Good wednesday morning

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  1. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone:sunny::beautifulthing:,

    Today is a cool, bright sunny day:D!!!:sunny: I'm finally going to be able to go for a long walk/jog. It's official - difficult child 1 is 18 years old!!! Time flies!!!

    I hope it stays sunny - It might actually give me the motivation I need to clean out some closets... It always takes me so long to get started, but once I do, I just feel so much better. And, I always find some things still in good condition that no one is using - It feels so good to pack these things up and donate them.

    As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... :easter_eggs: WFEN
  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    WFEN-I am so glad you finally have some sunshine!! Happy Birthday to difficult child:) If you get motivated to clean out those closets, please come to my house next!! Enjoy you walk/jog!

    I am so tired right now-my naps have been rather long so far during break and that has made me stay up later at night! I am really hoping to make it to the health club today but it doesn't look promising. easy child has a psychiatrist appointment. this morning, we have a staffing for difficult child at noon and then difficult child has a therapist appointment. later this afternoon. On top of that I have to get packed as we are leaving for Michigan tonight. Of course, I am still hoping to squeeze in a nap!

    I'm looking forward to our visit to Michigan. It will be nice to get away for a bit. We haven't been anywhere since Christmas and it will be good to visit with relatives.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day and a great rest of the week-I'll say Happy Easter now to those who celebrate as I don't know that I'll have internet access on the trip.:bunny_ears:
  3. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    WFEN- Happy Birthday to difficult child 1!!! I hope you enjoy your long walk and closet cleaning. :)

    I have a tax appointment this morning (finally!), work in a 2nd grade class in the afternoon, take Duckie to the library right from school, eat dinner, do math, have husband take her to Brownies and I head back to school for a meeting/presentation.

    I think I'll sleep well tonight!

    Hi to anyone that snuck in! :salute:
  4. artana

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    Good Morning all!!
    I posted 15 minutes ago, but something must have gone wrong.:/ I hope everyone has a great day.:)
  5. Andy

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    Wishing - Have fun cleaning today. I love doing garage sales but it is becoming more difficult to find the time to put one together. I am heading into that donating mode. Groups at church have sales from time to time and can use good items to sell. Amazing the junk people donate for a fundraiser that should just be thrown away - things like old worn out shoes, stuffed animals that look like they spent the last year out in a mud puddle, ect.

    Wiped Out - Doesn't sound like you will find nap time today which means an earlier bed time which means maybe back on schedule?

    Tired Mommy - Yep, sounds like you will be living up to your name today. Hope you don't get too tired before bedtime.

    Artana - Isn't it frustrating when your post vanishes? I used to have that problem with my old laptops. They can be unforgiving if your fingers slip and then you can't get the message back. I hope you have a great day today.

    difficult child and I are headed to his therapist appointment. I wrote up a page of comments/concerns for therapist to help difficult child with and more importantly to pass on to psychiatrist.

    I may be able to go to work tomorrow for a few hours. I will pack tonight and prepare the van. We wanted to leave at 12:30 but it looks like easy child may be babysitting until 3:00 or 4:00. I don't mind waiting but I had already promised my sister that I would stop in St Cloud on my way through to pick up an order for her. I don't know how late that place is open and we won't be there until 5:30 or 6:30. I hate to let my sister down but I need to put easy child first in this situation.

    Yesterday morning difficult child felt a little better. He was more relaxed - still did not want to go to school but did not have the whining that comes with it. He threw up twice at school. Once when we got there and once shortly after I left. The teacher said other than that he had a good day.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh - the best stress buster there is!
  6. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    WFEN, happy birthday for difficult child! I'm glad you got to have your walk at last.

    Sharon/WO, you sound like you have a busy day today - are you sure you need the gym? Safe travels to Michigan.

    TM, sounds like you have a busy schedule. Think how good it will feel to have the taxes finally done.

    artana, enjoy your day. I've found it helps to draft my posts in a text file, then copy and paste across. That way if it vanishes, you still have a copy.

    Andy, it's very sensible to take a list of questions and notes to specialist appointments. That way you reserve your brain power for more important things.

    It's been a quiet day in the Marg village today. difficult child 3 is working steadily (but slowly) while I had to get on with the pillar candle today. Two people had asked me to wait to make it until today so they could watch and learn, so I waited. And waited. I rang them after lunch - no answer, so I left messages. By 3 pm I had to melt out the wax and begin making the candle. A pillar candle needs to be watched as it cools because long, deep cavities can develop as the wax shrinks and the hoile must be kept open and topped up with more hot wax. I was regretting waiting, I was checking the candle by torchlight and watching the clock, I had a friend's birthday party to drop in on.

    Finally I felt the candle was as good as it was going to get so I quickly cvhanged and got to the birthday - a bit late. I couldn't stay to eat, I had to get to choir practice. We'd tried to re-schedule because most of the hcoir were going to also be at the birthday but last I'd heard, the choir was on. So I left the party and headed for choir - to be told it had been cancelled because of the party, and why hadn't I ben told. Hey, I'm only the conductor... The person who was supposed to tell me, was also one of those supposed to be available to help me with the candle.

    I should be angry but I'm not. I had a peaceful time on my own doing the candle, as I always do, it had worked fairly well (apart from the cooling problem) and yet again the opportunity/desire to have other people learn how to do this has been lost for another year. Typical.

    I went back to the party, husband joined me and we had a lovely time. The other bloke who was supposed to help with the candle today came up to me at the party and asked me what time he was to turn up tomorrow. I said, "Today as agreed would have been good, I figured you'd been held up."
    He said, "Yeah, I was late home, didn't get home until 11 am." Three hours before I rang him. I guess it's just been too delightful an autumn day today in the village, the sunlight was too soporific.

    Tomorrow is house cleaning, cooking, supervising difficult child 3's work and calling the school for a final report-in before the end of term. I'm glad I got the candle made today, let's hope I did it right, or I'll have to do it all again over the weekend. It needs a solid day at least, to cool evenly. And it then has to be unmoulded, tidied and painted by Saturday night. I'm glad I didn't wait - my peace of mind is worth far more than fussing over other people who can't get their act together. I want a tranquil Easter, please. So far so good!

    Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.