got neuro psychiatric apt!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by amy1129, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. amy1129

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    phew, I am so happy it was approved and that we could get an apt so quick. I was preparing myself for a 4-6 week wait. We go Aug 3 from 9-2. psychiatrist is hoping to he can handle the 5 hours of testing (me too).
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    Did they ask you for copies of any assessment or reports you already have from school, etc?

    Did they make a separate appointment to take a history or ask you to fill out a form/give them a list of your concerns?
  3. amy1129

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    I already met with psychiatrist a few weeks back and we went over the history and I gave her anything I had as far as teachers commets, progress reports, picttures drawn at school, etc. He has never been assessed before this, he has only met with a social worker a few times. She is hoping to get as much testing done in this appointment and I am assuming if she doesnt get it all in we will get another apt. He was approved for 12 session/days, not sure what that means but psychiatrist said she was going to ask for 10 hours and that was pushing it because she said she rarely sees insurance approve more than 8 hours. woo hoo for us!! not sure why i am excited about this but I am.
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    Thats good news and I understand your elation. Please keep us posted about the results.
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    I'm so psyched for you Amy! This is great news! Maybe your id on here should have been "speed demon"! That was some record breaking work done there!

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    Wow, that's fast! Good work!

    I always suggest to parents NOT to sign authorization to have the reports sent to school. Go over them yourself first, and then if the diagnosis and recommendations seem appropriate, hand deliver a copy to the school. It can avoid a lot of problems on those occasions when the diagnosis or recommendations are way off.