Good Saturday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning All,

    It's just after 5:30 and I'm up to leave for work in a bit. Usually it isn't so hard but the alarm clock took me by complete surprise this morning, probably because it was after midnight before I could actually get to sleep.

    First thing on my agenda after work is hopefully a nap! Then I have lots of running around to do. I haven't even decided on what we're having for Easter dinner tomorrow so I'll definitely be making a trip to the grocery store. A trip to the health club is in the plans as well.

    Tonight husband and I are going on a date night! We are going out for dinner and possibly a movie. We both can't wait to get out of the house-who knows if we'll return?;)

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day, folk.

    It's technically after midnight here, Easter Sunday, but since daylight saving finishes here at 3 am, we've already put our clocks back.

    Sharon/WO, after all the running around you're planning, will you need the trip to the health club? Enjoy your date night tonight.

    I just finished decorating the candle for church tomorrow. I do it every year, making the candle as well. Normally the candle is installed during the Easter Sunday service but not this year - I'm not sure how they're planning on handling it. The service in the morning is 6 am (thank goodness for the extra hour's sleep!) and we'll be on the beach for sunrise for a combined churches service for the entire village. Here's hoping it doesn't rain, there won't be enough room inside for the village! We'll probably quietly set the candle up afterwards, once we've all had a cup of coffee to warm up. Our mornings are getting a bit chilly, although the sea temperature is still warm and people are still swimming most days. Even days like today, when it was a times overcast and raining.

    I had a bit of trouble with the candle - I was tidying up a month ago and put my paints away somewhere safe. By this afternoon I still hadn't found them so I had an hour's round trip to drive to the mall and buy some more. Very expensive... I bet my old paints will turn up tomorrow afternoon! I use glass paints to decorate the candle - I now have enough glass paint to decorate every jar in the house! But I'm in candle-making mould (ha ha) so I'll probably make some more candles and also decorate them, before I pack it all away. I enjoy painting, I enjoy making candles. Good therapy, I feel.

    I'll have to take a photo of the candle once it's set up. I can't at the moment, it's lying on my cooktop wedged with old towels. I am getting into the habit of taking a photo every year.

    Tomorrow afternoon/evening we've got the Sydney-based kids coming to dinner. I need to remind difficult child 1 & daughter in law to come early, it's also our monthly artists' open day and I have a few more artists to show her that we missed last time.

    Enjoy your Easter Sunday, everyone.

  3. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Morning!

    Sharon, that's an awful early start on Saturday. Enjoy the nap, but especially enjoy date night tonight with husband!

    Marg, I can remember a few years when Easter fell early and we changed our clocks, obviously the opposite of you, on Easter Saturday. It was awful hard to get to sunrise Easter service!! Enjoy your time with the Sydney kids tomorrow (or I guess that's tonight)!

    Talk about a spring break start - I woke automatically this morning a little after 5. I got up, handled some "business", drank a big glass of water, took an allergy pill, and was going to go on downstairs. I decided to just lay down for a little while and, before I knew it, it was 9!!!

    I've got to run out this morning and get a couple little things for the baskets and then, per difficult child's request, we are pumping up the bike tires and going on a ride!

    Enjoy your Saturday!