Good Sunday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Jun 6, 2010.

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    Good Morning. :coffee:

    I hope everyone is having a relaxing morning. We had a lot of rain move through last night and are in for cooler temps today. That's okay... I'll be cleaning and grocery shopping anyway. I'm a little concerned for how the day will go. Duckie didn't fall asleep until well after 11pm and woke up early. That's a horrible combination for her. :wildone:

    I'm recovering from yesterday. We did quite well at the church rummage sale. I even made it to a few garage sales. I spent $27 on three large shopping bags of brand name clothes for Duckie, $.50 for a Liz Claiborne wallet for myself and $5 on a never-used Coached purse. :redface:

    Our evening didn't go so well. I left a detailed to-do list for Duckie that included sorting some clothes, helping her father in the yard, and properly putting away the stuff on her desk and dresser. She did not help husband at all and never got around to picking up her stuff. :mad: We had it out last night. I think I won. She'd give me attitude and I'd tack on another area. She now has cleaned most of her room rather than two small areas. :rolleyes: Her swimming party is on the line if the attitude and behavior don't improve. In the end, she offered to finish under her loft bed this morning.

    And, to top it off, I had a horribly upset stomach last night :ill: ... I'm ready for a new day.

    Have a great day! :salute:
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    G'day for Sunday.

    TM, I hope Duckie is OK today after a rough night. I hope she can continue her chores but if she was short of sleep, it could be a problem for you.

    We got to church this morning - they have a log fire which is very welcome in winter. We stayed to lunch afterwards but I came home and had a catnap, much needed. I had other things I wanted to do today but rest took priority.

    We did get to mother in law's for dinner - this time she cooked, although I made a batch of muffins (quick and easy).

    It's late her tonight, tomorrow is a busy day. Treatment in the morning, blood tests on the way home, then my cleaning lady arrives at midday when we will hang out washing (weather permitting) and get some cooking done. I'm going to need my rest tomorrow afternoon!

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.