Good Tuesday-Back-To-School Morning!


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:coffee: Good Morning :coffee:

Boy, I sure wish that perculator would finish quickly this morning!

The kids have their things lined up on the kitchen counter and their lunchboxes packed with snacks! I'll get easy child up in about 20 minutes because she wants an extra 30 minutes this first day to primp! I'll wake difficult child at 6:45. He did sleep a little fitfully last night.......

Hope this first morning back to school for most of you is not hectic and that all the kids go off with smiles :smile:(right!).



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G'day, Sharon. I hope today goes off without too many hitches.

Boy, what a day! A meeting in the morning with our Federal MP (like meeting with your congressman) on the subject of our desperate need for a local doctor. There were about 12 people there, all reflecting the range of problems faced by our isolation. We've got it all written down, I threw a mid map together with the issues raised, so we should get some media coverage also. I might get contacted by a local reporter, it depends on how far the MP is going to take it. Here's hoping - we need some political clout on this one.

difficult child 1 was attending a course today in our OH & S laws, it is one more step towards getting a job. He also had an initial phone interview for a cabinet-maker's apprenticeship. He is also going for his drivers licence tomorrow. He failed his last attempt - he couldn't get the car started, it had an immobiliser on it and he didn't realise. And if you can't start the car, it's an automatic fail.

He's looking at buying a car, he had one offered to him. So with the prospect of an apprenticeship (= potential career, not just a job), wheels, licence - I think he'll be popping the question to girlfriend's father very soon. Maybe before Christmas?

The weather's turned back to winter for the next week, but we've had a promise of summer already. My peach tree is beginning to blossom, I can't wait.

Did a little shopping this afternoon, picked up my meat order - I thought I'd ordered a side of lamb, with spring lamb now on the market. I goofed - I ordered a whole sheep! husband & I have just been packing what we could into the freezer. And we're having for dinner - lamb! (for the next few weeks, I think). Buying it this way, it's about A$6.50 a kilo. Buying lamb chops it can get as high as A$18 a kilo. Big difference.

I'll let you all know how difficult child 1 goes tomorrow.


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Good morning friends,

Sharon, kt is excited but doesn't have her lunch packed yet. Hope easy child & difficult child have wonderful days today.

kt's bus is set to arrive at 6:21 this morning. Not 6:20 or 6:25 (kt keeps informing me of this). She has her outfit picked out for this morning & wanted to have time to pack her lunch this morning. I've got one ready - just in case.

My sister & her husband were in the area yesterday & they stopped in to visit yesterday afternoon. They're bringing over fancy breakfast makings & I'll bake some muffins. It felt so good to see family yesterday - really needed that for some reason.

I see my opthamologist this morning & then have a few errands in that general vicinity to run. Back home for a nap before kt arrives home at 1:15 or so.

Enjoy your day today. Find a reason to laugh - it's the best medicine! (That's what they told me)

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Good Morning All,

Sharon-You sound very chipper this morning! :wink: I hope the first day of school goes well for both you kids!

Marguerite-Does sound like a busy day! I hope they do something about getting your area good medical care. I'm a bit jealous of your summer on the way because I know what that means for us! :beach:

Linda-I'm glad kt is excited for school! I know you enjoyed having your sister visit!! :kisses:

We had a nice last day of vacation. Both husband's sisters and one niece, 1 great nephew, and two great nieces came for a cookout. The great nephew is the one who had the bone marrow transplant in June. He looks tired and very swollen from all the steroids but is doing well! They let him out on a two day pass so they drove to visit us in Madison.

easy child is so excited about school starting today-she can't wait! difficult child is rather matter of fact about it. Kind of funny in that it is supposed to be 87 today and he wants to wear his new clothes-jeans, t-shirt and a hoodie! :rofl: Only my difficult child-thank goodness his school has a.c. but he is going to roast at recess. No amount of reasoning will talk him into shorts!

As for me I guess I'm as ready as can be! I'm looking forward to getting to know all my new kiddos! Lunches are packed and I even have a casserole ready to pop in the oven tonight. I just hope I don't go into nap withdrawl!

I'm hoping to get to the health club at some point! :smile:

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day-hi to anyone who snuck in! :dance:


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Good morning. :coffee:
LDM- Fingers crossed that the first morning is going well!
Linda- I guess you are in the final minutes of summer minutes of summer vacation. Don't forget to wave 'bye to your girl as she heads out!
Marg- Fingers crossed for difficult child 1!
Sharon- I hope your first day back goes smoothly!!!
Today is out last day of summer vacation, school doesn't start until tomorrow. I have to run stuff to the school, Duckie has a pool party with friends and cheer practice tonight.
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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ACK! :crazy: Good moring ladies! What a zoo here this morning. I woke easy child up later than planned so poor thing was up rushing on her first day at high school, oh I feel bad. I told her that it was best that way as she had no time to stress, haha! She is so nervous she said she was going to be sick. Then there is difficult child, can't get him to get ready at all, oh how I did not miss these days.


Happy back to school day everyone!


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Good Morning everyone.
Marguerite, I am now craving lamb chops. Yum. :thumb:

Hope everyone has a great first day of school except for TM who is still basking in the last day of summer vacation.
It's the first time in a lot of years that I'm not going through the first day of school routine. It's a change(not a bad one)
Give those babies a hug. They do grow up and move on.

Our neighborhood had a pool party and invited us over to meet the neighbors. They are all very nice and very gracious. Fortunately, most of the other women work outside their homes. It was great to get some history on the house. Seems like there have been a lot of parties over the years. :surprise:

Now starts the process of really getting settled into the area.

difficult child is balking at working his whole 2 wks of his 2 wk notice. :hammer: Several phone calls later we worked out a compromise of asking for 5hr shifts instead of the 8hr shifts he has had for the last 2 wks. We will see if he follows through. I guess yesterday was a pretty hectic day in the grocery bagging world. LOL.

Enjoy your day. Don't let them see you sweat.


Good morning to all.

Not much time this morning. Everyone is going to have a GREAT day of school right!

I woke up early to go to the excercise club. Then laid back down. Then decided I had to make myself go. So, I did. I was only there about 45 minutes though. I wanted to swim, but looking down at the pool I could see it was pretty well packed and I would have to wait for a lap lane. No time this morning for that.

difficult child was up at 6 am. (I wasn't home yet) He then says he wants to go to school at 7:30. It doesn't start until 8:37. So, I told him no to early. He ate breakfast for me. That's a plus.
He is now in the shower. Suppose to be near 90 degrees today, and he plans on wearing long pants.

husband said he was having panic attacks thinking about school too. Glad it is just not me.

I am with Christine...I want summer back.

Everyone enjoy the quiet homes.