Good Saturday morning...

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  1. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    It's Saturday & everyone is supposed to be sleeping in...... I'm hoping to join the sleeping crowd soon.

    It's to be a beautiful & sunny day today. The temps are to hit the mid 50's. The snow will melt! :bravo::byebye: I may see grass - it won't be green yet, but I may see my lawn today.

    kt & I plan to bake cookies today before her PCA arrives at 1 or so this afternoon. I have bird feeders to clean & refill & today is the day to get outside to do it. A few errands; I hope to find a gas grill to put on my deck so I can grill out for dinner. How's that for spring fever? I'm hoping a gas grill is safer than a regular grill - don't want to set my new deck on fire.

    Have a good day, friends.
  2. tiredmommy

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    Good morning Linda and all to follow. :coffee:

    Linda- I hope you find the grill of your dreams! I thunk husband felt completed as a man the day he brought his home.

    Duckie and I will be selling a few more cookies door-to-door today (I have 18 boxes to move!). She and her little friend did really well at the fish fry yesterday... Duckie is almost to her goal. :thumbsup:

    I'll also see my sister in law today (she's picking up cookies, lol!). I haven't seen her in a while and I've missed her.

    Have a great day! :salute:
  3. Janna

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    Good morning, ladies,

    Linda, we have a gas grill, and it's safe, and the food is wonderful! I, personally, can't cook on it because I burn everything LOL - but SO loves it. I hope you enjoy yours.

    TM, good luck getting rid of the rest of those cookies! They are so yummy.

    Having a long time friend over for breakfast this morning. I'm making french toast and bacon. No diets here this AM LOL! She was disaapointed D isn't here, out of all 3 of my kids, he's her favorite...but she understood why.

    Made some calls to Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) yesterday, discussed the phone issue, think we have it taken care of. D sounded so much happier yesterday, thank GOD, so the days not only for him, but me, are getting easier.

    They were calling for Spring like weather but I don't see it yet. Dark, looks to rain - hopefully that ll goes away.

    Enjoy your day everyone!
  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Linda, enjoy your warmer temperatures. I should do some biscuit baking too. I need to get people to eat the last batch. And the grill - you could use a charcoal one (or wood-fired) if you put some paves down under it, that should keep your deck safe. Enjoy your cooking!

    TM, good luck shifting those cookies. 18 boxes - that's a lot. Then you need to get your local troop to get sponsored by Jenny Craig so you can go sell memberships to the neighbourhood, they'll need them after 18 boxes! That way it's win-win with every sponsorship!

    Janna, our weekend paper had a great French toast recipe - you cut the bread twice as thick, cut a pocket in it and put some sliced peaches into the pocket. Then dip the bread in milk that has sugar and vanilla in it, then pan-fry in butter. Serve with a big dollop of cream. As for D - I hope you can get some satisfaction re D's room-mate. He shouldn't have been in a position to interfere with D's phone call.

    We've had a productive but restful Saturday. I got some business dealt with at the local shops this morning - got prescriptions filled, made some health insurance claims (there is an automatic booth set up at the pharmacy, I could process claims while I waited for the pills to be dispensed). Then I dropped in on difficult child 3's godmother. We were just planning going for a swim - the water is warm, so people were tellnig me, and the morning was sunny. But then friend's boyfriend rang and she got ready to go visit him. So I headed home planning to take difficult child 3 for a swim, then the clouds began to form. So we hung around ,watched Pink Panther on DVD and made a leisurely lunch. When husband got home from his weekend workout at the train track, we got mother in law and went down to the art exhibition. I don't go to the opening (last night) because there are always too many people to see the art work, even though it costs a lot more to go to the launch. I just find that apart from the artists, a lot of the people who pay extra to go to the launch are the social climbers who jsut want to be seen, who want to feel like they are hobnobbing with the talented ones. I just find it too pretentious.
    So we went this afternoon, the day the crowds are thinnest. As it turned out, there were only two other people there to look at the artwork. The only others were the artists on roster behind the counter, who happened to be friends I'd been chatting to this morning at the shops.

    difficult child 3 came with us too (kids are free) and was chatting to the wife of one of the artists.

    The art work this year - mother in law commented that there seems to be a lot more vivid colour, perhaps a reaction to the economic climate? There is some wonderful stuff there, some really innovative stuff as well as a lot of beautiful paintings. One painting I really loved - it's $220, more than we can afford, but he IS a good name to invest in, as well as a painting I'd love to hang on the wall. It's an oil painting of a seagull standing on the shore, his shadow cast across the water's edge. I seem to be collecting art work of birds and animals...

    Tomorrow is the big village fair, in t he field beside the art exhibition. Over the road this afternoon was a sand mandala being meticulously crafted by a team of local people, under the direction of a local artist. Then one of our super storms hit very suddenly (those clouds I mentioned, finally opened up and dumped everything). Strong winds, downpour like a fire hose let loose, people screaming for tarpaulins and desperately tring to save their work. By the time we came out, the people were drenched, most of the mandala was safe and dry, and they were trying to find ways to keep it that way and begin to repar the damage. The huge heap of sand they were using, had got rained on and sand just doesn't flow so easily when it's wet!

    Tomorrow will be very interesting...

    I rang easy child 2/difficult child 2 because a friend of hers is the "featured emerging artist" of this year's exhibition. Both her parents are artists, I've written about her father's art before. I knew the girl was good; didn't think she was THAT good! One of her sketches is being raffled, I'm planning on buying some extra tickets tomorrow.

    easy child 2/difficult child 2 can't come tomorrow, she & BF2 are both working. Pity. Hopefully difficult child 1 & daughter in law will be there.


    Gotta go now, it's Sunday here now. Just. Time for bed.

  5. Andy

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    Timer - It does sound like you have an active case of Spring Fever going on! Good for you! Have a great day.

    Tired - I would love Girl Scout cookies. Mine should be coming soon!

    Janna - Glad you are seeing your friend. I love french toast and bacon. I am so happy days are easier for both you and D.

    Marg - The artwork is wonderful. I agree with you, much easier to enjoy without a crowd. We also avoid crowds whenever possible.

    Today we are headed for a bowling tournament. I have a major headache (that should be fun at a bowling alley - NOT). Should have taken medication last night but didn't. difficult child jumped on my bed this morning and I told him to not jump on the bed. I told him I have a huge headache and that him jumping on the bed makes it hurt more. His reply was, "You should be afraid because you have a headache". "No, I have had headaches before, it will go away." "Well, I suggest that because you have had these before that you should be afraid of them." Maybe I can role model that you don't have to draw the conclusion of a tragedy when something bad is happening?

    I gave difficult child some orange juice this morning. husband says to difficult child, "I didn't think you drank orange juice." "I don't, Mom is making me." I am trying to get more fruits and vegetables into him. I said, "Just like I MADE him eat 1/2 a banana and then he wanted more." difficult child answered, "Oh, that's right."

    I hope everyone has a great day today. Find a way to make your kids laugh.