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i had appealled the decisions of the disciplinary hearing officer after difficult child was placed on suspension from mid-march thru end of school year and classified him as an habitual offender. after 2 mos., i get a letter from her saying they have removed the habitual offender classification because he is a sp ed student. but, this letter included statements that were outright false and given our sitiuation with the legal system right now, and my frustratiion with too many county people twisting the truth around and not being able to keep the story straight, i fired a letter back off to the hearing officer, copying all other 6 people involved, stating: 1) no, the iep team had not agreed this last incident was a manifestation of his ED- the sd had decided that but i'm a member of the iep team and i had not agreed, 2) no, he was not on and off prozac twice, he had been on prozac continuously for one year with two different dosage amounts prescribed, then subsequently changed from prozac to a mood stabilizer and all medications were given or not given per psychiatrists direction and prescription, and 3) no, i did not request sd to provide a therapist to do individual counseling for difficult child at school that should be taken care of outside the school; i had asked if someone trained in how to educate a child with this sort of ED can be brought into the iep team to help us implement more effective strategies and/or can a sp ed teacher or counselor at school be accessible to difficult child when he starts becoming disruptive to help redirect him rather than just being sent to asst principal and written up for another violation

so, hearing officer rec'd her letter and just called this am sounding like it's all she can do not to blow! she said she had gotten the info that she's written in her letter from me at the hearing (BOLOGNIIIIEEEEE)so was i asking for some response from her on this. i said no. she said then why did i send the letter. i said to get the facts straight. she asked what was i expecting from her, she removed the habit. offender label and said all other matters will be handled per iep team. i said thank you, would you put my letter in his file please. she said all my correspoondence is put in his file. i said, strange, my copy of his school records didn't include any of my correspondence to them. then we hang up.

the fact that her letter included those facts to begin with sure looks like she's just trying to find a way to document what she wants GAL to believe, otherwise, there would have been no reason to include info about his medications and other things in a response to an appeal letter. what infumes me though, is that the info was not true and other people in the iep team know it, but they are sd people and most just want him out of the school.


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I'd start recording your IEP meetings and all other dealings with the school. I deal with a school nurse for Tigger that can't seem to comprehend what I say either -- she has in her head what she thinks I will say and that is what gets written down. I stopped dealing with her for 6 months, gave her another chance at the principal's request, she screwed it up again and I'm done with her. It stinks because psychiatrist wants Tigger to take a medication during school but I don't trust her not to :censored2: that up!

Back on topic, record all dealings with the school. If they won't let you, then keep as much correspondence by e-mail and certified mail that you can. If you have a conversation with someone, summarize it in an e-mail to the IEP team. Bring a witness/notetaker to the IEP meeting.

Hopefully, summer will give you time to recharge your batteries.


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I recently got a great tip...they have devices now that you can record meetings, come home and plug the device into your computer and print out a transcript of the meeting! You can even burn the minutes onto a CD!!!


Familiar situation. I contacted the disctrict office director of special education. I highlighted errors on their reports. I made my requests in writing. All errors were corrected, my requests were agreed with and added to IEP. I received a copy of new iep withing 2 days.

Our difficult child's are very similiar.