Good Wednesday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    The middle of the week has arrived. My body is truly having more trouble adjusting to being back at work this Fall (doesn't help that I'm still fighting this cough). I feel fine during the day(still loving my class) but absolutely exhausted by about 5:00. I'm sorry I haven't been responding much to threads but last night (and a few other nights as well) the best I could do was read a few.

    The big story here yesterday was the weather. We hadn't had any rain all month except for Sunday when we had .12 inches. Yesterday it rained 3.63 inches. At one point in 15 minutes it rained an entire inch. About 1 mile from where I live the local technical college's parking lot was underwater. Poor students-many damaged cars-the water was waist deep at least! It turned out to be the 12th wettest day ever in Madison and the wettest September day ever!

    easy child didn't end up getting her hair done yesterday (long aggravating story, maybe a post for wc at some point) so she is getting it done right after school today-husband will take her. Lots of other running around to do as well. I'm hoping to make it to the club but we'll see.

    Wishing everyone a day filled with peace.:peaceful:
  2. Rabbit

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    Good Morning All! Hope everyone has A Great Day! difficult child 2 has a cold or does not feel well. This freaks me out because he can not communicate how he is feeling. I wish he could say I have a cold or I feel well enough to go to school
    or my stomach hurts or anything like that.No fever but runny nose and tired.
    I am keeping him home from school and will take him to the Dr if it gets worse.

    Sharon I hope u feel better.

    Sending prayers for all in need of them Hugs Rabbit
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/WO, it gives new meaning to "it never rains but it pours." We saw footage on TV yesterday of floods in Georgia.

    Rabbit, can you set up a mood clock for difficult child 2? We used one for difficult child 3, he had to move the hands to show how he was feeling. The other thing we have is a huge chart full of emoticons. It makes a fun poster anyway, so it's not a 'baby' thing to have around. difficult child 3 is pretty good these days at describing how he feels, but we did use it (and the mood clock) a lot when he was younger.

    We woke this morning to a flaming red opauw sky and transport services shut down. We live under the airport flight path but it was silent. The biggest dust storm in over 70 years, they said. Tons of soil from the Red Centre of the country, whipped up by wild gale-force winds. I posted links to news photos in Watercooler, the images are truly amazing.

    The sky began to clear by mid-afternoon but it was still an amazing sunset. I took mother in law to the doctor at 4 pm and although the sky looked clear, I could feel the grit in my mouth just from being outside.

    I tried to give difficult child 3 his maths exam today but I think the sky and the sound of the wind distracted him too much. He's got two thirds of it done, I'll bring the papers with us for his Study Day at school tomorrow (that's two in one week!) and maybe after his Study Day finishes at lunchtime, he can finish the last half hour of his paper so we can hand it in directly, instead of posting it in.

    We're dropping husband's car off for service on the way in, so it will be easier for husband if we hang around and bring him home again too. I guess, like a lot of things at this busy time, we'll work it out on the drive in tomorrow.

    Enjoy your Wednesday, folks!

  4. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Morning!

    Sharon, I would imagine that it takes about a month or so for your body to regulate to the new schedule. Hold on, the weekend is coming!

    Rabbit, sorry difficult child is not feeling well. Hopefully a day of rest will do him good.

    Cooking and organizing at the house this morning. easy child gets out of class at 11:30 today and is off until she goes to work tonight. She and I are hitting a bunch of local second hand, retro clothing, costume shops, to hunt down and put together a "cigarette girl" costume for Halloween. She is going to a big costume party (after giving out candy at our house!) and has decided that's what she wants to be. It should be fun.

    difficult child is in his glory because Halo3 came out yesterday. He worked on all his homework due through Tuesday over the weekend and everything else Monday night so that he could play yesterday when the game came out. He and his friends online have been planning this for weeks! His group of friends online includes a buddy from school, a boy from Scotland, one from Texas and one from Florida!

    Wishing everyone a great middle of the week!

  5. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Sharon ~ that rainstorm missed us completely. I would have been willing to share it with you.

    Rabbit, sorry to hear difficult child 2 is so ill - hope he gets better soon.

    Marg, I'll be checking those pictures out.

    Sharon, I like the idea of PCs costume; another option would be a Betty Boop - that could be cute. What fun to be planning for Halloween already.

    All my furniture will be moved back into the house today. I'm beyond delighted with the finished product & will be posting pics of my kitchen & living/dining rooms soon.

    My new piano is wonderful & I've donated my old one to the school kt attends. It has an arts & music lab & desperately need all the help they can get.

    Here's to a good day.
  6. Happy Wednesday Everyone!

    Sharon, I know that the first weeks of school must be exhausting. There are so many new things to master. I do hope that you are feeling better soon.

    Rabbit, I'm hoping that difficult child 2 feels better soon. I think that a day spent at home will be very good for him. I hope that it is good for you as well!

    Things have been very hectic for us the last few days. We have had 16 inches of rain in our area since last Friday and are still dealing with flooding rivers and creeks.The damage is just overwhelming. We personally have not had water damage, thank goodness, but our house sustained electrical damage after a lightning strike to or near our house (we're not really sure which). We're still in the process of discovering electronic items that are fried - it's kind of like a scavenger hunt. easy child lost his computer that difficult child built for him, difficult child lost his amplifier and alarm clock, we lost our modem, the thermostat is non-functional.... The good news is that we are all well, no injuries, and the house didn't burn. easy child has luckily backed up his thesis work on an external hard drive, so whew, that work is not lost.

    I came close to panic on Monday when I was trying to drive home from work. Every road I tried to take had a high levels of water in the low lying areas. Finally I had to put on my thinking cap and visualize which roads were more level. I was able to locate some that had only moderate levels of standing water and make it home. My seven mile trip home took over two hours, and I know that it was much worse for some folks who stalled out and were unable to move on. Our City's sewer system just can't deal with that much water at one time!

    We have been in a drought situation here for over 5 years. As you can imagine , suddenly getting this much rain is devastating. My heart goes out to those here in town who have flooded homes. I think it will take weeks, maybe months to get back to square one.

    I hope that everyone has a good Wednesday and finds some quiet moments of peace...

  7. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good morning all.

    WO, maybe it's the time of year. husband just doesn't feel like he has any energy. He has been complaining of being really tired but he just got over a pretty bad case of viral bronchitis. Anyhow, it has to be miserable to feel that drained and not be able to recharge. Take care of yourself.

    Rabbitt, it is unfortunate that some of our kids are unable to communicate that they are getting sick. difficult child just isn't that self aware. Usually a fever or vomiting is the first way I find out. Not fun. Hope your little guy feels better

    Marguerite, I saw some of the coverage you post. Amazing pictures. I can't even imagine such a big area under a cloud of dust although I have seen pictures of the center of the US during the depression. It was called the dust bowl. Very eerie.

    LDM, how cute to be the cigarette girl. I love that sort of imagination. difficult child is having a Halloween party for some of his friends from NY, NJ, Va and of course, his new female friend. Amazing how focused and organized he is for something that is important to him.

    Timer, how exciting that everything is done. Enjoy that piano.

    We got some torrential rains yesterday. Lot's of flash flooding. It's still raining and drizzly now. Looks like autumn but the temps are still warm. Now it's just really humid.

    I like the idea of midweek. Two more morning until the weekend. The early hours I'm keeping allows me to be productive before the day is started.
    The new tv schedule has me taping tons of shows to watch when ever there is some down time around here. I loved NCIS last night.

    Hope you have a good day
  8. LAURA

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    Hi Fran!