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    Jana has an appointment. with the voc rehab division of the VA tomorrow morning for an evaluation. She has applied for the GIBill---but we are having to work on having her discharge changed because they discharged her for not meeting physical requirements without mentioning the fact that she could meet those because of an injury received in the service---and that must be done before she is eligible for the GIBill. It was determined by the VA that she did receive an injury while training--but the red tape is a nightmare and it may take 12 months to get her discharge changed. Hopefully she will get approved through Voc Rehab and get some financial aid to continue her education.
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    Ugh. Sadly, due to the injury having happened during training, it is possible that the DoD will refuse to change the discharge from 'unfit to serve' to 'honorable medical'. As a general rule, the 'honorable medical' discharge is reserved for those on active duty, and unless they've changed the rules, boot camp does not constitute active duty.

    They may still provide compensation for her via VA, but at the same time not grant GI Bill and other benefits.

    husband had many years of service under his belt by the time he was medicalled out, and we still had some hassles trying to get his compensation levels straightened out.
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    What a mess. I hope it all turns out in her favor.
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    GN may be right. I can't recall if they've changed boot camp to active duty or not. But I know it wasn't when our nephew was there. So you'll want to prepare her for that. Military isn't eager to pay.

    Holding good thoughts and saying a prayer. Hopefully if they won't give her the change in discharge they'll allow for alot of other benefits to help her. Boot camp or not, they owe her.

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    husband went through boot better than twenty years ago. My suspicion is that while they might have increased enlistment bonuses for a while there, as well as cutting requirements, they sure as heck haven't added to benefits for disabled soldiers.

    In husband's day, you didn't become 'active duty' until you reported to your first permanent duty station
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    Jamie's first wife became medically unfit by an injury to her ankle in basic training in the army. She broke her ankle badly and needed surgery. They failed to provide the surgery at the time and it healed badly and she couldnt perform. They let her go before basic was even up. She ended up being eligible for something like $500 in GI Bill because that was all she had paid in up to that point. The first year of service the recruits and enlisted people pay $100 a month for the GI Bill.
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    Thanks, Janet. That's how I understood it, but thought that the rules might've changed since husband's time.

    I did know about the GI Bill thing as they (in the last several years) went to a "new and improved" GI Bill that soldiers had to pay into.

    I am curious as to whether the 'unfit to serve' discharge would effect future employment when it comes up on a background check?

    husband had an "Honorable Medical" discharge and it didn't cause him any problems in the civilian world that I know of.

    Hopefully Jana will be the same.
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    Jamie got rotated on the GI bill because he was rushed and screamed at while filling out the paperwork at boot and failed to check the box for GI bill. By the time he realized it, he was just past the year deadline to start paying into it. So he served for 4 years and got no educational benefits! Big Dummy!
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    That's a drag, Janet. husband's GI bill paid for him to go to cuilinary arts school. It covered everything: textbooks, uniforms, class fees, all of that. In addition, he got a monthly stipend for living expenses while he was in school.

    It was a great deal for him, and certainly the sort of education that would've been out of reach had we had to pay for it ourselves.
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    Yeah...Jamie thought it wouldnt be a problem because he never intended to go to college. Well, now he has changed his mind. Now he sees that even though he got training in law enforcement in the military and he will be sent to the police academy by his county, he still needs that degree to move up into specialty programs such as detective divisions or becoming captain. His Captain is due to retire in a few years and he is in position to take his place if he has that degree. So...he is going to start evening classes next fall. His county pays for 2 classes a semester. Not bad.
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    Any updates? How did it go...
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    Because Jana is able to maintain a job (even though she makes very little/and is unable to support herself), she does not qualify for their program.

    She did get to take an Aptitude test---and the results were very predictable--high scores in math and typically male dominant traits----low in verbal skills----
    The result was that she would be a great Engineer.

    She is waiting for the DOD to change her discharge. Once that is done, she will qualify for Post911GI Bill, which will allow her to finish her education.