there: farming families for generations. Now there is no farming there, the orchards I used to steal fruit from are gone, the canneries and fruit drying places where I worked cutting apricots for .50c an hour, are all gone. My foster parents bought their home brand new at the edge of an orchard for $19,000. That house just sold for $1.5 million.

    My district is very VERY academically competitive (one of the top five districts in the state) and the kids just don't cause lots of problems for each other. Now, there are depression and stress issues, for sure, and even the parents of my special needs families are highly competitive and pressure us so hard for high achievement for their kids. Yes, they want them to go to Harvard, most of these parents are highly educated, the stay at home parents usually have PhDs, too but aren't allowed to work because of the work visa laws. It's an interesting situation.

    So, I'm off the play with the kiddos and follow their lead to hopefully meet their needs and give them happy and successful time for 40 minutes. I was out in the field with a group yesterday with the hoppy balls, which they love. One young fellow was standing out in the field all by himself staring at the sky. When I went over to join him in his world for a minute and see what he was doing, he was saying "Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful." When I looked at what he was looking at, he was watching the swallows swooping up a down across the field. It was beautiful, and I hadn't ever really heard him speak before, and I've known him since he was in preschool. Yeah, that's why I do what I do. Because it was beautiful. Crap, I'm tearing up again.

    You folks have a beautiful day, and if it doesn't come to you, give it a minute to find you.
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  14. AppleCori

    AppleCori Well-Known Member

    Neither of those scenarios apply at the particular school I reference. It is a very sad situation.
  15. Scent of Cedar *

    Scent of Cedar * Well-Known Member

    This is so funny, pigless.


    How cool is this? We study three ancient Chinese philosophers as part of my Tai Chi class. We read the same three books, the same three philosophers, over and over again. Lao Tzu is one, but the other two names are so similar that I can never remember them.

    I will do the same, once I begin teaching Tai Chi. I think another two years, until I will feel passably okay to teach it.

    This would be hard for me, too.

    My daughter had to have a metal brace placed into the bone for her finger. It had a round, plastic bead on the top and scared me half to death.

    Would it help you to buy an extra large pair of rubber gloves for gardening, to keep the dressing clean, I wonder?

    I would want to do my gardening, too. If this happened to me, I mean.

    It is only for 42 days. And then you will be fine. And you won't have to use the bone brace with the plastic bead on the top and worry your mother.


    I think the answer here is You Tube.

    I swear, when I learned how to do plumbing on You Tube, my husband fixed the faucet within the week. And just this morning, I said we still needed to fix the one in the shower (which I also learned how to do on You Tube) and he never once said no we didn't.


    Sorry, Jabber.

    This is going to be beautiful. All those flowers! Our bleeding hearts are up now, and the greenery for the day lillies. Peonies are up. No hostas yet, but they come later.

    It's amazing, to see each of them come back. It's like, "Hello, there you are!" And we always miss the ones that don't come back, when the winter has been very hard.

    I hope tomorrow will be better. And that he is not punished further. But you are right, Roxana. Better for him to take a relatively small consequence now, and learn that they mean what they say, and have the power to enforce it. We chose to let our son sit in the City jail, once. It was awful, and everyone thought we were rotten parents. One of his friends' mother called and offered to pay his bail if we could not afford it. But you know what? Her son went to prison, as an adult. Mine did not.

    So, there's that.

    Oh, wow. That's amazing to know.

    I love this.

    Thank you.


    Thanks, again. I too get too busy to look up. How sad, for me.

    I will give it a minute to find me.


    Good morning, everyone.

    We are having light rain here, today. Everything looks all sparkly, because the sun is brightening in the background. Temps in the 50s.

    I enjoyed the Morning Thread so much, this morning.


  16. InsaneCdn

    InsaneCdn Well-Known Member

    +5C this morning. With intermittent rain.

    Ok, that shouldn't be a complaint. That's pretty "seasonal" around here. But...
    We've just had two weeks of unseasonal weather... and it's a long ways from +30C to +5C.

    The good news is, the temp plus the rain definitely reduces the chances of wildfires.
  17. PonyGirl65

    PonyGirl65 Active Member

    Popping in here between (yawn) Webinars today (yawn)....

    Cool and rainy. Good fireplace weather. And jammies. And snuggling on the couch with mindless TV. Yes! Lil, let's do it! (Love your story of the Kellys)

    Any NHL Fans here? Because I don't really care for "mindless" TV....I need a good plot and great actors. Or, sports! But husband and I dvr all the games so we can ff through the commercials, so no spoilers, please ;-)

  18. Lil

    Lil Well-Known Member

    Oh no Cedar! The problem isn't that I (or we) don't know HOW to do it. It's that we DON'T do it! It's not even that we don't WANT to do it. Actually, I frequently get the urge do it...usually about 11:00 a.m. when I'm at work.

    I am talking about home improvements here! :916blusher:
  19. InsaneCdn

    InsaneCdn Well-Known Member


    Sure, Lil. Sure. ;)