Good Saturday Morning

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Fall weather has returned and it feels wonderful!! Our leaves are also starting to turn :autumn: This is absolutely my favorite time of the year:fall: I'm up early because I have to leave for work in just a few minutes. After that I hope to get in a nap before the Michigan game starts!!

    At some point during the day we are planning to go to the health club which I desperately need. I also need to plan some healthy meals for the week. Usually I eat better earlier in the school year but lately my self control where food is concerned is nowhere to be found.:morecrackers:

    This weekend we are dog sitting for my niece's two dogs so we have three dogs of varying sizes running around. Love the dogs (except when they are all three barking at once at anyone who walks by the front of our house;) Our Ella only goes to this extreme when the other pups are visiting).

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:kisses:
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    G'day for Saturday.

    Sharon/WO, I'm glad you enjoy the cooler weather. Trying to keep weight under control in cooler weather is challenging, I find. Enjoy the dog-sitting. "Walkies" should keep you fit and give you the usual workout.

    It was a taste of summer here today. Wonderful weather, but thankfully not too hot. I found I had to strip down to singlet top while driving today. I had a meeting in the library of my writing group. I've been asked to chair it for the next year, I wish someone else would do it because it will be hard work actually at the meetings; there is one attendee who is very difficult and who really does resent me, I know. She made that very clear today and I've just about given up trying to be nice to her; she doesn't appreciate it anyway. Her rudeness is breathtakingly offensive. At least I'm not the only one noticing, so I will have some support.

    While I was at my meeting, husband weeded my vegetable garden. I have some tomato plants to put in, maybe tomorrow if I get the chance.

    We saw our postman delivering mail this morning - on a Saturday! When I stopped to think, we haven't received any mail since Tuesday, and with difficult child 3's correspondence school, we generally get loads of mail every day. And the mail box tonight was very full, it did look like about three days' worth at least. mother in law's mailbox was also very full, for her. And despite the Saturday delivery, our mail was not there by 3 pm and in the past our daily mail arrives by lunchtime. So something is not good. We also have mail we've been expecting, that we were told had been posted weeks ago, and it hasn't arrived.

    Tomorrow is our day playing mini-trains. We'll have to head off early, we have friends from church who will be driving down later in the day. It will be good to see them there.

    Enjoy your Saturday.