Good Tuesday Morning!!

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    :D Good Morning CD friends!

    I'm up earlier than usual on a summer morning because easy child has orientation at the college she will be attending in the fall. I will drop her off then go into the office. She will call when she's done for today and we will then visit the student accounting office and get all the financial mess straight.....tomorrow morning she meets with her advisor and gets her class schedule for the fall - that's the part she's waiting for!

    difficult child is loving summer so far - staying up late and sleeping in. He's doing extra chores around the house because he wanted to earn some money. He's currently also feeding the three cats of our neighbor while they are out of town for $5 a day!!!!!!

    Hope things are going well with your summer - have a great Tuesday!

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Sharon- I'm so excited for easy child! What a big day for her!! And I'm really proud of difficult child!!! Way to earn the cash! :thumbsup:

    Well, today is our last full day of school; Wed & Thurs are half days. I am a substitute for a kindergarten classroom aide. The teacher will also have a sub. Wish us luck!!! :hammer:

    Duckie had a blast yesterday. A few friends came over and they swam after school. She slept really well last night, lol!

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-Wow! easy child and college-very exciting! I hope she has a great day:) It's good to hear difficult child is enjoying his summer!! Does he have a specific goal in mind for the $ or is he just trying to earn extra?

    TM-Good luck with all those kinders! I'm sure you'll do great!! Good for Duckie having fun. I love when they sleep well because of having an active day!

    difficult child also slept well-he had a blast at camp yesterday and was also exhausted because of it!

    I made it to the pool yesterday for the first time and then the clouds overtook the sun! Today we have a heat advisory. It is suppose to reach 93 along with a heat index of 100. Not sure yet if I'll try getting to the pool.

    After we drop difficult child off we will head to the health club and then I need to get the lawn mowed-so much fun in this heat-Not!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    Good morning all,

    Sharon, hard to believe that easy child is entering college this fall. Hope all goes well with the financial aid mess.

    TM, I'd be sleeping hard too if I spent that much time in the pool.

    "Hi" if you snuck in.

    I up & trying to get kt off her bum & ready for summer school. She struggled to sleep last night ~ natural consequence for having a cup of coffee after dinner (I warned her). She's old enough to have a cup in the morning.

    Dangerously hot & humid today - we're being advised to stay inside today. I'm fine with that.

    I'm hoping to find the surface of my desk today amidst all the chaos of construction. I think the construction dust has killed my brand new printer - I've cleaned & vacuumed it as best as I can. It's covered & unplugged unless it's necessary. Target end date is July 17th. Long time in the making.

    Have a good day - stay cool.
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    Good evening everyone on Tuesday:
    I hope you all have lovely days, with the beginning of your summer breaks. I like holidays too, and our winter holiday break (2 weeks) starts this weekend in Qld. For me that means not so much running about for extra curricular activities; although for dancing there always manages to be a workshop or two happening - for exams at the end of July.
    I spent the day doing little sewing jobs that needed to be done. Tomorrow is the day I start turning out the rooms ready for the extra little cherubs to come for a week.
    It has been raining and my road is like lumpy soup. We got bogged this afternoon so had to get the tractor going to pull out the car. GRRRR!!! it would be so nice to stay clean for 30 mins. I always look like I've been playing in it! tomorrow my dear daughter will spend her schoolwork breaks using the scraper on the tractor to try and fill in some of the holes.

    Only a little extra rain expected this week, but colder days coming. However, if we can scrape the road a bit, it might dry out quicker.

    My DS was a little challenging this morning, but settled by the afternoon - maybe he's just doing that, challenging the authority to try and stay in control....however, since i'm on grumpy pills (steroids)for another month yet, he might want to rethink that!

    Have a nice day then!
  6. Good morning, all! Not much here. The survival of an entire summer vacation begins with a single day ... and we survived the first one. Hope everyone has a good day!
  7. Marguerite

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    G'day, folk.

    Sharon/LDM, sounds like difficult child is being productive and under his own steam, too. Taking easy child to the college for orientation sounds like good coordination. I'm glad you'll be there later on to help her with the paperwork side of things. I found my presence there for difficult child 1 really sped things along.

    TM, I hope your last full day goes smoothly. It's great that Duckie had such fun yesterday.

    Sharon/WO, go easy on yourself in the heat. A suggestion (from someone experienced with surviving summer heat) - do the lawns earlier, before the day gets too hot. Then go have a quick swim to help clean off (or if by then it's too late, sun-wise, have a cool shower). Then plan on a swim after about 3 or 4 pm. You will value a cool-down after a scorching day but you will be safer from sunburn and heatstroke. But don't mow or garden in the heat of the day if you can possibly avoid it. You will be much more productive earlier on, before 10 am.

    Linda, I hope your printer has survived. Maybe it just needs a bit more time to perhaps dry out? As for kt, she's also reaching the age when kids change their sleep patterns. Why not lay in stores of decaffeinated coffee? We have "full-leaded" as well as decaf, difficult child 3 is only permitted decaf (because caffeine seems to counteract his medications, plus he's wired enough already!). A good decaf coffee tastes just the same as the ordinary stuff but you can drink it in the evening with no problems. We have decaf instant coffee as well as decaf coffee beans which we grind fresh. I make myself a cappuccino with freshly ground coffee beans, and make difficult child 3 a flat white at the same time (difficult child 3 doesn't like anything frothy or creamy). I have to drink decaf because I get the shakes if I have more than one cup of "full-leaded" coffee in a day. There used to be a lot of talk about the chemicals used to take out the caffeine - but it's not an issue these days, they use water. So it's safe, it tastes the same, so you can drink it in any amount at any time of day.
    Something else to watch with caffeine intake - we found difficult child 1 was sneaking caffeine in some soft drinks and also in candy bars. He knew he wasn't supposed to have it but sometimes he wanted to challenge the ban (to see if he still had a problem) and sometimes he was being obedient but just didn't realise that the latest fad candy bar was loaded with caffeine. Now he's an adult it's less of a problem for him.

    Trish, sorry to hear of the boggy track. What a nuisance! Can you dump some road base into the holes? Or does it just sink and get buried? We're on sand here, but I grew up dealing with clay and heavy loam. I'd rather garden in sand but landscape in loam. And clay - it's only good for making pots! I hope daughter knows how to be safe on a tractor. Our old one used to tip over very easily.

    RFTS, sounds like it's going to be baby steps through summer.

    husband was home from work today. difficult child 1 had an appointment to see his new specialist (now he's too old to see a pediatrician) and he asked me to come too, as handover. Since the road is blocked with roadworks still (and my broken rib hurts when I drive and turn te car to the left - and the road is very winding) I decided to catch the boat to the mainland and get difficult child 1 to meet me there. husband & difficult child 3 stayed home.

    I wasn't needed much. The doctor called me and daughter in law in for the last few minutes only, but I was able to help with a few tests the doctor was ordering. I added a bit more medical history, which got te doctor to add a few more tests. Then while difficult child 1 was having some of the tests don daughter in law went to the mall to get some food (for her) while I did some quick essential shopping. Then difficult child 1 drove me back to the boat.
    We were supposed to come back out this evening for difficult child 3's drama class but he was feeling a bit unwell so we stayed home. If I'd known that I would have done more food shopping, our supplies are running low. We've eaten most of the pre-cooked food in our freezer, I'm going to dig out some frozen gravy beef to thaw overnight and cook a curry tomorrow.

    I have to see my rheumatologist on Thursday, I'll do some shopping then. I'll tell difficult child 3 he can come with me to go shopping, if he can put in a big effort tomorrow with schoolwork. So tomorrow - difficult child 3 has a lot of schoolwork to do but I'll be around, supervising one of my slow-cooked casseroles. Depending on my energy levels, I might even cook a few other things. Gourmet poverty food...

    I'm glad I didn't stay out too long today or do any driving - I'm definitely getting better but my legs are still wobbly and walking much brings the coughing back on.

    Enjoy your Tuesday.