Good Thursday Morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. tiredmommy

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    Good morning! :coffee:
    I'm up early because my cat had another hairball and now I'm having trouble getting back to sleep. :bloodshot: I hope to finish cleaning my house today before Duckie's big birthday party tomorrow. Plus I have a few errands and Duckie gets to go the American Girl Doll Club at the library this afternoon. She's pretty excited! :woohoo:
  2. SaraT

    SaraT New Member

    Good Morning,

    My day has already been interesting. difficult child decided not to get up this morning, and she had to be at swim practice at 5:30am. Needless to say getting her in the dumb school uniform was fun. :smile: (yes it is a public school, but that is another story)

    Finally got her there and she was in better mood. Picking up her friend who also swims helped.

    My day is busy today. Already did the driving to swim practice, have to get husband's check today, then have new IEP meeting, then I have to lead 7 3rd graders in how to make a tool box at Cub Scouts.(I am the den leader for 8 yr olds cub scout den.)

    If I don't pull my hair out by the end of the day I'll be good. :rofl:

    Thank goodness for :coffee:
  3. timer lady

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    Good morning friends :coffee:

    Sharon - nothing worse the a hairball early in the morning! :pet: Hope you catch up on your sleep.

    Another bitterly cold morning this morning - :cold: -3 degrees in my backyard. It's January so I shouldn't complain, but I will anyway. :rofl:

    Nothing on the agenda today - just stuff here & there. I'd really like to run out to the art supply store but I'd spend too much money & have to just replace a few things. Turns out that I need adult supervision in an art supplies store. :painter:

    Enjoy your day - :grounch_day:, even grouches need hugs. I hope your day is filled with reasons to smile & cooperative difficult children.
  4. Coookie

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    Good Morning TM, Sara, Linda and all to follow.. :smile:

    TM, My easy child cat continues to have hairballs..seems like all the time. YUK.. :frown:

    Sara, You have a full day. Hope you can get some rest in somewhere. :smile:

    Linda, Yep, it is COLD here. :smile:

    I couldn't sleep either. :frown: Worked last night and have to work again tonight but have tomorrow off so maybe I will sleep then. :smile:

    difficult child got a job. I will post in PE. :its_all_good: Have to go now and get my HMJ.. can't see straight yet. :bag:

    Praying for a peaceful day for all. :smile:

  5. LittleDudesMom

    LittleDudesMom Well-Known Member Staff Member

    :coffee: Good Morning!!!

    TM, :treadmill: sending you some energy to make it through your day!

    StarT, :hammer: have fun with the hammer and nails!!!!

    Linda, watch out at the art supply store :painter: I hear tell that husband faxed out your mugshot with the following caption "If you see this woman, limit her purchase to $20 per visit - violators will be responsible for paying out Visa bill"

    Well, there is going to be some disappointed faces in about 15 mintues when I wake the kids. They were expecting school delays or cancellations due to the :blizzard: we were supposed to have. All we have right now is :cold:. Counties to our south and west are closing left and right due to snow and sleet. Ours, which was supposed to be here by 5 this morning, will not arrive by 9 or so. By this afternoon it will be a cold rain. So kids will be in school when it gets here so it won't affect their day. I know I will hear this :not_fair:!!!!! I was looking forward to a little of the white stuff as well........

    So I will be at the office today. I finished all my quarterly payroll filings and have finished all my year end stuff with the exception of the 1099s which I will do today along with the week payroll. It shouldn't be a full day for me today.

    Wishing everyone a great day :its_all_good:

  6. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, people.

    You all sound so busy.

    TM, those hairballs sound like a real problem. Would they ease off if you brushed the cats daily? or would they still shed just as much from grooming? I do remember, husband had a persian cat once. She was a hairball Grand Master.

    SaraT, I have e never really liked school uniforms. And in Australia, they are mostly the rule. hate 'em. I love it that difficult child 3 can do his schoolwork in his PJs if he chooses to (although he usually gets dressed).

    Linda, I can't fathom what it would be like, to be that cold in the backyard.

    Robby, good to see you on the morning thread. I've missed you. I'm glad difficult child got a job. I hope he can keep it going, and not wreck it with that (occasionally damaging) mouth of his. Or has he grown out of that?

    Weird weather today. Warm, humid, damp. Somehow despite vague 'showers' and humidity condensing out, the washing got dry. difficult child 3 & I visited friends (his Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and her daughter & foster son) and had a fun day playing - no meltdowns! Got home late, really tired. Hopefully a quiet day tomorrow. The forecast for the next week looks like more of the same - I think monsoons have hit Sydney.

    Our news is full of the two young anti-whaling protestors being held on the Japanese whaling vessel, which has been harpooning whales in the Australian Antarctic Marine Reserve. Our new government has just made it clear that they are no longer standing by for this. It's a brave position to take, considering the trade and international implications, but an interesting point was made on the news tonight by the captain of the protest vessel - "We board the vessels of poachers who are hunting Patagonian toothfish, and we get applauded. Why is it OK to harpoon whales in a sanctuary, against a court directive, and it's NOT OK to catch a fish?"

    Whatever position you take in this debate, there is no doubt that this is just a foretaste of the "interesting times" ahead with our new government.

    Here's hoping for a quiet day tomorrow.

  7. KitKat

    KitKat Looking for Answers

    Hi everyone and good morning.

    The side topic of hairballs interested me... I have three saved kitties and all of them suffered greatly from hairballs, brushing or no brushing. Last year at this time, I lost my favourite furbaby Oscar to the food recall (Royal Canin Prescription Diet Duck/Rice) which was absolutely devastating as well as horrible to watch.

    To make a long story short, we have two new savelings (I work with a cat adoption agency to do this) and all our cats' food has been changed to grain-free type since last March. The cats are all currently on Wellness grain-free wet (wet helps with kidney function) and for the dry they are getting Orijen which is made in Canada but is available in the US (I've heard so anyway). You might want to think about changing to a grain-free diet - cats don't require grain - companies just use it as a filler. About two months after I started my kitties on the new diet, the hairballs stopped completely. I also had issues with one of my cats vomiting sporadically (right after eating) and that hasn't occurred for at least the last nine months.

    With all that goes on in this house (and I imagine yours!) we don't have time for a regular brushing regimen but let me tell you the change in diet has had some amazing effects. Sorry to be addressing a side topic here but I thought it might help!

    Have a good day everyone...
  8. Wiped Out

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    I'm sorry I don't have time to address everyone individually right now. Our router is down for our lap top so we have to connect directly to the modem in the basement. Not a good set up so I'm hoping it's taken care of quickly or I may have to be off the morning thread for a bit.

    Long, long day ahead. After work difficult child has a therapist appointment. and so do I. After that we might have time to grab a quick bite at home but I doubt it as he has wrestling practice and it's picture night so we're meeting early. I should get home by 8:00 which is when I'll probably get some dinner. I'm guessing the health club is out today.

    I hope everyone has a peaceful day. :swimming:
  9. aeditha17

    aeditha17 New Member

    Good morning everyone!
    I actually took the day off - no, really!
    It's my birthday and I am trying to take everyone's advice and do something for me with-o kids and husband. I am going to refuse to touch any laundry (though it's killing me!) and I am going to the used bookstore and the thrift store just to bargain hunt.

    Dropped off Aedan at school - no problems, walked Tabitha in after the bell when it was quiet - no problems (it's a miracle) amd will be taking Miller to pre-school in 30 minutes - hopefully 3's a charm. They are having a root-beer float party today, so maybe he will want to go.

    It's pretty chilly here by Texas standards (38 degrees) and a little damp so perfect sweatshirt and jeans day.
    Take care all - you are wonderful people who all deserve a perfect day!
  10. Coookie

    Coookie Active Member

    Happy Birthday Brandi. :smile: :smile:

  11. Lostparent

    Lostparent New Member

    Happy B-Day aeditha17!!!! Hope you have a great lazy day.

    For all you in the cold places of the world Ha,Ha,HA..... I'm in sunny Florida!No digging out of the snow for me!Stay warm out there.