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Rufus turned a year old March 15th. I've had him since he was 5-6 wks old.

As I watched Rufus grow up I began to notice odd symptoms. Under 6 months the symptoms were not present. I know because we do all the same things with him now that we did then, we just have to severely modify it now.

Symptoms showed up first with our walks. Now Rufus has walked with Maggie since a very young pup, and I do mean basically from the time he arrived. We just set his distance appropriate for age, would bring him home and continue with Maggie. At about 6 months which would've been Sept Rufus who had by that point could take the full 2 mile walk......started acting over heated even though we always take them during the coolest part of the day. About halfway into the walk his ears would lay back, his breathing was rapid and labored. Once home I took great pains to help him cool down. As time went on foaming at the mouth at times would show up and it took longer and longer for Rufus to breathe normally again. During the fall when temps dropped I noticed his condition didn't improve even though there is no way he was over heating. It could easily take up to an hour for him to resume normal breathing.

It concerned me but otherwise he was just fine. He isn't over weight. He's always had adequate exercise. He's eaten an exceptionally healthy diet. Cold winter set in and I was busy at work with overtime......and let it slide. I decided to watch him. But like I said the symptoms didn't appear without exercise.

By spring I decided we would try building Rufus up to the walks slowly. Forty degrees and it didn't matter the distance, we had the same result. Darrin playing ball with Rufus in the house for 30 mins could produce the same result. (my house is not quite that big) As time went on we gave up on the walks. Playing ball in the yard longer than 20 mins produces the same result. Rufus has had to stop playing soccer.

Now when Rufus is in distress his ears lay flat, heavy panting (and I do mean heavy), he won't lie down for a long time.......when he does lie down it's he is not relaxed more rigid, like his whole being is concentrating on breathing. Until we started being strict on exercise time this posture could last 2 hrs. If startled during this time he comes up snarling and lunging. So I"m thinking he is now possibly in pain. I keep an eye on Maggie when he is calming down from exercise......but she has learn to keep her distance until he is back to normal.

Vet is very concerned. Today he's going for a full check up. I just hope he doesn't try to eat the vet, the tech, any other dogs/cats......... or act like he wants to, rather. Not being able to walk him has severely hurt his social skills and adolescence has him a bit over exuberant in protective mode. He's still learning what he should and shouldn't protect us from. lol However I don't complain much when he kills the june bugs.

So good thoughts, some finger crossing, and maybe a little prayer would be appreciated. Rufus is shaping up into an exceptional dog in his own right and 1 is much too young to have anything seriously wrong with him. Not to mention I certainly can not afford expensive treatment of any sort.


Hound dog

Nana's are Beautiful
Thanks guys. :)

Vet thinks Rufus has myasthenia gravis. She said as she recalls it is more common in females but that of course doesn't mean Rufus doesn't have it. She is going to research both the disease and how to properly diagnosis him & treat it.

Due to the fact Rufus arrived as a baby with a major tick infestation in his ears, she is also researching one of the tick borne diseases that it *might* possibly be but she is leaning more heavily toward the myasthenia gravis.

It's treatable, there is no cure. Vet is going to also look into cost of treatment. This is why I love these vets so much, they understand budgets and that not everyone can afford to spend a fortune to treat even the most beloved pets.

If he has it, I hope treatment isn't too expensive.

As far as Rufus' visit to the vet in general?? He liked the car ride. But in the office he was nervous. All those smells you know? And people talking, although he couldn't see them. I do my best to get there just at their appointment time, especially with a dog that isn't keen on the vet. Since I live about 5 mins away, this isn't difficult. Didn't work today as they were behind schedule. When he started seeing people/animals he truly looked like the most vicious ferocious dog on the planet........and Rufus is huge so he's scarey anyway.

I had to explain to people that he is all bark/growl and no bite, not even nip. Now he might be more inclined to if Travis or I was not with him.......but since we were he would not bite. Since Rufus is so very intimidating he managed to scare the vet tech AND the vet. First time I've ever seen her scared. He did warm up to the vet eventually, but we still had to muzzle him before his exam. That shut him right down lol

Good thing is that his heart sounds good and strong, breathing was ok but then like she said he was nervous not exercising.

He can't be neutered until we figure this out. Vet doesn't want to give him anesthesia until she knows what the problem is.


Hound I am sorry. We just had to put down our feline fur baby of 13 years a week ago due to mega colon. We'd been treating him for 2 plus years. My last boss was diagnosis with m.g. turned out it was actually Parkinson's. I never knew dogs could get m.g. sending prayers to you. So sad when we can't immediately give them relief.

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Sending good thoughts for Rufus. They are so precious to us; it's hard when they are hurting. Hope you find the right treatment for the right price.

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Didn't know either that dogs could get m.g. Amazing. I hope precious Rufus' treatment can manage this disease. Pls, give him extra hugs and kisses from me.