Good Thursday Morning!

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  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Hang in there, the weekend is on the way! It's been a week of very long days and today will be no different. I have more conferences before and after school today.

    It's very chilly this morning-38 degrees and they said we are still under a frost advisory until 8 this morning and then again tonight as well. I have my tomatoes covered and will do so again tonight! After work I'm planning on making breakfast for dinner; we're going to have eggs and Canadian bacon. I'm making homemade tortillas to go with them. difficult child will be happy as he loves homemade tortillas!!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day!:)
  2. hearts and roses

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    Good morning Sharon and those who follow!

    Sharon, homemade tortillas, yummy! Haven't made them in ages, you've given me ideas for supper tomorrow night.

    mother in law called last night and got me-H wasn't home yet. It was a decently pleasant conversation. And she asked for MY SS#, which I've learned over the years she only does for financials. I asked her why and she said she needed it to add my name to something. She's very cryptic that way. I didn't press as I'm sure I'll find out soon enough, I doubt she's planning on stealing my identity, lol. So, I am cautiously optimistic for her stay with us. I normally fret over every little thing and spend HOURS cleaning every nook and cranny. But this time, not so much, I'm tired and have all I can to get through each day like a normal person, lol!

    Anyway, off to work soon, I have just enough time for one more cuppa. Have a great day everyone!
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  3. TeDo

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    Sharon, I've got you beat. Right this moment it is 27 degrees here. I had to cover my tomato plants last night hoping I can maybe get even just one more fresh one. by the way, how do you make "homemade" tortillas?

    hearts, it never hurts to hold on to some optimism. So glad you decided to let mother in law see the house "as is". I quit cleaning "for family" a long time ago. It makes the anticipation of their visit so much less stressful.

    Not much going on here. difficult child will be home of course and easy child/difficult child will be at school. Absolutely no plans tonight so thought maybe I could talk my kids into a "family game night". They love doing that and we haven't had one all summer. After all, it IS still nice out to go play with friends instead of boring old Mom.

    Have a good Thursday everyone.
  4. KTMom91

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    Good morning, ladies!

    Homemade tortillas? I'm on my way, Sharon!

    Jo, glad you and mother in law had a pleasant conversation.

    TeDo, enjoy your game night. Sounds like fun.

    Not working today; need to do dishes and laundry, and I have several reviews I need to write. I like the reading part much better, so the writing part tends to get backed up. Other than that, it should be a quiet day, unless Miss KT decides to blow up my phone with various trivial updates, like how the girls turned on the wrong stove burner last night and caught a pan of cookies on fire...

    Have a wonderful day!