Good Saturday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    The weekend is here! I went to watch easy child cheer at her first game. For a first game I thought they did a really good job. Unfortunately their team lost 30-7. Oh well, I don't think the cheerleaders even cared!

    It's so quiet with just easy child and myself. I'm headed to work in a bit and then I'm coming home for a nap. At some point I may drag myself to the club. Late this afternoon I'll be watching the Michigan game:fan::fan::fan:

    Tonight I promised a friend I would go with her for a couple of hours to a birthday party. I wanted to do some things with easy child but she prefers not to, maybe I'll take her for lunch tomorrow.

    Wishing everyone a happy day!:try2fly:
  2. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Sharon- I'm glad easy child's first game went well. Do they do any mounts or acro? Enjoy the Michigan game!

    My niece will be coming by with her two girls today. I'm looking forward to seeing them. I have to get cracking on some house work, though!

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  3. Marguerite

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    Sharon/WO, congrats on easy child's first game as cheerleader! It's not something we have here in Australia. From what we've seen, those kids work really hard.

    TM, enjoy the visit today with your niece and her girls.
    We had a good Saturday. husband took difficult child 3 down to the train track - it turned out that instead of their usual Saturday work day, they had a private charity day, where they have to run the trains for a fundraising event. So husband was busy driving trains while difficult child 3 had to make himself useful and try to anticipate needs. That's a challenge for him, but form what husband was told by the other men, difficult child 3 did brilliantly, even getting some lessons in how to use the ride-on lawnmower!

    Meanwhile, difficult child 1 took girlfriend out shopping for a bed (for after they're married). He took husband's car (husband had mother in law's) and broke down somewhere in the mall carpark. He rang in panic, husband was a good hour away. By the time husband arrived and difficult child 1 had been puzzling over the car for ages, in front of his mates. And it turned out - difficult child 1 had just flooded the motor. Very embarrassing.

    Tomorrow we are hoping to go to a gardening show. I am really looking forward to it. There is something about gardening and plants that I find very therapeutic. However, because I've not been in great shape lately, I'm going to have to pack my 'wheels'. Since we'll only have me, husband & difficult child 3 in the car, there should be plenty of room for my chariot as well.

    So much for me getting exercise at the moment!

  4. LittleDudesMom

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    :lady: Good Saturday Morning!!!!!

    Sharon, sounds like a nice day planned for you. Glad easy child's first game went well. How exciting for her. I hope you get that nap in!!

    TM, sounds like a fun visit. Get that work done so you can relax with your neice.

    The sun is out this morning for the first time since Tuesday. We have had a lot of rain, which we needed, and many area water restrictions have been lifted.

    Busy day here today. I have class at 10. Then I have a big grocery shop due to two things - the kids are going back to school so I have to do the school lunch thing and easy child and I are changing from the flex to the core WW eating plan (a lot more restrictive, but no counting and writing). You have a list of foods from which to eat and you can eat just about any quantity you desire - the goal ultimately being recognizing the difference between eating for hunger and eating to eat. It's limiting in so far as it's fat free dairy, lean protein, fruits and veggies. There is a little grain in the form of whole wheat coucous and whole wheat pasta as well as puffed wheat cereal and shredded wheat. But that's about it.

    After the shop, I've got to run to Costco and get a vacuum. I've been looking for about two months. I found the one I really want (the small dyson) at target the other day but it was kinda high. I told easy child I would wait and get it with money I make at the yard sale. But, low and behold, the vacuum died yesterday afternoon!! On top of the $180 in school fees, my hair appointment $$, and the $143 I dished out yesterday for easy child's duel enrollment english class textbooks!!!!!!

    After the vac, I've got to cut difficult child's hair and then he, easy child, and I are sitting down in the breakfast room and packing for school!!!!!!!

    A busy day, but I think I might could squeeze in a little "sitting up nap" for 20 minutes!!!!

    Have a great Saturday everyone :peaceful:


  5. Andy

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    Wiped Out - Enjoy your quiet day. Funny how we all look forward to one and then sometimes seem lost when we get one because we don't know how to really enjoy it.

    Tired Mommy - Enjoy your company.

    Marg - Glad there was nothing major wrong with the car. Enjoy the garden show tomorrow.

    Little Dudes Mom - I hope you get everything done as planned. My difficult child started school this last Wednesday so I did the complete clean out of fridge and purchasing of school foods. Fortunately, he has access to a microwave at school which makes meal planning easier.

    husband and I finally convince difficult child to help with mowing the lawn. difficult child went out to prepare the lawn (pick up puppy poo, put ladder away, put hose away, get anything else off the lawn) and then came in to eat. difficult child is upset because he is still not allowed to do the lawn on his own. husband does the first one or two passes. Unfortunately, motors do not like husband and as usual his brand new mower stopped working - looks like a frozen piston. He has the worst luck with motors of all kinds.

    difficult child will get together with a friend today. The boys at school have experienced difficult child's good side again and are again friends. That will be a big step in getting the parents to relax and trust that difficult child has gotten better. When school ended last year, difficult child had burned all his friendship bridges and parents were avoiding any contact with him and their kids.

    We don't have any plans for the long weekend. difficult child wants the boy he is getting togethe with today to stay overnight - I don't think the parents will be ready for that one yet. If roles were reversed, I would want more time to trust difficult child again no matter what my kid says.

    Have a great day! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.

  6. Fran

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    It's a late good morning today but hope everyone had a productive Sat. morning.
    Wiped out, great to hear that easy child is doing the cheering thing. :cheerleader:It should allow her to burn off steam. It's nice that you are enjoying the game and a little nap. :fan:

    TM, don't you love to visit with your nieces? :princess: I just sent my two nephews home last Monday after a week of a wild rumpus. My upstairs was trashed but in normal 8 yr old fashing. difficult child was a big help since they love him to death. :its_all_good:

    Marguerite, Yay! for difficult child doing so well at the change in plans at the train track and working on anticipating needs. :bravo:

    LDM, I bought the bowling ball small vacuum from D but I got a refurbished one on I love it for the dog hairs. I vacuum the kitchen, hall and family room every day. It's easy to handle and empties easily. :check_writer:

    Sounds like a busy time for you and the family.

    Adrianne, good to hear that difficult child is helping with chores and is enjoying the company of his friend. Hope it continues. :beautifulthing:

    It's been incredibly muggy since the big rains we had. We needed it desparately. All the flowers are blooming as well as everything greening up.
    We have a long to do list for the weekend and hopefully some fun stuff.
    husband and I are watching Hurricane Gustav in the Gulf. Hopefully the vacation place will still be standing. Just double checked the insurance and remind myself there is nothing I can do about the weather. :rolleyes:

    Have a fun weekend everyone.