Good Wednesday morning, friends....

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Not much happening in the tweedle household today. kt is slowly transitioning her schedule to school hours. School here starts the day after Labor day.

I have a doctor's appointment this morning; afterward kt & I will be going through her old clothes to see what can be donated & what needs to be replaced. One of kt's "coolest" PCAs will be doing some clothes shopping with us this weekend so "mom, can learn what the "hot" fashions are". Horrible to be so young yet so out of the loop. :smile:

I'm hoping that we have no rain today - would like to get out in the yard & just dink around. Nothing major - just wander about, pull a few weeds & clean my bird feeders.

I decided that I'd like a new purse - something more convenient to use with my walker or cane. Haven't found the right fit yet. I'll check it out after my doctor's appointment.

Have a good day - keep it calm & safe. Don't forget your nap time. :beach:


Good Wednesday morning!

Linda, my girls are constantly telling me that my clothes are boring and I just don't know fashion. Funny, my friends say I still look and dress much younger than my 40-plus years. When the girls and I go shopping, I just follow their lead and give them a lot of latitude in choosing clothes. As long as there are no plunging necklines, bare midriffs and hemlines up to their bottoms, it's acceptable in my book. Hope kt is successful with her shopping expedition this weekend.

M started school Monday, and so far so good. She loves her teachers and is happy to be back amongst her friends. The only trouble spot is lunch, when she says she feels queasy. But she is employing some coping techniques that seem to be keeping her calm during that time.

J and A start school Tuesday. A visited the orthodontist yesterday and found out she will be getting full braces in mid-September. She is very unhappy because she will have "tinsel teeth" for her Bat Mitzvah.

Doctors' appointments on the agenda today. A and M will see the endocrinologist for a growth check this morning. A has a psychiatrist appointment this afternoon. J gets off easy this week because his psychiatrist is on vacation.

Hope you have a peaceful day. Hi to anyone who snuck in.



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Well I dont visit the morning thread often because Im simply not a morning person! But Hello

Since I have yet to be to bed, Im a bit tired. I have to get Billy off to school in about an hour then I will attempt to come home and sleep. Hopefully. Im praying Im fit to drive. Unfortunately the stupid van doesnt come down our road until after his morning classes stupid.

I hope I can deal with this whole thing. We are also having to make some big decisions dealing with Cory which have us in a turmoil but that is a family thing. We will deal with it. Still not sure which way we will go. There are a lot of major issues we have to cover and talk to people about. Time will tell.



Linda hope you get that chance to putter around the yard.

SW hope all appointments go okay.

Janet hope you get your chance to sleep. Hate the no sleep nights.

Hopefully a quiet day here after I do my work. Not too much planned. Jst therapy for easy child afte school.

Morning to anyone that snuck in.



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Good Morning all. It's nice to see your bright shining faces. Hope you have a good day. I have a final dog or I should say, owner obedience school. It's wonderful to see them respond.

Janet, what school is Billy going to?


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Good morning. :coffee:
Linda- I think there ought to be some sort of clip to hold a purse on a walker. It just makes sense. :hammer: Otherwise, maybe you could try one of those cute little backpack style purses?
Smallworld- Poor A! It's not easy getting braces. I'm glad to hear M is coping with her lunch period. :smile:
Janet- I hope you get some rest. Also, prayers being said concerning Cory. :angel:
Beth- Enjoy your quiet day. :thumb:
Day #2 of cheer this week, and it's supposed to be hot. :beach: Other than than, there's a ton of little things to do around here. Same old, same old. The good news is that I have approximately 1 week and 1 hour to get through before school starts. Yippee!!!! :princess:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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Good morning everyone, I hope you all have a great Wednesday. I am feeling totally overwhelmed this week and each day seems to be a little more. difficult child made it to the next phase of tryouts. He didn't have a great night last night and was very down and figured he was cut. I am guessing they give them more than one chance so he'll go back again on Thursday. His reflexes were slow and when we looked up info. about Ritalin, it says that this is a side effect, so we'll let him go Thursday without it and see what happens. We didn't get the house, the guy just wouldn't budge on his asking price and both husband and I agreed he was asking to much and didn't want to buy a place we'd regret the cost later, it's to bad because we loved it. More stress today where husband and I tell easy child's riding coaches that she is not taking her pony to championships and that we will be leaving that barn when Sept and our lease with the pony is done. We have not been happy there for awhile and it's time to cut our losses. Let me tell you, it's going to be ugly.....And it seems I have another infection on my leg, uggggg.

Not much planned today except laundry and tidying up. At some point the kids need haircuts and they still need more clothes and school supplies, but alas, there doesn't seem to be any time, lol!

I will get through this.

Sorry to be a downer, feeling a little overwhelmed. Have a great Wednesday everyone :smile:

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Good Morning,

Linda-easy child has told me the same thing about clothes although every once in awhile I get a thumbs up for something I'm wearing! I hope you get the no rain today so you can get out in your yard-watch for mosquitoes!

SW-Glad M's school year is off to a good start. Can A pick out the color for braces she wants? Around here the kids really get into it-easy child actually wanted braces at one point but didn't need them.

Janet-I hope you are able to get some sleep and saying a prayer to help with- the decisions you must make.

Beth-Enjoy your quiet day! They are the best!

Fran-I'm envious as our dog is a doggie school drop out! We had to drop the obedience class because it was when difficult child was first hospitalized and it was right during visiting hours. Ella never has learned not to jump on people when they come in and is only o.k. on the leash!

TM-I wish I could share your enthusiasm about school starting! Actually I share the part where the kids go back to school but I would like an extra week or two still! Stay cool!

Christine-I hate that overwhelmed feeling-I hope things calm down soon.

Last night husband took easy child clothes shopping so I didn't have to do any with the kids this year because he also took difficult child last week!

This morning I'm heading to a local cosmotology (sp?) school for a manicure and pedicure with 10 others. A friend of mine set this up and it is only going to cost $10.00 for the whole thing. I've never had a pedicure before so I'm looking forward to it.

Later difficult child has an appointment. with-his neuropsychologist and then a hair cut. Will get to the club late this afternoon.

I hope everyone has a peaceful day! Hi to anyone who snuck in!


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G'day everybody, I'm grabbing a spare minute because I should be in bed already. A hectic week this week.

Weather - it's warming up, it's beautiful spring weather. Only a few days ago I was wearing thermals, ugg boots and lots of layers. Today I was wearing a light cotton skirt, singlet top and thongs (flip-flops). The cherry blossoms are almost at the full, not quite sakura time but close. The wattle is late flowering but already a rich gold is covering most trees.

difficult child 3 is getting over his attack. He is not going for his afternoon walks any more - not good - but otherwise is more willing to go out in the car.

My health news - I do not have diabetes! My kidneys are doing OK, although my liver is not good and my bladder is very unhappy. I have to have more antibiotic injections and I'm not happy about that. But no diabetes! yay! I do NOT have to give up Tim Tams!

Tomorrow I have to be up early to take niece from Perth to her dance exam. If she passes she will be qualified to teach highland dancing at international level. She's already an international standard performer. And she's doing all this with a broken toe - tough kid!

When all this rush is over, I'm going to try to get my morning posts done earlier so I can 'talk' to you all individually. But for today - enjoy shopping with your kids, and learning all over again about fashion (as if we never knew!).
The braces - can't they be postponed until after the Bat Mitzvah?
School - my thoughts are with all of you, still sorting out your new school year.
The weather - as ours warms up, yours soon will cool. Hopefully there will be rain where it's needed and sun where you need that, too. All our recent rain - the water in our main dam now has algal bloom so if you're about to visit Sydney - plan on drinking bottled water. The town water is safe, it will just taste funny.
Except for us - we have a triple filter system on our house supply.

Enjoy your Wednesday.



Marg, I asked the orthodontist if we could postpone, and he said absolutely not. We thought A might have gotten away with no braces at all, but her last adult tooth just erupted and it's growing practically from the roof of her mouth. The ortho said if we don't address it now, it's going to cause lots of pain and problems. So better to have a metal mouth now.