**Good Tuesday morning***

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  1. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    It's back to school day here & I think all the kids & college students have been ready for a looooong while.

    Beautiful day yesterday - spent time with ktbug, her BFF & my niece T. We drove north to take a look at MY piano. It's gorgeous with such a light touch & incredible sound. It will be delivered on the 20th. :musicdance:The delivery man will immediately tune it upon delivery. I cannot wait.

    kt went back to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for dinner & I made dinner for T & her boyfriend. He is the nicest man - they seem so happy together.

    If I ever get any sleep tonight I have a list of things to do (mainly paperwork & bills). AND hopefully out in the yard for a bit of this & that - you know, just puttering about.

    Hope you day is calm & difficult children cooperative. Have a good one.
  2. Rabbit

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    Good Morning All! :D Hope everyone has a GREAT day!
    Nothing new here. Trying to adjust to the new fall/school routine.
    I am trying to figure out a course I can take or a club to join to occupy
    myself across town while difficult child 3 attends school. it seems so silly to drop her off and come home for such a short while.

    Linda- I am glad u got a
    piano. Enjoy your day!
  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Linda-I'm glad you had such a nice day yesterday. I'm so excited for you to get this piano!!!! I hope by now you are sleeping!

    Rabbit-I hope you are able to find something fun to occupy your time. I know what you mean about it being silly to drive home in between times. We live on the opposite side of town that our kids go to school so whenever easy child wants to go to an activity we try to find something to do on that side of town rather than driving all the way back home.

    The long weekend was very nice. The last day spent at the pool was soooo relaxing! After work today I hope to find a way to get to the health club. Today is husband and my 19th wedding anniversary. This weekend we are going to the Michigan football game with no kids (difficult child will be at respite and easy child will spend the night at my good friend's house). We figure that will be our anniversary gift to one another.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  4. LittleDudesMom

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    :D Good Tuesday Morning!

    Linda, hopefully you are sleeping now. Great to hear that you purchased the pianio! I would imagine that as wonderful as it will be for you to play, it's got to be good therapy as well. Enjoy your day.

    Rabbit, I understand wanting to find something to do while waiting for school to let out. I had my two children in two different school districts, in two different sides of town for seven years! It was definately a balancing act.

    Sharon, what a great anniversary gift for you and husband! Hope you week goes quickly!

    Today is the day for difficult child! First day of school with no medications since kindergarten! We sat down and had a great talk last night. We'll see.....

    Today I'm going to spend all my time at the office. A lot of things to catch up on that I kinda let slide while I enjoyed summer!

    Wishing all a great day :peaceful:

  5. Andy

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    Timer - The piano sounds wonderful. Glad it was a good day for you all.

    Rabbit - I am also trying to adjust to the fall routine. Don't know why it is so hard this year - probably the emotions not wanting my kid in such a large school, I just don't know that the communication is there? Are you interested in asking the school for volunteer work? Filing in the office, working in a classroom, ect?

    Happy Anniversary Wiped Out -I hope it is a good game and your team wins.

    Little Dude's Mom - I hope Dude has a great day today.

    I spent Labor Day weekend laboring. Got the dining room and living room shampooed and found the bathroom. Need to do the hallway and entry way before work this morning to give them time to dry before people come home this afternoon.

    difficult child and I were suppose to go to a Membership Appreciation night at a local zoo tonight. However, nasty thunderstorms are in the forecast. I hope the event gets rescheduled. I will find the kitchen tonight.

    I have a product party tomorrow night. Diva's first one giving the entire demonstration. I hope I have a good turn out for her. Then my neighbor will come to help me rearrange the livingroom (can't do much with the chairs around it for the party).

    difficult child had a great 1st week of school. He didn't bring his planner home on Friday so I hope it is in the locker or his last classroom.

    Getting his homework done was a nasty mess as always. I told him he HAS to ask the teachers for help - they are paid to help and I don't know how to explain because he will not listen to me. He doesn't want to take the time to do the research and work the math problem - so simple, so easy, but a little time consuming and he just wants to find a quick way out. I love math and research so get very angry at the attitude of not putting in the time and effort to do it. The neighbor boy came over and of course the icky stupid attitude went out the window and the work got done in no time as the two worked together on their homework. I think homework time for both of them together needs to be set up on a regular basis.

    difficult child got mad when I told him I would pull him from Confirmation class if he can not handle 7th grade work. I am NOT going to add that homework to the homework attitude time. He is not happy about that so I guess that will be what I hold over his head to get his homework done with a better attitude and work ethic.

    Anyway - I better get going. I think it will be o.k. to vaccumm soon. Maybe I can start on the kitchen until then. Diva didn't go out last night - sounds like she is actually cleaning out her room. I think she has to babysit this morning.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.
  6. therese005us

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    Good morning everyone! I spent another day just doing very little as I am physically and emotionally drained.
    I had a big weekend of Bible conference which was wonderful. My DS 19 came along, and behaved himself for the most part. Till the end, when for some strange reason, he needed to use my car to go buy cigarettes. Something didn't gel, so I refused, setting off his agression and surly behaviour. He barely spoke to me the whole way home. Yesterday, Monday, he was his least cooperative self. (Again this happens the day or two before his medications are due, is this a pattern?) So, eventually, I withdrew privileges to make my point. No power, no dinner, no talking to him as I get sick of arguing with him and I told him I wasn't driving him to work either, so he'd better ring a taxi. Which he did! He has no concept of cost, so even when told it would be $2.50 per km, it didn't register. I turned up his trousers, and did wake him up and let him have breakfast. He sent me a text later, I could feel the shock "Mum it cost $52 to get here! And it'll be the same back!!" Welcome to the world I think.
    I picked him up since he had a doctor appointment. He was remorseful. He repeated, it cost $52. Yes, I do it every day for nothing? Why should I? "I dunno" he says.
    I talked to him about, why does he think I should transport him around for nothing? I don't get $52 for each trip to Laidley. He couldn't answer that. I pointed out that I do it for love, for love of him and it would be nice to be appreciated once in a while. How could he show appreciation? By doing the tasks I ask of him cheerfully, and kindly, without argument. In life, your boss will ask tasks of you, and they have to be done cheerfully, even when the boss asks you to repeat them s he's not happy with it. You can't tell the boss, I've done it once, I'm not doing it again! I don't feel like it, etc.

    Trouble is, when he digs in his heels and says no, I don't have much to retort with, so hitting him where it hurts, his pocket or the power to his precious DVDs and games is really all I have to bargain with. I don't know if I will get away with using the taxi thing again though,but it might be a good threat! He's unsure yet as to whether I'm driving him to work Friday or he's getting a taxi, I told him it depends on his behaviour.

    His Employment services counsellor is just that, a very talented counsellor and on talking to her today, she feels he needs to sort out some of these emotional problems before getting a job, without too much information from me, she's worked him out. So, there is an appointment tomorrow and she reckons she's going to talk him into some D & A rehabilitation. I don't like her chances, but it would be a good idea as he has no education on drug and alcohol abuse, apart from the using part.

    I do want him to succeed and be at least semi independent, but he's got a long ways to go yet.

    anyways, I've rambled enough. I hope to do better with my tasks tomorrow, I'm still fighting that bug, bronchitis or something, barking and carrying on... I think it's slowing me down a bit.

    Oh, guess what? I bought a cello on ebay so I might finally get to learn properly. It's a dream,..... I'm sure DD12 will learn before me or DD24 will steal it away from us both!

    Have a great day...
  7. Marguerite

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    G'day folks. A bit rushed and very tired tonight, it's been a full busy day plus difficult child 3 has another exam tomorrow. Trish, you sound like you may hve finally got some sort of message through into DS19's brain.

    I had to go out to the mall again today. Took difficult child 3 because he had a nerf machine gun to return. When we tried to use our rechargeable batteries in it, the thing wouldn't work. We tried some moderately new alkalines and they didn't work either even though the multimeter said they had enough juice in tem.

    difficult child 3 took it back himself, then came to find me. "Mum, they said we needed to use a better type of battery, we should have used expensive ones and not cheap ones. They put batteries in and it worked for them, so they wouldn't exchange it."

    So I had to cut back on the things I had planned to do (I got the urgent stuff done, anyway) and go deal with sales people who think it's OK to try to con a vulnerable kid.

    I was polite but firm. "We tried fully charged re-chargeables. We tried alkalines. We tested them before and after with the multimeter. It didn't work properly."
    The Toys R Us shop assistant said, "Like I told the boy, it worked for us, so we can't accept it, especially since it is now out of the packaging."
    I said, "Here is the packaging, complete and undamaged. If it worked for you, then perhaps the problem is that despite saying it uses X number of AA cells, it can only use thme when brand new and slightly over-charged. In which case - if you can't exchange then I will have to take it up with the manufacturer because it is a flawed design and not fit for the purpose for which it was sold." [our laws state that under such circumstances, it can be always be returned].

    She called the manager, who immediately gave difficult child 3 a refund. He immediately went back into the store and spent even more money on something else! So the shop didn't lose out. They should be able to send the toy back to the manufacturer and point out what we did - the thing will only work with brand new batteries, for maybe five minutes. Not acceptable, not truly functional.

    It was sorted, but really - difficult child 3 shouldn't have had to call me in to help.

    I did manage to get time to drop in on easy child 2/difficult child 2 to quickly sort out some wedding stuff, but because of all the mucking around, I didn't get back to the butcher before he shut. Very annoying when things get in the way.

    By sheer good luck husband is going to be able to get some things collected for me tomorrow on his way home. I will call the butcher, phone in the order and in the meantime try to get some sewing done on the fabric I bought today, to make an organza wrap for my wedding outfit. Drop the new cake tin in to my friend who is making the wedding cake, make some more phone calls trying to find some decoration pieces, call the rest of the family who haven't RSVP'd yet, and after difficult child 3's exam, maybe take him for a photography excursion.

    Tomorrow we also find out when the pregnant bridesmaid has her baby. We need to wait for about a week after she has the baby, then take her measurements and make her dress.

    I think I need an early night. Or at least, not a late one.

    Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.