Good Tuesday Morning!


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* Good Morning Everyone *

It's chilly, but still no snow (I guess I shouldn't have bought difficult child those snow boots!) :smile:

I'll be at the office today but for an amended period of time. easy child has exams the rest of the week and they get out at 1:15 every day. Kinda hits me right in the middle of everything but.......carpooling moms gotta deal.

difficult child had his first mad science class after school yesterday. He loved it! He had a great time - the theme of the 6-week program is rocket science and they will build a model rocket by the end. All we have to do is go to the store and get it a motor or whatever you call it that makes it launch!

Wishing everyone a great Tuesday - smile first :grin:


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Good Morning,

Sharon-The rocket science stuff sounds cool! I'm glad difficult child is enjoying it. Enjoy your shortened day at the office. :smile:

I had tried to go to sleep early but then woke up for a couple of hours-right now I wish I drank some hmj :smile:.

It's day two of my busy week but husband is going to take difficult child to wrestling so I can cook dinner which means I might get a workout in afterall. :smile:

I hope everyone enjoys their day! :smile:


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G'day, both Sharons.

The rocket science thing - I love it, I wish we had it down here. Is it an Estes rocket? Or something simpler, like baking powder and vinegar? (you put a teaspoonful of baking powder in a twist of paper, get a bottle with a fitting cork, put a splash of vinegar in the bottle, find some pencils to rest the bottle on, drop in the twist of paper, jam on the cork real fast and rest the bottle on the pencils. And hope you didn't jam the cork in so tight that the bottle breaks.)

And Wiped, I hope you manage to get by without feeling too tired from lack of sleep.

We've got Day 1 of filming tomorrow, final day next day. And tonight easy child 2/difficult child 2 realised she had NOT told them at work that she is unavailable on Thursday as a checkout chick. I mean, she's had three weeks to get it right, I've been reminding her, but she told them Friday and not Thursday - and now has no recall of how it could have been wrong, she was swearing blind she had been told Friday.
What got me was the over-the-top tantrum, floods of tears, unreasonableness and hours of it, too. On top of tomorrow's (smaller) filming schedule we have to get her back to the local college for her enrolment. And she has vital papers to have with her for that - we had to wait until she had calmed down enough to not be screaming at people, to sort out her college paperwork (husband will have it with him for safety, and be there to support her through it all - *sigh*). Then husband reminded me - she is also on washing up duty tonight and he wasn't going to tell her because she always throws a tantrum when he does. Her boyfriend offered to wash up for her, but I reminded him - he did it for her last time it was her turn. While he's living with us I'm happy for him to be on the roster, but not to always do her job for her, that's not fair on him.

And her paediatrician doesn't think she is Asperger's!??!? She needs her hand held with stuff she should be able to manage on her own; I make her business phone calls for her (or have to sit with her while she makes them); she STILL gets me to organise her performance work. I went through a stage of not doing it for her. She went through a long stage of not working. Not good. The most recent - a contact in the film had sent her a message via the producers, "Hey, kid, how's the stiltwalking going? Send me an email, I want to catch up!" This from a past mentor who she values. But has she drafted the email yet? Only this evening, with constant urging. She's happy to make contact, she likes the bloke, she just doesn't know what to say.

I've been through all this with difficult child 1. Classic Aspie "I can't cope on my own yet" stuff, from a kid with an IQ in the stratosphere and who has held down a job for several years, and done paid performance work for another ten years. At least tomorrow on the set the kids get a meal provided. easy child 2/difficult child 2 is still working out how to tell her checkout job that she can't work on Thursday, when she should have told them weeks ago. If she calls in sick, they'll probably want a doctor's certificate. She doesn't want to lie to them or the doctor, but the truth will make her sound irresponsible and thoughtless. Still, 24 hours' notice is better than none, and Thursday is the BIG day that the kids have been rehearsing for since November. One person dropping out will kill it. It would also kill her acting prospects in the future, too.

Sometimes I wish my kids had two heads each, so I could bang them together. And the doctor says she's not Aspie? I'm going to have a serious talk with him next week and take in a copy of her recent Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) questionnaire.

Sorry to rant so early in the morning for all of you. I need to calm down, it's past bedtime here.



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Good Morning my friends. I finally got up early. I have been sleeping later than normal the last month or so. Makes the whole day run late.

Sharon, we loved mad scientist after school groups. difficult child and easy child really enjoyed them. Doesn't easy child drive? or are they not allowed to have a car at school?

Wiped out, glad husband is giving you a bit of a change up so you can cook and get in a work out.

Marguerite, good luck with the filming. It's funny what doctors. see that is different from their peers or what the parents see.

difficult child is looking for his own job. He would prefer it to me helping him. :bravo: He didn't start until 5:30 PM but his sense of time appropriateness is a bit off. I suggested early in the day may be better.
So it's finishing up the chores that weren't done yesterday. easy child is using my car so I am home bound which isn't too bad,really. I sure hope they finish his car soon. It's been in the shop close to a month.
It's just another day in life of an everyday stay at home mom.

Hope your day is meltdown free. *


Good morning,all!
LDM-- cold here,too-but when will we get snow?!

Wiped Out -- good luck with your busy week!

Marg -- our Aspies certainly do need alot of hand -holding!

Fran -- what play is easy child in? Both my kids love school theater. They call the last week of practice h*ll week, too. Good luck to difficult child with the job search.

Exam week here,too, for easy child.
difficult child has been a true difficult child lately -- doesn't want us "to control me" but is doing little to move towards more independence. It's very frustrating! We're working with his psychiatrist on maturing process, but there hasn't been alot of progress lately.

Hi to anyone who snuck in!


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Kate, it's West Side Story. He has a small part and works a lot of box office. It's entirely too much time. He was gone from 8AM until 11PM. When do they think these kids can do their homework?
I'm obviously not a stage mom. I want to yell "this isn't Broadway" let the kids get some sleep. (guess that's why easy child doesn't want me to volunteer) :rofl:
Good Morning Everyone!

Sharon, It's so nice difficult child is enjoying his mad science class. difficult child 2 and easy child both just finished a unit on space in school. I know difficult child 2 would have loved to be able to build a rocket ( Or should I say, he would have loved to watch Mom and Dad build it, then tell everyone what a great rocket he made)!

Sharon, Get that workout in somehow today. It'll revive (Spelling)? you!!!

Marg, It is so FRUSTRATING when difficult children are so intelligent when it comes to school work and yet, so immature in other areas!!! I can totally relate to what you are saying...Vent Away!!! It's ok. Hope you get a good night's rest and tommorrow is a better day... Take care.

Fran, It's so nice your difficult child is doing so well!!! It's wonderful that he is looking for his own job!!! Well, I guess starting the search at 5:30 p.m. is just another one of those things that makes them difficult children... Enjoy your day at home.

Kate, Sorry to hear the maturing process isn't going so well... It SUCKS!!! It's exam week here too for difficult child 2. He brings home a backpack full of books and never uses them. They just decorate our back hall... Hang in there... WFEN

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Good morning all,

Sharon, glad that husband is taking difficult child & you will have some time - even if it's to make dinner.

Sharon, rocket science is something that wm may enjoy. What a fun idea!

Marg, hope difficult child figures out the working situation.

Fran, have fun being "stuck". I've always enjoyed snow days; having nothing to tear me out of the house. Lack of a car can do the same thing.

Kate, good to see you in the morning thread - have a good day.

Chugging down the hmj :smile:. I spent yesterday all snuggled in the house - pretty much accomplishing nothing.

Today I have to head out to the SSA for the tweedles, therapist appointment for kt & then a staffing for wm.

I've been practicing for my upcoming recital - must have overdone it a bit yesterday. Can really feel it in my hands this morning. Taking a bit of a break from the piano today.

Enjoy your day - keep your loved ones close to your heart. :smile:


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Good morning!
Sharon- Mad scientist!!! Too cool!
Sharon- I hope your day isn't as hectic as you imagine.
Marg- That would drive me batty about easy child 2/difficult child 2. I hope the scheduling works out.
Fran- Way To Go to difficult child for showing some initiative! I hope it pays off.
Kate- I hope he's not too oppositional while he's stretching for independence.
I have groceries and school volunteering today. The little angel has Mozarts later. (Can you tell it's not been a pleasant morning here, lol).
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in.