Good Tuesday morning!

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The :coffee: is brewing & my cat is sitting on my lap. No better way to start the day. :wink: I spent yesterday recovering (okay sleeping) from my weekend jaunt to my dad's house.

Not much on my agenda today - vitamin b12 shot & a psychiatrist appointment for kt. In between laundry & groceries.

Enjoy your Tuesday - keep it calm. Find a reason to laugh. :flower:


Good morning everyone!

Linda, glad you could recover from your weekend yesterday. Hope today is peaceful.

We had such a busy day yesterday -- husband and my appointment with difficult child 2's psychiatrist, difficult child 2 and easy child appointments with their psychiatrists, difficult child 2 piano lesson and orthodontist appointment -- that I am wiped out this morning (can I borrow your name, Sharon?). But the kids go back to school today so I'm planning some "me" time to recover. I'm definitely going to hit the gym (I promise, Fran) because I always feel better, both physically and emotionally, when I do.

Happy Tuesday! Hi to anyone who snuck in.

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Good Morning,

Linda-Glad you had a restful day yesterday. Hope today goes well!

Smallworld-No problem borrowing my name-after your day yesterday you need it! Have a good workout at the gym :smile:

Not a good day yesterday for difficult child and today has not started off well either (a story for another post :rolleyes:) . Cross your fingers he makes it through the day without a suspension.

It's back to school today and I have my first fulltime student teacher starting today-she'll be here til the end of the year.

After school is difficult child's IEP meeting. We should be able to get something in his IEP about what warrants and what doesn't warrant an out of school suspension.

Then hopefully a visit to the health club.

Enjoy your day and hi to anyone who snuck in. :flower:


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Yesterday was full of difficult child stuff....medication doctor, therapist, ball practice, etc. Now today I have a physical that everyone has been nagging me about doing. Of course, then she will order blood work, mammo, and colonoscopy. There's so much cancer in my family I guess it's a good thing to keep watch, but boy do I hate it.

Happy Tuesday, Friends!


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Good morning Linda, Smallworld, Sharon & Pamela and all to follow. :smile: Today will be a catch up here as we were gone all day yesterday. Duckie's very tired and needs a low key day. Have a great day!


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:salute: Good Morning from the shore :salute:

Linda, glad you had a nice day to recover yesterday. Everyone needs a good down day now and then!

Small, sounds like yesterday was non stop motion. Glad you have a recovery day today!

Sharon, sorry about difficult child. Good luck with the IEP meeting this afternoon. Great the you have a student teacher with you. I'm sure it's a great help. Two of difficult child's teachers have had student teachers tht are getting their masters so they actually have control of the classroom for several weeks while the teacher observes. Both have commented that this was the only time they were able to get ahead of their paperwork.

Pamela, glad you are taking care of you today - so often we are last on the list. Hope all goes well.

TM, sounds like you are the third on the morning thread have a recovery day! Have a great one.

It's quite cold here, but the kids don't care! They were in the indoor pool twice yesterday. The girls (easy child and her bud) have been absolutely wonderful with difficult child. They took him skating on the boardwalk and to the pool twice. That was just our first day! Not sure what is on the agenda today - first I have to wake the sleepy heads since breakfast is only served until 10.

Wishing everyone a fabulous day today.


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Good morning everyone! Busy day at work today, as I had off yesterday to take easy child and friends back to college and clean UP MY HOUSE - Holy cow, what a mess after having so many young adults in the house for 4 days. Yikes.

difficult child is excited about an english project at school - I don't even care what it entails, I am just happy she's excited! She is also interested in a nice kid for a change - she's also interested in a drip, but she seems to be leaning towards the nice kid, which is a switch. I am trying to remain optimistic - I can't help but wait for the other shoe to drop, however.

Back on track after a lot of chocolate bunny eating! Great day all!


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G'day, everyone.

Linda, I can relate to the need to recover after a long trip.

Smallworld, do you really need to hit the gym after the day you had yesterday? Enjoy whatever 'me' time you can glean.

Sharon, fingers crossed for difficult child, I hope he can hold it together until after the IEP meeting. I hope the student teacher works out.

Pamela, cancer check-ups are a necessary evil, especially if it runs in the family. I'm glad you've invested some time to have it done.

TM, take it easy on yourself.

LDM/Sharon, Isn't it funny how the kids never notice the cold? I'm hoping to maybe get difficult child 3 to the beach tomorrow, although autumn is definitely here.Have a fun day with the family.

Jo, it's great when a kid gets enthusiastic about schoolwork. Let's hope she can maintain it through to completion.

We've got school holidays on at the moment, plus the Sydney Royal Easter Show (held at Olympic Park). easy child 2/difficult child 2 & BF2 are going tomorrow. I had planned to go too, but forgot a doctor's appointment. It's my GP, but he's so much in demand I have to book six weeks ahead, for monthly appointments! No way can I cancel! So maybe the next day, or the one after that, I will take difficult child 3. easy child 2/difficult child 2 is going to try to get him a showbag of his choice if she can (and if it's not too much rubbish - she will assess). In return, he has to do his reading for me tomorrow.
Before the doctor I have my regular house cleaning help (I would have cancelled him for the Show). I'm about to go and put on the first load of washing - it will run overnight. In the morning, I put on another load, then a loaf of bread, then when my cleaner arrives we work as a team to clean house and get a lot of cooking done.
I'm still fairly fragile - I discovered last night that the Easter rabbits mother in law bought for me & husband were white chocolate, which we never eat. They weren't well labelled and her eyesight isn't good. So I ate some last night - not bad but I won't be in a rush to buy any more. I thought I had caught a gastric bug through the night, up & down to the loo, so after breakfast I had a bit more white chocolate (to keep my energy up). The problem continued, all through taking mother in law to the doctor, taking her shopping, getting husband's car key to the mechanic... then I realised. The problem stopped eventually, several hours after eating the chocolate. Eating more chocolate brought it all back on.
So it looks like white chocolate is off my diet.
I've eaten fairly normally tonight with no problems so I can't think what else it could be. I gave the rest of my chocolate to difficult child 3. HE has no such problems!
But as long as I can continue to eat my favourite dark chocolate I won't mind too much.

Good Morning :coffee:,

I'm running behind today and the rest of my week is extremely BUSY!!! We're driving to a warmer climate for the kids' Spring break at the end of the week. We're taking my favorite "sanity saver" too. If I have time, I'll post about it later...

Anyway, I hope everyone has at least one good thing happen today!!! WFEN :flower: :coffee: :flower: