Good Sunday Morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. tiredmommy

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    Good morning! :coffee:

    Duckie and I will be off to church for 9am this morning. We have two Sunday School classes and husband will join us during the 10:30 service. I'm a little tired from working the spaghetti dinner last night, I had to stay later to re-set the undercroft for coffee hour and Sunday School. But we're ready! Our new student with High-Functioning Autism (HFA) attended last week and lasted about 10o minutes before asking to join her parents. Hopefully, we'll get 15 minutes today!

    Duckie heads back to school tomorrow. I hope husband goes to the office too, I could use a break from all the togetherness.

    Have a great day!:salute:
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day, everyone.

    Linda, I hope the Sunday School goes well today. Sounds like you've been really busy.

    We had a fairly quiet day today, husband's mini train club had a charity day today, where all proceeds go to a nominated charity. I didn't go, I stayed with difficult child 3 at home instead.

    Using my new garden hand-tools on their extensible handle, I got my vegetable bed weeded and dug over, harvested all the parsley seed, pulled up one lonely and very woody carrot that had been overlooked, left the parsley seedlings growing around the edge then went looking through my seed packets. Blast - no peas or beans. So I'm going to have to buy more on my next shopping trip which should be soon.

    Meanwhile I've left the bird net off the vegetable bed so the chooks can get in and scratch it around. Only today, they didn't. I'm beginning to think the 10" high edges to the vegetable bed are just too high for our ancient hens.

    Still gardening, I dropped in on my neighbour who runs a weekly "plant shop" from his garage and backyard to see what he had. I bought some water plants for my pond but each time I went back to collect the next one (could only carry one at a time and I was going back and forth for my exercise) I ended up buying more. I eventually came home with a big pot of oregano (lovely and lush) and a couple of tillandsia plants he gave me from a clump in his garden. This tillandsia is a bromeliad with a fluorescent purple centre and flowers, the whole plant about as big as my hand. I've put it in a pot, although it really doesn't need soil, and draped another tillandsia, Spanish Moss, over it. I'm glad I wrapped the Spanish Moss on fairly tightly, because the wind has been strong tonight, with more rain. I'm building a collection of various bromeliads for a garden feature based on an old window.

    So after all that - I'm skipping my walk tonight. I figure I've already done it!

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  3. Fran

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    Good Morning all.
    TM, you have a busy weekend under your belt. Tomorrow will be a real relief.

    Marge, I think I know what sort of plant you are speaking of(bromeliad) I'm not a knowledgeable gardener so much as a "I like it so I plant it" type gardener. I can see when the new flowers and plants go in we will have a heck of a time. There were a lot of rabbits in the yard when we got home. It's going to be a problem. The new fence will keep the deer out of the back for a while until they start to leap it. I am hoping the dogs will stay outside(instead of attached to my hip) and keep the varmints from eating all the plants.

    I ran down to the flea market and got some great finds. We will head down in the pick up to get them this morning.

    difficult child and easy child met at Grand Central Station and spent the day together. difficult child's residence was mostly empty due to the passover holiday. They went to the botanical gardens for easy child's school assignment and had dinner. difficult child took the train back to NJ. I prompted them but they did all the rest on their own. I'm a happy mom. easy child tends to think he is "taking care" of difficult child but that's just immaturity on his part. I was glad they spent time together.

    husband and I went to a picnic of rescued dog adoptees and their parents. We had a blast. It's hard to see the ones still in kennels looking for homes. I didn't bring anymore home. LOL. 2 take up most of the kitchen as it is.

    Today is a rainy day which is perfect for all the little things to do at home. We spent all day yesterday having fun. Even brought the dogs home and went out on a date type dinner. I had a wonderful ahi tuna with wasabi sauce. Of course the fried hush puppies were yummy too. I ordered a beer. :embarrassed:For some reason warm weather, fried fish seems to deserve a beer. So that's the second one in about 30 odd yrs. Probably the 5 th in my life.

    So now time to get back to work. Have a good day everyone. Enjoy the spring Sunday if you are in the Northern Hemisphere. Marge enjoy your autumn Sunday where you are.
  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    TM-You are going to need Monday to come so that you can relax! I hope your new students makes the 15 minutes today!

    Marg-I bet your garden will be beautiful! I'm not good with flowers but I used to love having a vegetable garden. Right now with my dog I don't have one.

    Fran-Your day yesterday sounds lovely! I bet the dogs really had fun at the picnic!

    husband and I went to see a really funny movie last night. It was "Forgetting Sarah Michaels". It was a little crude in spots but had a good love story. It was the type of movie where people were laughing out loud.

    I went to church yesterday so today just the health club! It's going to be a beautiful day today! We are suppose to hit 70. I even have the furnace temporarily turned off. We will be able to open the windows and air out the house!

    husband is going to take difficult child out for a 1 mile jog/walk. I might go along if my knees and back allow (I swear I'm falling apart). Last fall difficult child walked the entire mile in gym class and he has really gained a lot of weight in the last year. husband wants to start doing this with him a couple of times a week to help difficult child out.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful Sunday!
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    :beautifulthing: Good Sunday Morning Ladies!

    TM, sounds like you had a busy weekend, but a good one. It is satisfying to have spent your time in fellowship. Enjoy the quiet tomorrow morning. We'll understand if you go back to bed after getting duckie off tomorrow morning!

    Marg, I am right there with you not being able to resist plantings! I try to set a dollar amount and then go every other week to "reup" on annuals for the summer and a few more perinials. I'm trying to eventually get most of the ground plantings perinials and just the pots annuals.

    Sharon, I think it's great that husband and difficult child are walking together. It's going to be a plus for difficult child's physical health, and I wouldn't discount the contribution to both his mental health and his and husband's relationship. Hope your knees hold up!

    Fran, I'm right there with you on spending the day inside today! I'm also with you on the whole gardening technique "if I like it, I by it!" Oh, rabbits!!! My mom can't have anything in her yard because of the rabbits! Fortunately she has a really big raised deck and put out a few pots of flowers. The bunnies don't seem brave enough to venture up there! Hopefully the pups will keep them at bay.

    We had phenominal weather this past week! The last two days were in the 80's and the two prior to that were in the high 70's. Today, a big boom of thunder welcomed us at 7:30 with rain. It's a great excuse to stay in, enjoy this day of rest, and spend some time with the kids.

    Enjoy your Sunday :bigsmile:.

  6. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    TM, sounds like you've had a busy weekend - I always look forward to Monday when I've been on the go like that.

    Marg, I love bromeliads - it's a gorgeous plant. by the way, it sounds like you got your walk in for a couple of days.

    Fran, it sounds as though your boys are turning into friends. My siblings are some of my favorite people & we always enjoy each other's company.

    Sharon, do you think it might be time to have that back & your knees checked out? Hmmmmmmm?

    Another dreary, rainy morning here this morning though the weather guy promised sunshine & temps in the 70's. I don't believe him.

    husband & I had a lovely visit with wm yesterday - we went out to lunch. When I reminded him to use his 13 y/o parts, he was appropriate & polite in the restaurant. Otherwise, he reverted to a goofy & annoying 7 y/o. (We're pushing the more age appropriate behaviors in a big way now.)

    I napped once we got home, cleaned up the house a bit after my nap & spent the evening sketching while listening to Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet.

    kt will be home by 3 or so today, so I plan on enjoying the last few hours of respite catching up here a bit, reading the newspaper & appreciating a quiet calm GFGless home.

    Have a wonderful Sunday. It's to be a day of rest. I hope you take time to enjoy it.
  7. everywoman

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    TM---Hope your tomorrow is restful.
    Marg and Fran---please come plant my yard. My knees refuse to allow me to do it and I miss the dirt and the flowers!!
    TL---glad you had a good day with wm.
    LDM--enjoy your day in doors.
    Today is a beautiful day in SC---the first time we've had two nice weekend days in a long time. I spent yesterday cleaning. Today I'm going to head to the beach for a little "island time." I've missed my spot on the sand this winter.