Good Thursday Morning

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    Good Morning Friends!

    Thursday came fast for me this week after missing two work days to the stomach bug. I had a very interesting time at the NAMI meeting last night-it's there basic course and goes for a total of 6 weeks.

    No appts. after work today!! Getting to the health club would be a good idea but we'll see. Staying in and reading a good book also sounds like a good option.:reading:

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:cutie_pie:
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    G'day for Thursday.

    Sharon, after a couple of days with a stomach bug, resting up rather than working out sounds like a good idea.

    I had to go out today, I took easy child 2/difficult child 2 to the haematologist. She was waiting on test results from a possible bleeding disorder from before Christmas. Good results!

    Floods - thankfully, the Brisbane flood didn't peak as high as they expected, which is marvellous. It's receding now but the cost is going to be huge. More floods now further south and continuing. Inland the torrents still surge downstream, it will take weeks or more. A lot of these places were flooded out before Christmas, and now again. They say this heavy rain and flooding could continue until May. Some very sad stories coming out of this.

    Tonight I rang the cops again after last night's incident. They had no record of my call last night - grr! But they came out tonight and did a patrol, which is what I wanted. They are getting a lot of reports of kids throwing rocks etc at cars. Not good!

    Tomorrow - difficult child 3 & easy child 2/difficult child 2 have appointments at the tdocs. Their tdocs are in adjacent buildings so it's easy to organise both on the same day. But it does mean more driving.

    Enjoy your Thursday.

  3. Happy Thursday everyone!

    Sharon, I hope that you are feeling better today. I think it is a good idea to stay in and take it easy. I'd love to hear about the NAMI meeting. Are you finding the training to be helpful? Maybe you can tell us about it sometime.

    Marg, it's good to hear that easy child 2/difficult child's results were good ones. I can imagine that is a great relief. I have been following the flood news. It is amazing that the rains could continue until May. My heart goes out to the folks who are struggling with this situation right now. Our homes are so central to our well-being. How frustrating to have kids tossing those rocks and generally creating chaos. Sometimes I think we're just not keeping our young people busy enough. I was too tired from all my activities and home chores to get into that type of mischief as a teenager. There is some merit to hard work! I hope that the authorities come around and rein this situation in!

    We're on day four of being stuck at home due to icy roads. Actually, difficult child and I enjoy it - but the rest of the family is bonkers! husband is scheduled for a marathon at a military base around 90 miles south of here on Saturday. This weather has messed up his training (although amazingly he went out to run on the icy sidewalks this morning), and he is concerned that the marathon may be cancelled. I guess we'll know by tomorrow. easy child is still on tap to move to Oregon on Saturday. He thinks he has found a roommate situation and has exchanged a number of emails with a potential employer. He was irritated by the constant back and forth with the employer. The employer asked him to create a small program and then peppered him with questions and suggestions. I told him that I thought this was a good sign - because if he wasn't interested he wouldn't be emailing. easy child is dubious.

    He'll be staying with friends until he moves into a more permanent housing situation. He also has a part-time job, which he can perform anywhere (its online) - so he has a type of plan. Quite naturally we're very worried about the whole scenario, but I have to remind myself he just hiked the entire Appalachian trail by himself and he survived. LOL . I also have to remind myself that I moved here with no place to stay and no job 30 years ago- so the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree. Still - a mother worries - I'm sure you all understand.

    Try to find some quiet and peaceful moments for yourselves today. I heard on the news today that 49 states have snow on the ground - only Florida is without snow! Stay warm....