Good Thursday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    I hope the fact that no one has started the morning thread means everyone is peacefully sleeping away.

    I'm up because in a bit I have to drive easy child to a park and ride spot. My niece is going to take easy child early with her to Michigan today. That way when we leave tonight she won't have to deal with difficult child in the car.

    The usual today for me-a visit to the health club and wrestling camp for difficult child. It's going to be a hot one-over 90 degrees for the first time this year and poor difficult child is in a hot room with no windows on the second floor for his camp. He is also really sore because one of the boys at camp he wrestles goes a bit overboard and body slammed him a couple of times.

    I also have to pack today as we will be leaving tonight for Michigan. We're going to a picnic at sister in law's on Saturday evening which is the purpose of the visit. We'll stay in Michigan til late Sunday or come back on Monday.

    Wishing everyone a fun filled day and enjoy your weekend as well!:peaceful:
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/WO, I was about to start a thread if I had to. Sounds like today is going to be unpleasantly hot for you. Have a safe trip to Michigan.

    After me whining about how cold is it here at the moment, I can't believe it - the weather has been remarkably warm, for mid-winter.

    I didn't get to post on the good morning thread yesterday, I was just too tired after a busy day. difficult child 3 was still on dog-minding duty plus I'd organised a shopping trip. So we had to fit in a quick walk for the dog, plus food for the cat while the dog was out of the house being walked. The owner says the cat "is a pig", but it's the dog that's got rolls of fat. They probably think the cat is a pig because its bowl is always empty - the dog eats it! And they feed them both in the same room at the same time. Crazy.

    We headed out as soon as difficult child 3 had taken the dog back home. mother in law came too, and I had called girlfriend to arrange to collect her as well. A car load.
    While mother in law wandered around the mall, girlfriend & I checked out the bridal registers in the two major department stores. girlfriend was adamant that she wanted an online option, but she just wasn't getting organised to do it, because I don't think she really understood. After yesterday we had seen how it worked, seen the advantages/disadvantages and she had some sample registers to look at.
    Tonight difficult child 1 rang to apologise for not coming home for dinner - he and girlfriend are going through the department store, making notes about what they want on the bridal register! Yay!

    We got home late yesterday but we'd also done our grocery shopping. Just in case the owners of the dog & cat didn't come home, we went round and fed them again, walking the dog again. I was so tired!

    The dog & cat owner turned up this afternoon and paid difficult child 3 $50. Not bad, for two days' sitting.

    And the weather for the last couple of days - at least in the middle of the day, especially when you're walking around - it's been warm, sunny, no wind to chill you, clear skies - wonderful.

    Yesterday at the mall the place was full or pilgrims everywhere, all wearing the red "WYD 08" sweaters and/or lanyards with name tags. I was surprised to see them so far from the centre of the city, but then - they have to be billetted somewhere, I guess. And husband's niece is billetted a long way out of Sydney, to the north-west.

    We've been told there have been about 300,000 at a lot of the earlier events. Today was a really big day, according to the news. It was the first day that the Pope was out and about, so the crowds were even bigger. A lot of stuff was still happening into the evening, so husband's train was almost empty, coming home. Most unusual.

    There was a lot of grumbling about this before it all began, but at the moment there is such a wonderful, happy feeling all through the city, I think we're all enjoying this. Apart from the few drivers who still tried to bring their cars into the city today, despite the warnings. Personally, I love visitors from overseas. It's wonderful to share this place with visitors and help them around. We get a new perspective on our home town.

    husband saw some pilgrims as he was leaving work the other day, they were heading back into the city after the cross and icon walk. He said g'day to them because he recognised they were visitors. They were surprised - not expecting a total stranger to greet them. But when you're clearly a visitor, especially if there's a chance you need some directions, we're always willing to help.

    The TV coverage of the crowds has been amazing. So many people! It's a good feeling, to know that when we're called upon, we can do this with a minimum of fuss.

  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :alien: Good Thursday Morning!!!!

    Sharon, sounds like a busy day at your house. Seems our kids today are really "air conditioned". When we were growing up, we played outside all summer without complaint about the heat. I know you guys are going to have a great time on your trip!! :childish:

    Marg, I'm sure difficult child 3 was very pleased with his earnings!! Does he have plans for his money yet? Sounds like your yesterday was very busy. Hope today was a little calmer :beautiful-female:.

    Typical Thursday here, with a twist. One of my very dear friends, who used to live two doors down, has a daughter year and half older than easy child. The girls grew up together and are like sisters. Her daughter called me the other day and said she was ready to sell a diamond ring that her old boyfriend gave her. She went to a pawn shop and they offered her $15. So, since I'm the pawn store queen (I've found a few really good deals on jewelry over the years at one particular shop downtown), she asked if I would go with her.

    So, I'll go the office this morning and easy child will come down about 12:45. Then she and I will go and pick up D at work and go to the pawn shop then grab a bite of lunch. I told D if she doesn't get enough (although she is willing to take anything at this point to get rid of the reminder of this boy), she should just take it back to campus with her in September. Someone would probably buy it for $50. It's a nice little diamond ring.

    easy child will go with me to Power Hour at the gym tonight. I think difficult child is passing tonight. Last night I went to class and bonehead dropped difficult child off at the end of class so he could play and swim around a little. He won't have that option tonight so I think he'll stay home.

    Wishing everyone a good Thursday :peaceful:.

  4. Andy

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    Wiped Out - I hope difficult child survives the heat today - take lots of water or gaterade - maybe that will help. Enjoy your weekend in Michigan.

    Maurgerite - You had a busy day yesterday full of people and activities. Dog sitting is a good income for our young folks. The neighbors take turns calling on my kids and the other next door kids. I think she said they get $1.00 for the 1st dog and .50 for the 2nd dog each time they are taken out. My difficult child is waiting to be pd for the last time (we haven't been home or seen them since), he says, "Maybe I won't get paid because I told them they didn't have to pay me." I know they will once they see him again. husband is a bank examiner and difficult child is turning into a "Bank of difficult child". He has a good handle on saving and budgeting.

    Little Dude's Mom - Good luck pawning. I bet you the pawn shop figured they could cheat easy child out of it. Enjoy your day.

    Looks like we will have rain and possible storms throughout the day. I am glad difficult child can be at his dad's office and not have to hang out with me at the fair grounds where I wil be taking admissions (outside). easy child worked last night and was so excited because her bag was right on - she said that was the first time ever - she had always been off a dollar or two one way of the other. It is such a good experience for the young kids to balance their own money bags. difficult child may get a chance to go to the fair with the neighbor kids tommorrow.

    Good morning to everyone - especially those who snuck in. Find a way to make your difficult child laugh today.
  5. KTMom91

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    Good morning! I have nothing but laundry planned for today, with a nap penciled in a little later. The rat is tossing her dish around and pushing her chewy log, and my dog is sitting in front of the screen door watching the birds eat cat food on the front porch and barking at them.

    It's not supposed to get over 100 today, so I might get over to Salvation Army and get more cups and saucers to make bird feeders. Or not.