Good Morning Wednesday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Dec 8, 2010.

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    G'day, people.

    Oprah arrived today, she personally went straight for the tropics at Hamilton Island. If you've never been to Australia before and price is no object, it's a darn good place to start. Tropical Barrier Reef island, with luxury piled on luxury. They will be having a marvellous time, but there won't be much time for resting. Apparently one of the first things she saw, was copulating Koalas. Mating marsupials. I didn't know there was a zoo on Hamilton Island.

    As for us plebs - difficult child 3 & I stayed home, pretty much. I went out to a physiotherapy appointment and planned to spend a bit of time on the beach afterwards, but there was a busload of schoolkids in, and I would have had to carry my handbag onto the beach instead of leaving it unattended on my scooter on the bridge. Plus it was a bit windy and I would have been sandblasted. I decided to head home and get some sun on the deck, but by the time I got home I realised I had had enough sun on my arms anyway. I don't want to sunburn. So maybe tomorrow I'll get a bit more balance in sun exposure. Keep my arms covered, let my legs have some sun.

    I've been trying to get difficult child 3 to come to the beach with me, he loves the beach. But he has kept refusing. I finally found out why today - he can't fit into his swimsuit, we need to buy a new one. We won't be back out on the mainland until Friday, and believe it or not, there are no clothing shops here.

    husband is also not well, we're not sure what is wrong. He saw the doctor today and is beginning to feel a bit better. Tomorrow is his last day at work before the Christmas break, it's also his work Christmas party. It would be a shame if he was too sick to attend.

    Australia is getting more rain again, inland on the east. We're hoping and praying that the floods from the previous rain can flow away fast enough so when this lot comes down, the levee banks won't break. It would be a shame for people to be homeless for Christmas. The river systems all empty into one huge system, and when it all flows down it can look like an inland sea. As they say - it never rains but it pours. Australia's climate is like that. It's either all drought, or all flood. Rarely in between.

    Enjoy your Wednesday. Outside I can hear the wind, it has picked up. There is a gentle coolness to it, it's taking the sting out of the day's heat. I can also smell the star jasmine in full flower down the driveway. My favourite time of year!

  2. Rabbit

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    Good Morning Friends nothing new here. The college semester is ending and soon I will know how bad difficult child 3's grades really were!
    Marg -hope your husband feels better soon and u manage to get your your difficult child a bathing suit soon.
    Sending hugs to all Rabbit
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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Marg, Hope your husband feels better soon and is able to go to his Christmas party! Hope no has to be homeless during the holidays because of the floods!!! Hope you find a new swimsuit for difficult child 3 Friday and finally make it to the beach!!!:beach: We actually have one very small clothing store where I live but it's extremely pricey. I think the only people who shop at it are the tourists and wealthy people who own homes along the ocean.

    Rabbit, Hope difficult child 3's grades are better then you're expecting... Hope you have a good day!

    It is absolutely FREEZING here this morning!!!:frostbite: If we hit 25 degrees, it'll feel like swimming weather, lol... At least it didn't snow... (LDM, if I could, you know I would package all of the snow we get and send it to you, lol...!!!)

    I'm sooooooooooo glad everyone is finally out of the house!!! difficult child 2 was in a nasty mood because he forgot to bring home an assignment - Lots of banging, verbalizing, etc... Hope Santa brings me some earplugs, lol... easy child/difficult child 3 is so nasty that instead of traveling to school by bus, I'm expecting her to take off on a broom... OK, enough venting...

    Going to get another cup of coffee and wrap some gifts.:christmasgift::santa: I wish I could stay home today and light a fire in the fireplace, sip tea under a cozy blanket, just me and my "favorite sanity saver." TIME TO GET BACK TO REALITY!!!

    Hope everyone has a good day... SFR
  4. Andy

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    Marg - Glad you found out why difficult child 3 didn't want to partake in a favorite activity. I hope you can find a swimsuit soon. I hope husband feels even better and the doctor can figure out what is going on.

    Rabbit - I hope difficult child will surprise you with not so bad grades.

    Searching - I think everyone needs a day alone during the month of December to do just what they want to do. And a cozy blanket would most likely be on everyone's list for that day!

    difficult child had a major meltdown (a bit of a rage) last night. He is such a perfectionist and if things are not perfect including his performances in sports he just gets angry. We had a psychiatrist and therapist appointment yesterday. We are going to increase the Celexa and add another dose of Adderal after school. We are also going to add Adderal on non-school days.

    Hopefully that and having his bowling team activities ended for the year will help. November was especially busy with activities and we all know that even good activities can add to the anxiety level of our kids and year end tournaments are stressful.

    therapist will work with him with his sportsmanship. He started his workbook on Anger though he doesn't understand why he should work on that. I had also got a workbook on ADHD and may start him on that. With subjects such as "You Can Learn to Be More Patient" and "You Can Ask For Help When You Need It" I am sure it will help him.

    Anyway - Here is to a great day for everyone!

  5. TeDo

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    Where did you get these workbooks? I need one on Anxiety and ADHD and maybe even Asperger's. I also need some for easy child siblings to help understand the disorders. I have never heard of these resources.