Good Thursday Morning!!


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:coffee: You guys need to get on the ball!!!!! I've started this thread a couple mornings in a row and I know I'm not the only one awake and aware - Good Morning!

Well, mom :nonono: arrived several hours later than anticipated. We drank a bottle of wine and had some soup and bread. The weather is cooling and I thought she would appreciate the lentil and couis couis soup. She is doing well and excited about spending time with her siblings and cousins in Charlotte. She will leave this morning around 10 and be back in around 10-14 days.

difficult child's middle school field trip is actually today. His 1:1 called me at about 11 yesterday and said "difficult child said you didn't fix his lunch because you thought the field trip was today" Well, both guys got Wendy's for lunch!

difficult child was a little outa sorts last night. Think his allergies are bothering him as well. Hope he is not outa sorts today when he visits the middle school :hypnosis:

Take care all, have a great Thursday, won't be long till the weekend........



Good morning everyone.

Sharon, hope difficult child's field trip goes well and he's not too out of sorts today. Wendy's yesterday sounds better than the bag lunches my kids get.

We arrived home yesterday afternoon after a 5-day visit to Connecticut for Passover and my dad's 75th birthday celebration. Before we left, difficult child 1 hit himself in the foot with an aluminum bat (accidently, but out of frustration that he wasn't batting well). He broke a bone in his foot, but we didn't know until he had an X-ray in Connecticut. Monday he was casted, but Monday night he became agitated and anxious because he couldn't move his ankle. We went back to the doctor on Tuesday to have the cast removed. difficult child 1 was provided a stiff boot, and his mood improved immensely. I think the doctor thought we were nuts, but I'm not sure he's dealt with that many difficult children.

My kids are on spring break through Monday. Not much on the agenda except unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping, etc. I think the kids are happy to be home and will certainly find things to amuse themselves.

Hope you all have a great day. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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Good morning.
Sharon- Hope all goes well for the middle school visit.
Smallworld- I hope difficult child heals up quick before summer.
I go to the doctor this morning after weeks of not feeling well, on & off again. I think I have a sinus thingy going on. Duckie is rather contrite after her misdeed last evening, thank goodness for small wonders.
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:

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Good Morning,

Sharon-Sounds like a nice time with your mom last night. Forgetting a lunch and getting Wendy's-way cool! I hope the field trip goes well today.

Smallworld-I'm glad difficult child is happier with the boot. I hope your visit went well.

TM-I hope all goes well at the dr's. Glad Duckie is contrite this morning.

Last night we had a very nice dinner out. This morning difficult child has therapy and then we're going for a work out. Not much else going on-I'm sure I'll squeeze in a nap. Wish we'd get rid of this cold weather! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Enjoy your day and hi to anyone who snuck in. :flower:


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Hi everyone,
good luck with- allergies. The pollen is awful!

difficult child has been in a relatively good mood but not particularly cooperative. I'm going back to read some books on what to do instead of repeating myself 10X. I'm so tired I really can't remember...

I gave him a little reward for being really good the other day... Reeses Peanut Butter cups. I thought I hid the rest (it was a 4 pack) in the fridge but he found and ate them. Grrr. No more rewards. No Easter candy. He doesn't believe in the bunny any more anyway. :frown: We can color eggs together.

I'm taking care of a friend's rottweiler puppy and it's turning out to be more than I bargained for. I have 2 collies and they're getting along pretty well. But the rottweiler went into her first heat. Now I have blood all over the floor and carpets and it smells. Plus, a friend who just had a mastectomy is on spring break and I'm visiting her dogs every day at her house. They are totally untrained and I've got huge claw marks on my arms and chest. I never, ever, thought I'd get sick of dogs but it has actually happened! I seriously considered doing a collie rescue biz at one point and I'm glad I didn't.

difficult child has been very good with-the the puppy. Very commanding and also playful. I've also got him cutting the vines off of the trees... he likes sharp objects :smile: so even though it's tedious he'll do it until he gets bored. I just hope I can find the pruners when he's finished. I've gone through 4 in a yr. Once you drop them out here (almost 4 acres) you'll never find them again.

I'm going to plant a tree and small bush and enjoy the fresh air.

Have a great day, everyone!

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Good morning friends,

Sharon, what a pleasant visit with your mom.

smallworld, I hope that difficult child is on the mend quickly.

TM, ouch - sinus infections are awful. Hope it clears up quickly.

Sharon2, glad you & husband were able to get out together. Good luck at therapy this morning.

kt & I are heading down to my dad's today. My sister in law has just been diagnosis'd with breast cancer & is going into surgery tomorrow. I plan on being there for her & my brother. Of course, Dad adores sister in law & he's devastated.

My sisters & I are supposed to clean out Mom's closet this weekend as well. Saturday is our "holiday" celebration because kt & I must get on the road for the long journey home.

Hug your loved ones today. Find one thing that makes you smile.

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Good morning everyone~

I am alone at work today so it should make for a busy day. Thankfully today is my 'friday' as we're closed tomorrow. I will be picking easy child up from college along with some friends for the Easter weekend! Yeah - culinary delights await!

difficult child continues to do very well in her job and socially - no boyfriend tragedies or dramas right now (gotta go knock on some wood). However, she's still failing in school. I don't think I will 'plan' a graduation party. I think it will be more of a last minute thing. Oh well.

I am doing a fast today, so I am hungry and weak. lol.

Have a great day everyone!

ps: TM, I have the sinus infection also - I finally broke down and got the antibiotics yesterday. Ugh.


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Linda, so sorry about your s-i-l. There have been so many breakthroughs in that field it's incredible. Her recovery time will be amazingly fast. I've found the emotional part is the bulk of the issue. :frown: Well, and giving up things you love and used to be able to do, at least temporarily.


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Crikey, you lot have been busy! I'm rushing tonight, I've got easy child & BF1 who have just arrived and after organising beds and tidying away the remains of dinner, I've got to get to bed and get some sleep.
husband unmoulded the church candle for me tonight, I'm going to have a go at painting it tomorrow after church. Assuming I get there, of course. difficult child 3 is expecting to be going, although he says he will leave the main room if he starts to get upset - he knows Good Friday is important but finds it distressing to think about too much.
The various BFs currently in the house are mainly atheist, they don't like coming to church so I suspect my daughters will choose to stay home. Their choice.
difficult child 1 said girlfriend coped OK at her aunt's funeral yesterday and they weren't bothered by the media - the TV crews apparently took long shots and left the family alone, I gather. There will be more coverage for the enquiry later on, though.
I'd better sign off and get to bed - tomorrow is going to be busy and I'd like to spend time with easy child & BF1 before they leave in the morning.

Have a good Easter/Passover/holiday weekend (strike out whatever does not apply)


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Oh, sorry I missed that Linda - sending hugs also, I'm so sorry about your sister in law; I sure hope she is able to mend well following her surgery. I will be thinking of you as you go through your mom's things. ~hugs~


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Good Morning all. There were a few days of miserable around here but they seem to be passing. I had a good cry on the phone to the poor SSI lady. :sad: It worked wonders for my spirits. Not sure how happy the SSI lady is though.
difficult child and I went grocery shopping. He used a calculator and debit card. He did well. In the meantime who is this person and what have you done with my difficult child? He is definitely on an upward spiral. It's a delight to be around him and work with him. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it holds for a long while.

easy child is having 17 to 20 teens over for a party this evening with many staying the night. :smile: easy child has planned the food, is doing the shopping and plans to make breakfast for everyone in the morning including husband and I. The group is going to pitch in and clean up too. :thumb: I'm somewhat at a loss since I have no duties but to be a chaperon. Our job is to stop in every so often to check things out but mostly to stay in our bedroom with the door closed. :rofl: I feel obligated to bake cookies or something. easy child is a character.

It's a good day at the Ms. Fran house. :smile: I'll enjoy it as long as it lasts.


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OMG, Fran, you are a glutton for punishment!!! What an overnight.

So sorry, but I got a chuckle out of your SSI note. I have a friend who used to call up her credit card company and cry, to get them to lower the interest rate and forgive the late fees. It worked for many yrs.

Cool about the calculate and debit card at the grocery store.