Good Thursday Morning!!!


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:wink: Good Thursday Morning All!

We finally are finding some cooler weather as we wake in central va this morning. We have finally gone below 70 at night! We will be in the low 80's over the next several days - I'll take it as I still don't have a/c upstairs. No, no, no :nonono: I don't want to talk about it........

Work this morning then I have difficult child's back to school night. I'm actually looking forward to putting my eyeballs on his teachers and seeing what he'll be doing this year.

Wishing everyone a fabulous Thursday :thumb:


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Good morning Sharon & all who follow,

Sharon, back to school night is always fun - I've actually missed that event over the last 2 years. The a/c thing is kinda making you nuts - hope that clears up soon as well.

Yesterday was a very emotional day for kt; we'll see where she is when I get her going in a few minutes. And for all that emotion; all those tears - she & her PCA put together a new bird feeder for me & hung it in the yard.

I have a therapist appointment this morning; laundry is on the schedule & gee I outta pay bills.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm.

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Good Morning Sharon and all who follow,

Sharon-I'm glad you are finally having cooler weather and sorry you still don't have ac. I hope you enjoy difficult child's back to school night. We have our btsn on Monday and so is easy child's-I'll be doing double duty!

Today promises to be a busy one. After work difficult child and I both have therapist appts. Later tonight we have to drop off our dog at my nephews for the weekend as we are headed out of town tomorrow night for the weekend. We need to pack tonight as well and try to get to the health club. Oh yeah and probably have to help difficult child with whatever homework he has. He is actually tyring to do homework this year. The poor thing most of the work is way over his head but he is trying.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day and hi if you snuck in. :flower:


Thursday already!! My work week just started last night.

Sharon - maybe the cool weather we have will find it's way to you. Been in the 40's at night. Only high of 60 yesterday.

Linda - hope kt has recovered from an emotional day. Nice to do something for you. Enjoy the birds.

Sharon - enjoy your out of town trip. Hope the trip is relaxing. You are energetic, all that work and still make it to the health club. You are an inspiration!

Wednesday I had class all day, then had 3 hours to sleep before coming in for my 12 hour shift.

Been going to the health club on my day's off. Can't seem to get into a good routine when I get 3 or 4 days off. Wonder if it will do me any good.

No plans today. I just get to tired reading everyone elses!


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G'day, all.

Sharon, you need to send the air conditioning guy a bill for your time. I suspect he'd be there on time for his next customer.

Linda, so sweet about the bird feeder. And all that emotion - I found my girls were like this even before they hit their teens. easy child 2/difficult child 2 still hasn't grown out of it.

Sharon II, Monday sounds busy for you. So does today. I hope the weekend in between is relaxing enough.

Kjs, health clubs do you the most good when you use them. I used to go during my lunch break - I'd lift weights instead of my sandwich. Until I tore a muscle, that is.

We had a productive day with difficult child 3 - he telephoned his music teacher and played two set pieces of music for her over the speaker phone. As a reward, we're taking schoolwork to the beach tomorrow. They forecast 28 C, which is close to 90 F. For spring! It's also forecast to be windy, though, with the chance of an afternoon storm. Yeah, the good ol' southerly buster, we get those on the coast on hot days in summer, if we're lucky. I rang our neighbours who are now home-schooling, and they will meet us when the worst of the sun strength is past, to avoid sunburn. difficult child 3 & I don't need to worry, especially this early in the season. In fact, I prefer to get a tan gently to give us the best protection by high summer. If I'm going to get skin cancer, I know I can blame it on the serious, chronic over-exposure to sun when I was a kid. I haven't been badly sunburnt since I was 12.
I'm packing my floobadoop tent (in honour of MAD magazine's Don Martin and his onomatopoea) named for the sound it makes when you throw it onto the sand and watch it spring open. Here's hoping it's not too windy for the tent.

Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.

Good morning, all! It's been a little while -- business travel, some personnel turn-over at work, and a few other things. Hope things calm down for a bit.

Not much news here. The cubs started school; both (not unexpectedly) complain every morning about having to go back to school. easy child is in the gifted class so I hope I will hear less "school is boring" this year. difficult child's teacher seems OK. There are at least two little boys in difficult child's class who are at least as much trouble as he is, so it should be interesting. Our back-to-school night is in a couple of weeks, so we'll see then how everything shakes out.

Hope everyone has a good day!