Good Wednesday Morning

Wiped Out

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Good Morning All,

Another beautiful day forecasted-I could definitely get used to this! After work easy child's program has an open house and then I think I'm going to the health club. There is a special send off for our visitng students from Thailand. I feel bad about not going but I also feel I can't take on one more thing this week. I will have a little send off in my room today instead.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day! :flower:

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Good morning Sharon & all who follow,

Sharon, glad that you're taking some "me" time today - you need it.

kt is up & in the shower even as we speak. No argument - can we say FIELD TRIP?

Yesterday I spent part of the day "discussing" the treatment plan for kt - needed tweaking & such. One SW was getting a bit cranky over things - she didn't want to rewrite the plan. Mental health CM had other insights on this though & he's the man in charge of the entire works. Oh well.... it's about what works for kt.

Today is a quiet day - more yard work & laundry. I'm planning my flower garden.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm.


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G'day, Sharon & Linda.

Take it easy, Sharon. As I know, it is so easy to overdo things.

Linda, I'm glad you stuck to your guns. That SW just has to suck it up because as you said, the kid comes first.

Sharon, we've got lovely weather here, too. It was a beautiful sunny day today, one of those days when the sky seems impossibly blue and the trees' vivid green against the sky seems too perfect. I have pansies in flower in among the roses, although I was too busy to take much notice of them, except when dealing with the washing and picking herbs for my cooking binge. This evening I had to rush down to the shops and watched a glorious flaming sunset all the way. The moon had risen on my way back and there was a ring around it, so the lovely warm weather is a fraud, there is ice up in the cloud layers.
But tomorrow will be warm, the next day will be hot. I might even try to get to the beach, just to say I've been swimming in May!

Shopping tomorrow (to leave me free to go to the beach on Friday!). easy child 2/difficult child 2's agent emailed today - she has a call-back for Saturday, they were very impressed with her audition when we went a few weeks ago (short film; low-budget but a paid job). We hadn't heard anything so we thought she'd missed out. I'm a bit concerned about the script, though - she has to make out with a guy fairly heavily. I know I couldn't have done it. I didn't want to talk about it with her today; BF2 was around and he is not into acting.
Still, if she thinks she can do it, she generally can. It's a fascinating plot idea.

Have a good Wednesday, everyone.



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:salute: Good Morning Everyone!!

Sharon, sometimes we need to put everything else but us on the side. Enjoy your afternoon :smile:

Linda, awww, too bad she was is al about kt; meeting her needs and moving forward. Interesting where we are in the garden planning due to our geographical differences. Gardens are all planted and blooming here. Have fun puttering outside - it's great therapy :flower:.

Things good here - the tiredness is beginning to set in from the book fair. I was there until 5:30 last night then returned to school for a pta board meeting at 6:30. Not sure if it was fatigue or a mental lapse that had me offering my home for our final board meeting of the year in June :surprise: We have become a close group and thought it would be good to hold it outside of school so we could partake in adult beverages! So, June 5th we gather here!!

Well, off to the shower to begin another day. Hope yours is a good one.



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Good morning. :coffee:
Sharon- I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job on the send off in the classroom. :bravo:
Linda- Where's the field trip going? :smile:
Marg- Fingers crossed that the part is right for easy child 2/difficult child 2 and that she lands it. :warrior:
LDM- Having the meeting outside of school is a wonderful idea. That allows the parents to relax and socialize a bit. :smile:
I plan on doing very little today :wink:: change the bedding, balance the checkbook & take out the trash. Tonight is Duckie's final Daisy Girl Scout meeting. She'll be a Brownie next year.
My little girl is growing up... :crying:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning everyone. It's a beautiful day here too. Some little threats of rain but it's definitely getting warmer. Not long before pool time.

Wiped out, I'm sure you are in overload. The end of the year for school is just starting to loom ahead and with all the difficult child activity and easy child's whirlwind, I'm sure your cup is ready to run over. Try to enjoy the lovely weather.

Linda, I'm impressed that kt is in the shower and ready to go. Enjoy your flower planning. All I have left is some pots for the patio.

Marguerite good luck to easy child/difficult child 2. It's always exciting when they are following their dream. Hope your weather continues and you enjoy the beach.

LDM,rofl about having the PTA meeting at your house. Sounds like you will be enjoying your patio this summer.

difficult child will be working at the supermarket today. He seems to be better when he is engaged. Just more in touch. It's in his eyes and his conversation. We have hammered out 2 or 3 rough spots over the last 10 months but it's good to see progress.

easy child on the other hand is reeling in senioritis. He is becoming a ball of emotion. I think he is more nervous than he wants to appear about the big leap away from home.

husband is leaving for Ca. today and I am making a paper product run to a big warehouse store. My anxiety level goes up if I'm down to the last gallon of laundry detergent or the last 6pk of toilet paper. LOL. Unfortunately, I don't have room to bring it all home since I sold the bft.

I think I'll take the kids out to a quick dinner tonight. They love a mom and kids run to IHOP for breakfast type supper.

Have a wonderful day. </span>